President Obama sends out talking heads

While the President spends extra time in Hawaii, he does deserve some extra vacation time for all the work he is done. Theses days it is better when he is out of town as there is less damage he can do. On the talking head circuit he sent out the second string to beat the drum. The White House Council of Economic Advisers, Austan Goolsbee, is warning against what he calls “playing chicken” with the need to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. This is funny as we have not even started an the minority party is looking set the tone. This comes as reports that conservatives, are going to refuse to raise the limit on the federal debt to force the government into cutting spending. This is standard practice and it would be a good start for the New Year. In February 2010 the Congress raised the debt ceiling to $14.3 trillion. The debt is now at nearly $13.9 trillion and growing so we can expect a move to raise the ceiling again this spring. Why they cannot run the country like we run our houses. When your credit cards are maxed you cannot raise the limit and continue to spend. The credit card company will shut you off till you pay down the debt unfortunately these congressmen think they are both lender and borrower.

Breezes Resorts Jamaica Vacations

The cold weather on the east coast is getting us down. It started too early and has been cold since November. We are thinking about a getaway and are looking into a Jamaica all inclusive vacations as we want to keep costs down. We have never been on one of these all inclusive resort vacations but here from friends and family that it is the way to go. They have a term “super-inclusive” which means all your meals, drinks and entertainment is included. This means a variety of land and water sports, with professional instruction are included and tipping is never permitted. We need to get the whole family away as we do not have anyone who can take the kids. We feel bad they will lose some school but it is offset by the fact we can swim in the crystal blue waters of Jamaica in winter. The call the place we are looking into a tropical playground. The place is filled with quiet coves, endless beaches and shady hammocks around every corner. Sounds perfect as it is only about an hour away from the city of Montego Bay, Breezes Runaway Bay Resort & Golf Club is one of the world’s truly great escapes. We would like to try a skim across the crystal blue Caribbean on a catamaran cruise. The whole point of the vacation though is to get away from the cold and spend the day in a comfortable lounge chair while the warm, tropical sun dissolves your stress like the ice in a Piña Colada. When we started to plan there are many sites that offer Jamaica vacations but we stopped at because even the name sounds relaxing.

Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (5-1)

We have made it the top five Tea512 Smokin Sasses of 2010. Every one of these ladies has been on the list for three years two of them have been number one in years past.



#5 is Scarlett Johansson her second year at number five her high point was #3 in 2008. This year she killed us in Iron Man 2. She did not have a big year other than that and if she did not divorce because she was allegedly too promiscuous was enough to keep her spot.




#4 is Beyonce who was last years #1 and #2 in 2008. She toured most of the year and did not release any new movies. She was great in the Lady Gaga video epic for telephone. If you have not seen her in the Vizio commercial then you know she will be back.







#3 is Charlize Theron who was #2 in 2009 and #1 in 2008. Everyone who reads this space knows we love her. She did not make a movie or anything news worthy except leave her longtime boyfriend. It appears she went into hiding after that, we still worship her as a Tea512 Top three smoking sass.


 #2 is Megan Fox who was #3 last year and #6 in 2008. A new number two had a great year as we saw her first lead actress role carrying a movie and another action feature. We also saw honeymoon photos from Hawaii in a bikini. The future is so bright for this smoking sass that we could see her being number one someday.


#1 is Carrie Underwood up from #4 last year and #9 in 2008. We have always seen her as beautiful. The new wrinkle is she has devolved a personality as being fun. She toured all year and made some great videos. When she wants to be sexy she is sexy. She has come a long way from being American Idol season four winner back in 2005. Congratulations Carrie Underwood you are the #1 smokin sass of 2010.


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Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (15-6)

We move to get to the top ten as this is your (15-6) on the Top51 Smokin Sasses of 2010. This list has an unprecedented five new comers placed this high. There is one two time member and three that have been on the list three times. This is the second to last post of the top five is next. Here is a tease the top sass is new for the third year in row.



#14 is Lady Gaga a new comer that is hard to ignore. Once you get past the crazy costumes you realize she not only attractive but pretty hot.

 #13 is Amber Heard a new comer that followed a breakout year in 2009 with three more hot roles in 2010.




#12 is Katherine Heigl who has dropped from #6 in 2009 and as high as #5 in 2008. Her work has not been as sexy as she moved into the romantic comedy and away from roles that bring ot the sexy.

#11 is Ashley Greene a new comer that when she walks the red carpet is the hottest thing on heels. We are not big Twilight fans but never miss the photos of the premiers she attends.


#10 is Blake Lively as we hit the top ten with this new comer. She should have been on the list long ago but no for her escapes on screen although great. She knows how to make an appearance in public and is a stunner.

#9 is Katy Perry who is the highest new comer this year. There is no doubt this girl is sexy, hot and talented. We love her music but her videos are must see TV. If she is walking the red carpet at an award show she is both hot and ladylike just amazing.

#8 is Malin Akerman who is up from #10 last year. This girl is just smoking on the big screen and 2010 was her movement into Internet movies on Funny or Die.

#6 is Rhianna who was #7 in both 2009 and 2008. she moves up because she is sexy has style and as far as rebuilding an image that could have went bad she came out fine.


#7 is Nicole Scherzinger moves up to from #9 in 2009 and was #13 in 2008. She had a great year on Dancing with the Stars and Sing Off. She has a great voice, body and she is the Pussy Cat Doll as they are nothing without her.


Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (26-15)

If you did not figure it out this is post three of five for the top 51. We will highlight the top five in there own post. Here are your numbers (15-26). This set has four new comers, one two timer and seven three timers. This is where the cream of the crop rises.

#26 is Helena Mattsson a new comer who killed us with her striking beauty in Iron Man 2 and cannot wait for more.


#25 is Halle Berry who was #11 in 2009 and #8 in 2008. This has been a decline but she still can turn heads like at the Golden Globes.

#24 is Olivia Wilde a new comer who is the only reason we see to watch House, but we are hopeful for more movie roles like in Tron.


#23 is Hayden Panettiere who was #14 in 2009 and #20 in 2008. The drop is due to inactivity over 2010 but we are hoping for more from her and more adult roles


#22 is Lea Michele is a new comer and should have been on the list before but they really hid her hottness on Glee but she kills on the red carpet.


#21 is Kellie Pickler last year #12 in 2009 and #16 in 2008. Her drop has to due with the shine coming off the apple and her attire becoming more conservative kind of a bummer.

#20 is Christina Aguilera was #23 in 2009 and #25 in 2008. She did have quiet year until a CD and movie hit and she brought out the sexy.

#19 is Vanessa Hudgens last year #13 and the #15 in 2008. We were hoping for more from her now she is out of the Disney hold as we already seen everything so the future is bright.

#18 is Mariah Carey who was #8 in 2009 and her highest rank # 4 in 2008. She has lost something off her fastball but she still brings out the sexy at 40.

#17 is Anna Paquin who is a new comer and should have been on the list before as every week a with every new episode of True Blood she gets hotter and hotter.


#16 is Jessica Alba down one from last year at #17 and as high as #14 in 2008. She is smoking hot and does only need to stay alive to be a staple on the countdown.

#15 is Emmanuelle Chriqui last years #19 make a jump after her season Entourage based on the anal episode which was just simply hot even though anti climatic.

Consolidating Credit Cards for 2011

We wanted to let you know about consolidating my credit cards program. Here is the story about one guy that got out of credit card debt trouble by consolidating. Right now there are many people who are struggling with credit card debt especially after all the holiday shopping. Let them know that there are solutions to move past those troubles and start over. It is a good idea to start 2011 of fresh with a new plan and paying less interest is a good start. This really is a o brainer why hold two credit cards with 20% interest when you can move all that debt to a lower interest card which saves you money every month. The more money you have to pay the principal the quicker you can get the ball and chain from around neck.

Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (38-27)

If you have not figured it out or are new to the countdown, the list takes five posts. The top five are highlighted in the last post. Right now we are up to numbers 38-27. This list has two new comers, three two timers and two three timers. Let us fire it up.

#38 is Angelina Jolie in 2009 she was #31 and #50 in 2008. She has not lost any hotness and her roles have gotten stronger.

#37 is Rachel Bilson who was #36 in 2009 and #41 in 2008. She has been quiet since the end of the OC. But when she does show herself she still looks great.

#36 is Laura Vandervoort a new comer that caught our eye on the series V. She has had a couple steamy scenes and we look forward to more when the show returns.


#35 is Annalynne Mccord down from #15 in 2009. She is still the hottest on 90210 and the Hollywood club scene.
#34 is Bianca Kajlich a new comer for her work on Rules of Engagement as watching her walking around the apartment is must see.

#33 is Dianna Agron who is up from #41 in 2009. The Glee star spends the show in cheerleader outfit as she sings and dances, enough said.


#32 is Nina Dobrev who is up from #40 last year. The star of Vampire Diaries is smoking hot on the show and the red carpet.

#31 is Alice Eve a new comer who killed us in She’s Out of My League and cannot wait for more.


#30 is Minka Kelly who was #44 in 2009 and #23. Minka made the list for Friday night Lights and returns due to Parenthood.
#29 is Danielle Panabaker a new comer who was hot in Weakness, The Ward and The Crazies.

#28 is Alison Brie a new comer who is the only reason to watch community and a must see when she is interviewed.


#27 is Leighton Meester up one from last year at #28. Leighton has been killing us by batting her eyes on Gossip Girl for a long time.

Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (51-39)

Welcome to another year of the Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 this year we see a lot of new faces and some old stand bys have fallen off the list. Let us get right to it this is 51-39 which features eight new comers, one two timer and four three timers.

#51 is Amanda Seyfried new comer we seen more of her skin this year and her love kiss with Megan Fox was enough to make the list by itself.

Amanda Seyfried2010

#50 is Shakira who releases couple sexy videos in 2010 she was #45 on 2009 and #51 in 2010.

#49 is Hillary Duff who would have fallen of the list if it was not for a ménage a trios on Gossip Girl. She was #48 in 2009 and #49 in 2008.

#48 is Lucy Hale a new comer who is stunning on the small screen she has been on a couple of series but has really steamed it up on Pretty Little Liars with her hot for teacher romance.


#47 is Alexis Dziena another new comer made a great impression as a stalking girlfriend on the show Entourage.

#46 is Brittany Snow her third time on the list all be it just hanging on she was #39 in 2009and #43 in 2008.

#45 is Brooke Burke new comer who shows her awesome body winning Dancing with Stars then working as a cohost.

#44 is Gemma Arterton new comer who killed us in action movies Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the Clash of the Titans.


#43 is Asia Argento second time for last year #37 she has been ruling the red carpet and the talk show circuit when she is stateside that is can’t miss TV.

#42 is Mila Kunis a new come who should have made the list before but had a great year between Black Swan, Date Night and the The Book of Eli.

#41 is Amanda Bynes a three timer #34 in 2009 and #44 in 2008. She did not do much other than quit the business and not quit the business but she rocks the red carpet.

#40 is Emma Roberts a new comer cute hipster had a busy year on the big screen It’s Kind of a Funny Story, What’s Wrong with Virginia,, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, Valentine’s Day and Twelve

#39 is Kaley Cuoco a new comer who is the only reason to watch Big Bank Theory and killed in the movie Penthouse.

Kaley Cuoco2010