Sharron Angle back in the fold

There is hope that Sharron Angle will clash with Henry Reid sooner than later. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is appointing Republican Representative Dean Heller to replace John Ensign in the Senate. This means there will be a fall special election for the vacated House seat. Heller said last month he would run for Ensign’s seat in 2012, and Sandoval quickly endorsed him. Heller will be in a stronger position to keep the seat for Republicans heading into the 2012 election much like Scott Brown in Massachusetts. This means the race to succeed Heller in Congress comes first and we hope that Sharron Angle, will take this chance to run for that post. She would need to run as a third-party candidate, resulting in a split ticket for many Republican and Tea Party voters. Angle has already raised $750,000 so she is in good shape in a quick election. This is the most Republican district in the state, which covers virtually everywhere outside Las Vegas. Early on it looks like Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian, former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold and state Senator Greg Bower are all primary candidates. Lowden and Tarkanian that already lost to Angle but all could be main stream enough to get the nod.