Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (51-39)

Welcome to another year of the Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 this year we see a lot of new faces and some old stand bys have fallen off the list. Let us get right to it this is 51-39 which features eight new comers, one two timer and four three timers.

#51 is Amanda Seyfried new comer we seen more of her skin this year and her love kiss with Megan Fox was enough to make the list by itself.

Amanda Seyfried2010

#50 is Shakira who releases couple sexy videos in 2010 she was #45 on 2009 and #51 in 2010.

#49 is Hillary Duff who would have fallen of the list if it was not for a ménage a trios on Gossip Girl. She was #48 in 2009 and #49 in 2008.

#48 is Lucy Hale a new comer who is stunning on the small screen she has been on a couple of series but has really steamed it up on Pretty Little Liars with her hot for teacher romance.


#47 is Alexis Dziena another new comer made a great impression as a stalking girlfriend on the show Entourage.

#46 is Brittany Snow her third time on the list all be it just hanging on she was #39 in 2009and #43 in 2008.

#45 is Brooke Burke new comer who shows her awesome body winning Dancing with Stars then working as a cohost.

#44 is Gemma Arterton new comer who killed us in action movies Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the Clash of the Titans.


#43 is Asia Argento second time for last year #37 she has been ruling the red carpet and the talk show circuit when she is stateside that is can’t miss TV.

#42 is Mila Kunis a new come who should have made the list before but had a great year between Black Swan, Date Night and the The Book of Eli.

#41 is Amanda Bynes a three timer #34 in 2009 and #44 in 2008. She did not do much other than quit the business and not quit the business but she rocks the red carpet.

#40 is Emma Roberts a new comer cute hipster had a busy year on the big screen It’s Kind of a Funny Story, What’s Wrong with Virginia,, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, Valentine’s Day and Twelve

#39 is Kaley Cuoco a new comer who is the only reason to watch Big Bank Theory and killed in the movie Penthouse.

Kaley Cuoco2010


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Open seat in the 15th?

Chuck has seen the writing on the wall finally. It may have taken an anvil to hit him over the head or censure but either way it is good news. House of Representatives member Charlie Rangel no fan of the tea512 has a new tune. This is a new chapter in the tax cheats life as he know speaking to local scribes over the weekend suddenly noticed his age when talking about his future. The Democrat who is 80 years old was asked if he actually was going to run for a 22nd term. Only in America and only in New York could sheepoeple walk to the polls and vote for this guy like zombies. We are glad he is taking the high road and appears to be leaving as they would send him back, you know they would. He actually was kind of naming names for hopeful successors. This could be a new day for the 15th district, Harlem and it is time for a change. There should be a picture of Charlie Rangel in the dictionary next to term limits. It is a classic example of staying in one place to long, getting fat and happy then not being any longer to see right from wrong. We do not know who they are going to send in his place and we are pretty sure it will be a like in kind but the good knews is it will not be Charlie.



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Time to cook the books

It is that time if of year when the cat and mouse game of the release of budget begins. President Barack Obama will need to sharpen his pencil and think is it would be best to push it out another week. The release of his budget proposal for fiscal year 2012 will be delayed they say for two reasons the first because President Obama current nominee for budget director confirmation. The new date is the week of February 14, 2011 Valentines Day a big kiss for all the budgets in the federal government. It is convenient to use the excuse of the delay due to confirming new budget director Jacob Lew. The reason for the six week delay is the White House is standing in front of states progress. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu righteously put a hold on Lew’s nomination. This administration does not like hardball and this is a hardball protest to the administration’s moratorium on offshore oil drilling. The other reason is they claim the budget is also delayed because Congress worked so late in the year on making 2011 funding decisions. Did you notice how both of the reason do not come from the top. Do you remember the buck stops here? In this administration the buck stopped over there and it is always someone else to blame. This act is getting old as you are the leader of the free world and a noble peace prize winner stand up and act like it.


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Florida Governor Jeb Bush for Senate

Now that 2010 is close to over it is time to start the president hopefuls into shape. We were surprised a name we thought we would hear former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is contemplating a challenge against Senator Bill Nelson in 2012. We thought he would be an early name thrown around by the non Roomney and Palin supports. Thisi s not that case in Florida where it seems 72 percent of GOP voters want chose Florida Governor Jeb Bush as their preferred candidate. The poll is so one sided that no other person has more than 6% of the vote. We think that it is time for Senator Bill Nelson to go although it appears he has strong support. Florida Governor Jeb Bush leads matchup, 49 percent to Nelson’s 44 percent if they were to run today. This is exciting as it shows the steam of the election is not passed. We need to keep up the pressure and it looks like the steam is building. The attitude that republicans messed up the country under eight years of President Bush or the republicans have slowed down and hindered the President Obama agenda seem to be unfounded and not sticking.


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LA Stimulus Slowest in nation

These stories of how the stimulus has failed are truly showing the ineptness of the federal and local government. It is amazing that you can have local government a pile of cash and they cannot spend it or spend it poorly. There are not to many companies you can infuse cash into and they will fail. A report out yesterday says that the city of Los Angeles has spent only a quarter of its federal stimulus money though the bulk of the funding was awarded nearly two years ago. This could be because the state is a mess that holding on to any money is a big help. The city has netted more than $630 million in grants but had completed only eight of its 108 projects so far. When pushed the city admitted it was not their fault they blamed staff cuts and initial confusion about the program’s rules have made it tough to move projects quickly. We love this because the money was only supposed to be given to shovel ready projects. Were the projects shovel ready or not? The report said that Los Angeles had spent 13.3 percent of its money. When you compare this to New York who has spent 25 percent of its funding and Chicago had spent 47 percent. The other great thing is they know none of the projects risk losing funding despite the delays.