Finding LOVE in an Electronic World

This is a site we are proud to have our viewer go to if they are in need of getting out of the bar scene. This is not some waste of time expensive dating service that charges huge fees so they can put commercials on during the Superbowl. This service was used by a couple friends of this site and they sent it to me with a glowing recommendation. The have been in business of matching people up since 1996, they claim there have been thousands of singles successfully finding true love through Our recommendation is If you are looking for love or just a friend to spend time with browse the personals. Its free! Dating services have now become one of the easiest ways for singles to find love. Place a personal ad today and find out just how easy it is! They handle all 50 states as well accept personals from all over the world. If you wanted to start a relationship with someone from another culture this is a perfect way to start and see where everything leads. One of members went placed there own ad and received multiple responses in the first week. Eventually she was able through looking through the personals on her own find a person that she meet and have been seeing on a regular basis. The other member placed an ad and then was going out on a different date almost every week. He thought it was a great way to meet women as they can email which leads to talking over the phone, which led to meeting for a night on the town. He was not found Mrs right yet but he feels that he is meeting more people that have have his interest. He felt going to a club was never a good fit as it was always people putting on a good face. Which when he meets girls through this service, by the time they meet in public they know a lot about each other.

Carbonite – Back up technology

We have had it all happen and if it has not we are all in complete horror that it could. Lose all your computer files from corrupt hard drive, mistake, and software or hardware error. Then one day it happens you lose all your archived email, now you have no proof somebody told you to do something. You lose all your photos, those once in a lifetime photos you had taken in Europe gone. Your music all that money you spent on iTunes and now you have nothing left. If I told you these horror stories would never happen to you, how much would you pay? What these things worth to you and how much if they are lost? Well there is hope a product called Carbonite is the trick you need. For only $60.00 a year your data is backed up and stored offsite. So if your laptop gets stolen you still can get your data back. If your office burns to the ground your files are stored offsite and you can get them when ever you need them. This is the greatest peace of mind tool you can ever buy. Let face it everything is digital these days – pictures, music, letters, invoices, and bills. You would be able to store everything forever for only $60.00 a year that is the cheapest you will ever pay for a good night sleep. There are many ways to back up your files but this product will allow having backups done on a schedule without any interaction of manually when you want to for the automatic back up after documents have been created. There are limits to the amount of data you can back up but you can always pay for more space to keep everything you desire backed up safe at an offsite location. Get the disaster recovery that all the big companies have with a much smaller price and very little effort

Tea512 Blog Presidential Support

We at the Tea512 Blog reluctantly are throwing support behind republican John McCain. We do not have a good feeling about a 71 year old President. We do not have a good feeling about someone who has worked with Kennedy and Feingold. We do not support amnesty for immigrants or repeals of tax cuts. We really do not support four more years of Bill & Hill. We really do not support an unproven, junior senator that has never filed a piece of legislation. We also do not like that he had voted present more times then taking a stand on an issue. As president I believe you must make a decision. We do not want four more years of learning on the job, i.e. Jimmy Carter. We do not want four years of globalization of American. We do not want our armed forced working for NATO. This is a huge crossroads in American politics as we understand Americans are tired of Republican rule in the white house but let us not be hasty in changing just for change. Obama will be a fine candidate someday but the democrats rush to put him out as the second coming of Camelot has left holes in ways of his accomplishments and visions.

Sonopia Cell Phone Deal

Sonopia Phone Deal for a Motorola Razr V3 that is the best deal on the Internet it is not just a phone from a provider, you are the provider. That’s right you are your own cell phone company. Sonopia is changing the way you think about mobile. Now any person, organization, club or cause can offer their own branded mobile service. A few things that caught our eyes are: They offer customized phones and competitive calling plans. You can reach your subscribers with mobile content that is important to your organization right on their phone. The best part is you get a portion of your subscribers’ cell phone payments. They are even on the Verizon wireless network Thousands have already launched their own Sonopia. Launch yours in minutes. There mission is to provide every organization, group or club with the opportunity to create branded mobile service and build a unique mobile and web community of supporters and members. Leading brands, charities, environmental organizations and entertainment groups are working with Sonopia to create their branded mobile phone services. These services are marketed with Sonopia’s help to an increasingly discerning consumer, who demands relevant services, the right price and great customer service. We call each of these mobile services a “Sonopia” and expect there to be thousands of Sonopia’s within a few years.
Sunpride2000 –

Pay Day Loans – Discount Advances

Pay day loans, I use a company called discount advances. They have really cheap rates 17.50 for every hundred dollars borrowed. Let call a spade a spade their loans are given at 432% interest. Let weight how that can ever be a good deal. Well I use them to circumvent the high fees my bank charges for an overdraft. Let me explain there is a tragedy that needs to be paid, cable shut off, car repairs, or a even a birthday gift. Here the play, if I write a check for $250.00 when I only have $150.00 in the bank, it will bounce. The fee for this action from my bank is $35.00 so my account is negative $100.00 + $35.00 until my direct deposit payday. Enter discount advances if I request $100.00 form them to cover the check. They charge me $100.00 + $17.50 on pay day. This is simple math I needed the money, I was going to bounce a check, situation solved and problem avoided. It is funny to say you made $17.50 but if your only option was bouncing that check well I guess I can say I made $17.50. The other cool thing is the bank did not get another $35.00 because they are nickel and diming customers to death. The problem is nickels and dimes have turned into dollars.


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