President Obama Gallups down in polls

We knew that when President Obama ran around acting like he did something passing the budget. Then jumped out to say he was running for a second term, which sounded exactly the same as he has for the last two years there was going to be awareness. We did not expect to see it in the latest Gallup Daily tracking three-day average. The numbers do not lie and Gallup shows 41% of Americans approving of the job Barack Obama is doing as president. We thought 41% was a high number and kind of odd. It turns out that 41% ties his low as president, which he registered three times before, twice in August 2010 and once in October 2010. The best part is these numbers are from April 12-14, which means it was before the crazy speech for deficit reduction. The economy is the big reason and it probably has more to do with the prices at the gas pump. We are not counting out unemployment but the whole economic recovery is taking too long. President Obama has had an approval rating with Gallup that has averaged 48% so far in 2011. When you look inside the numbers the biggest segment he is losing is the Independents the same people that brought him to where he is now. This last polled showed that only 35% of independents approve of the president, which is down from 44% which he has averaged for 2011. The news is not good for the home team either as with Democrats ratings are down four points as well. This is all good news for what we hope is mister one and done President.

Going green can cause fires

The tea512 spot has never been kind to tree huggers, recyclers, save the whales, do not drill crowd. We want an electric car to work as we want to stop depend on foreign oil. If it was not for the oil in the ground would anyone care what happens in Iran and Iraq, would we even know where they are on the map. This is why we are sad that Connecticut Fire officials suspect an electric hybrid car may have sparked an overnight blaze in a garage.
The Homeowner awoke to the sound of a smoke alarm around 4 a.m. The couple said they have lived in the home for nearly 40 years. They built it and raised their children there, so when the Officials said they can’t rule out that the couple’s brand new Chevy Volt hybrid had something to do with the blaze they cannot believe it. This makes two of us let face it the car is $40 thousand dollars and they have only sold an average 260 a month since the beginning of the year. This would have been great times for the Volt due to Japan not being able to flood the country with the lame stream media car of choice the Prius. Do not get us wrong we want the leaf burning cars to work it is just every time there is a setback like this it makes us think we are always going to stuck living a dependency on foreign oil from backwards governments lead by lunatics or religious zealots. The fire is under investigation.

Take the job not the money

It is a shame when the only way to stop gross use of public funds is indignity instead of your own moral compass. Since the 1970s, public funding of presidential campaigns has been a rite of passage. We are reading that neither President Barack Obama nor any of the leading 2012 Republican contenders are expected to accept federal matching funds and the limits they impose. It turns out this year they think it is a scarlet letter on your campaign. If a candidate does try to take public money to finance a presidential campaign this year they are likely to be called out for it. There are two things at play first of all President Obama’s record-breaking fundraising in the 2008 campaign is now the new model as it allowed him to abandon the public system in both the Democratic primaries and the general election. The other is Washington is well aware of how the country now looks at the way they spend money and getting on the wrong side of that issue was the end of many political careers in the 2010 election. The scary part is this president, who will have no Democratic primary race, may become the first candidate to raise $1 billion for the general election in 2012.

President of the hollow promise

When it comes to making a non-statement is there any better than President Barrack Obama? This is latest speaking with no cause or effect he called for a one-third reduction in U.S. oil imports. We watched and waited as we wondered how he was going to do that. We thought this is going to be where he says we can use nuclear power, drill in Alaska, and maybe even call in some favors from Iraq where we gave them freedom at no cost. Then he dropped the bomb saying it has to happen by 2025. Really you are proposing things that are 15 years out. This is funny for a one term president to suggest they have any control over what the country can do four presidential terms after he is gone. We did not think the lame stream media would call him out on it and no matter what the plan is it is silly to think any program created in 2011 will be carried out through 2025. Then he went on to offer nothing in the way of new initiatives or ideas to actually accomplish this mighty goal. When we say this guy is the king of the non-statement this puts him up in rarified air. He did give a little plan saying that there is a litany of energy proposals in play including boosting domestic oil production, increasing the use of biofuels and natural gas, and making vehicles more energy efficient. He did even say that America needs to embrace nuclear power as a critical part of their energy future. After a while it starts to sound like Charlie Browns teacher wah, wah, wah, nothing. It is a shame that the lame streams are so in the hip pocket they cannot even see when the emperor has no clothes.

We do not pay tickets we are congress

You hate to see when the rules do not apply. Living in America you understand not everyone is going to get everything. You need to work to make a better life for yourself. At some point you reach as high as you are going to go and income growth only comes from luck or more schooling. During this process all you ask is for a fair shot and everyone having to play by the same rules. This is seldom the case and for members of Congress it is almost nonexistent. They have immunity from many routine parking tickets in the District of Columbia but they have abused the system to the max. There is a report that vehicles parked on Capitol Hill and at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, have at least $15,000 in outstanding tickets. These are for things like expired meters and speeding camera violations. If that was not bad enough 75 percent of these tickets are in default as they are over 60 days. There are some that are years without payment. You think there are a lot of people working there are about 300 vehicles at any one time displaying a House- or Senate-issued Member parking tags. Most of these have only one ticket but there is a handful that is reported to have several hundred to thousands of dollars in unpaid tickets. Where is the loophole you ask there us a provision in D.C. law, that members of congress, along with council members, are exempt from parking tickets when on official business. There is no excuse and when they build these building they should have built a space for everyone so this kind of provision does not need to exist. All we ask is the same rules for everyone and then it is a fair fight; this is the stuff that makes the scales unbalanced.

Big Love Series Finale

The Big Love series finale was nonstop angst right to the end. When you look back over the five season of this show there was never too many happy moments. The Henrickson never had a moment where their world was not in turmoil even during celebration. We watched as they rode the wave all the way and fought every battle head on. We watched as Bill pushed the envelope time after time and tried to make a new road for polygamy. No matter what road they tried to take for the advancement the old demons always meet them along the way for sabotage. The best part about the series finale was when Bill Henrickson died it was not at the hand of Roman Grant, Albie Grant, Hollis Green, Bud Mayberry, his own wives, Frank Harlow, brother Joey or his wife Wanda, Rhonda Volmer, of the countless politicians, businessman and bankers he rubbed the wrong way. In the end what took Bill Henrickson was a simple dispute between neighbors. We were big fans of the show and often told people it is hard enough to have one wife imagine three. The show was ground breaking and more than likely the reason there can be a reality show sister wives having any interest. The show had run the course and never jumped the shark but there really nowhere to go based on how the fifth season was laid out.

Fergie is still Fergalicious

This week we are going to highlight someone who has not been seen on these pages since October of 2009. This week we are going to highlight Stacy Ann Ferguson who was born on March 27, 1975 in Hacienda Heights, California. We know her as Fergie the singer, songwriter, and actress. She blasted on to the scene with the group the Black Eyed Peas, but solidified herself as a solo performer with the release of The Dutchess her first solo release. The reason we picked is she just turned 36 and she still can bring it with the best of them. The Black Eye Peas are still performing full octane shows. Fergie has guest appeared on many other artists tracks and has one of the most sought after voices around. Today we do want to focus on the B.E.P, solo music, artist music featuring her, her movie roles, her red carpet look, or her advertising work. We want you to focus on the body she is red hot and banging she was on the countdown of the top 51 in 2008 she was number 27 and has not made the list since. When you think of a women who is hot every time she makes an appearance you have to put Fergie in that class. When have you ever seen her in sweats? She is always dressed to the nines, flashing a lot of skin and dripping sexuality that makes the young boys and old men drool. We welcome her back to these pages which her Happy Birthday and look forward as always to any time she is going to make an appearance anywhere

Frank Breaks rules and begs

It never can amaze on that the hubris demonstrated by a lifelong politician. Today we ask U.S. Representative Barney Frank to come on down and step into the light of shame. He is crying poor-mouth and has gone on a fund-raising assault. Frank has gone postal nailing every Massachusetts Democrats campaign donations. There is a side note as he even sent this plea to the State House which is a violation. They had to even admit is in a statement as they acknowledged that a fund-raising solicitation that was emailed to the State House was called a technical error. State campaign finance laws ban politicking in public buildings, including soliciting political donations. We are going to let it go because that is not the most hypocritical thing about this tale. The letter is the focal point here as it was sent out to thousands of people on a list. Unfortunately Barney has already announced he is running for re-election in 2012. The letter states that due to the fight against upstart Republican Sean Bielat last year his campaign funds were drained and he predicts another heated race. Loosely quoting from the letter due to the outpouring of funds from across the country from a variety of right-wing groups we are in the red. He then began to admit he was asking earlier than ever before. He said he needs to pay off his high campaign debts. Then in one of the most unbelievable things you will ever read, he actually said is making this plea so he can pay debts including the one to himself. Maybe he should get a loan from Freddie Mae or Frannie Mac. Sorry it was too easy. This another example of these guys that just do not get it.

Lake Compounce set schedule for 2011

We wanted to let your whole family know that Lake Compounce set schedule for 2011. If you do not know about Lake Compounce it is a New England’s Family Theme Park that is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America. Lake Compounce has invested more than $40 million dollars over the past 13 years in rides and attractions. We are amped up for 2011 when Lake Compounce is celebrating 166 years of family fun. The regular price for a 2011 season pass is $79.99 and the regular daily adult admission is going to be $34.99. The junior admission for children less than 52 inches is $25.99, Opening day is set for Friday May 13, 2011. Lake Compounce is minutes from I-84, Exit 31 Two miles North on Route 229 and follow the signs use 271 Enterprise Drive, Bristol, CT 06010 for your GPS. Lake Compounce is a great place where you can play all day on rides like Boulder Dash, Zoomerang and Thunder n’ Lightning. If you like you can spend sometimes at the lake in Anchor Bay, Clipper Cove and Mammoth Falls. There is also plenty of adventures for your little park members as they will love Circus World and Zoomer’s Gas n’ Go. This best part this means summer is right around the corner.

Monday address the nation

Well Monday looks like a day of double speak as President Obama is set to address the nation and a Congress with some kind of answers. This will be President Barack Obama most expansive explanation of the U.S. role in the Libyan war. This means the president will deliver a speech that is expected to cover the path ahead and his rationale about the appropriate use of force. The location is going to be from the National Defense University in Washington. This comes as many in the nation have pressed him for clarity about the goals and exit strategy of the United States. President Obama is expected to explain how the U.S.-led campaign is shifting to NATO control, and how the multinational approach with Arab support puts the United States in the strongest position to achieve the goals of protecting Libyan civilians. We think it is just a war for oil. You know when you get one of these hawkish presidents in office one war is never enough how about three. We are waiting for the national media to create lawsuits to watch and photograph soldiers bodies get off planes at Dullas. It seems tongue and cheek but this was in play when President Bush was in office, the lame streamers thought we would forget.