Today is May 14th 2008 did you see this?

Millionaires going to places they spent their lives trying to stay away from:


Xbox breaks and Movie Tickets for all…19 year old is Mayor

Robot leads the Orchestra

Legs or your Life you choose

Surprised – No Speed Racer No

I have to admit growing up I loved Speed Racer, I did not know why it looked so different from every other cartoon I was watching. I have now come to realize that this was Japanese animation. I knew that every summer I tried to build a go-cart and every year I wanted to build the Mach 5. When I joined Netflix I was able to view the first season of Speed Racer and relive the excitement of the show from my early childhood. Then there were rumors of movie, of course, there had been, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic 4, and now even Iron Giant, these are all huge money making machines. Then the project added the Wachowski brothers of Matrix fame ( I loved the Matrix movies still to this day I have a hard time turning them off, when I catch one cable or free TV), so I knew it was on the right track. Then the cast was being formed as I waited to see who would be Speed Racer and Trixie. First named was Christine Ricci who would play Trixie, a good choice as I had just seen her in Black Snake Moan. Then Emile Hirsch was named as Speed Racer, who I had seen in Alpha Dog and The Girl Next Door, he did look just boyish enough even though his is 23. As May 9th approaches as the premiere is about to happen, they are coast to coast on Leno, Letterman, and Conan. After a full opening weekend on Sunday night, Variety reports the movie only did 20 million during its opening weekend. This morning I woke up and felt so out of touch with mainstream America. I loved Spiderman and felt great when the first day of SPM1 broke the opening weekend with over 144 million then again, when SPM3 (still hold the record) opened with over 151 million. I guess I am a little taken back as I had expected when you parley a Wachowski Brothers film with a character from a generations childhood, the nostalgia alone was going to make it hugely successful. This is not the case as only time will tell what the reason was, as I truly do not understand why.

Drudge Report 590 Million Times

The Drudge Report is 13 years old, the site that broke the Monica Lewinsky story that no one wanted. They grabbed the ball and ran with it having never looked back. The Drudge report claims that March of 2008 was the biggest month in their history. Their website home page was loaded over 590 million times. This is amazing that many people viewing these pages on that great of a scale. The simple math break down is 31 days, divided by 24 hours, divided by 60 minutes, divided by 60 seconds, the results are that in March of 2008, 220 people opened the front page to the Drudge Report every second. This is what the Internet was truly created for, information. This is not about if you believe in the Drudge Report, not if you are Left or Right, reside in a Blue State or a  Red State, the pure fact is the information is out their and people want it. They not only want it but they want it updated and often. It was only 30 years ago the news reports were only available through the evening news. The AP Wire was always a 24-hour stream of information but only a select few could read it, even then they decided what you needed to know. It is no wonder that the Internet has become a threat to newspapers, weekly magazines as well as broadcast news. The problem with all of these vehicles is by the time they get the story to you; you have heard it already and formed an opinion. You have searched out more information about it. How about a quick example a story breaks on the Internet it get picked up by all the major home pages during the day, MSN, Yahoo, even Comcast. The minute you open your browser there it is, radio stations start to report it as they are an interactive media as well. You click on the link, reading the story, it mentions something you do not know you Google that and you are reading another related story. When you get home, you and your spouse see the late news; they begin to tell you about the story. You switch the channel because you already know it and it feels like yesterdays news. You then turn to each other and talk about what each of you learned during the day as they clicked on different links about the story.

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Taxes – Taxes – Taxes April 15th

Give me tyranny or give me death. Only thing assured are death and taxes. Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society. What at first was plunder assumed the softer name of revenue. These are great quotes about taxes from great people. I hate April 15th every year. It is the time when every citizen must come clean on the taxes they must pay from the year before. It is a time when those who make little get very little back. It is a time when those who made a tremendous amount figure a way to give as little back as possible. It is a time when the government can finally open the cash register to all the programs they voted to fund. All the state budgets can finally be balanced when all the hard numbers are finally tallied. In
Massachusetts, you can actually pay a tax rate of 5.3 percent or 5.8 percent. Why do you ask, and who would pay the higher rate? Those questions are valid but not without history. The citizens were promised that the rate of 5.8 would drop back to 5.0 after the state’s debt crisis was stabilized. When they finally had close to a billion dollars in a rainy day fund, the people thought maybe it was time for a roll back. The state leaders thought not at this time as trouble is always on the horizon. The citizens then created a petition to make them keep the promise they made when it was raised. They put it to a statewide vote. The state congress began to scare people that if this passed there would be no trash pick up, any teachers or fire fighters. The vote did pass as all the smoke and mirrors made it very close 60%-40% victory for the tax rollback. The congress did not like the vote so they decided to overturn the decision. When the phones rang off the hook with people who just voted for something they wanted to ignore, the congress finally acted. They decided 5.0% was to low, they would drop the rate to 5.3% a win for every one, but you still could help out the state buy paying at 5.8%, if you wanted. There was 40% of the people that voted to keep the higher rate. Well it has been three years since then, since it is the middle of March we find less than 200 people of the over 1.3 million that had filed in
Massachusetts for 2007 have paid the higher rate. Where are these 40% of the people that voted against it? The list of the less than 200 people I wonder how many of them were the actual politicians who had a hand in this outcome? I hate April 15th but you can bet you bottom taxed dollar, I will only pay 5.3% as long as I have a say, oh, that is right, I did have say. They just choose not to listen when I vote with it.

The Skybus – the Smart Way to Fly

Skybus is an airline unlike any other—created from scratch by industry movers and shakers who are committed to changing the way you think about air travel. They  put their money into improving your experience in the airport and in the air—by investing in all new Airbus A319 jets with 150-plus leather seats, flying nonstop to less congested airports, hiring experienced pilots with a proven track record, and training our airport agents to deliver a high level of customer service. The approach is completely straightforward and simple. They have eliminated the things you hate about air travel. They offer fares, on average, 65% lower than other airlines. You book your own flight online, check yourself in online or at the convenient Skybus kiosk at the airport, and head to the gate. You can customize your experience and fly the way you like. Pay a little extra to get on the plane early. Have your flight status sent automatically to your cell phone, e-mail, or pager. Smaller airports cost less and your chances of arriving and taking off on time are a lot higher. They have eliminated expensive call centers and streamlined the booking and check in process to drive down costs. If you have a question or need information about a flight, you can find the answer quickly at the online Help Center. They list their low fare on our website, you can be sure it’s available. You pay less, so you can afford to travel more. Skybus invests in the things that have the greatest impact on your flying experience—new planes, veteran pilots, and airport agents who do their best to keep you coming back. You can use their website find out how much a flight will be and there is a 10 seats on every flight for just $10.00 you need to be on top of the website to get a chance at those but we found a $140.00 round trip that was $300.00 with the big guys. It is true you have to pay for everything no free peanuts and no pillow for the asking. In fairness, the bathroom is free and they do not make you have to buy anything. We found Skybus a great deal and a good alternative although not for the faint of heart it is still flying in plane. 

One Page Web Wonder

We came across a guy named Marcus Campbell he has a website that helps people understand how easy it is to make money on the Internet. He understands that most people want to make hundreds a day on the Internet which is really hard to do.He calls this “trying to take on the entire staircase in one giant leap (superhuman), how ’bout taking one step at a time?” His idea is to build small one to three page websites that make as little as $8 a day. The truth is everyone wants to make millions of dollars online, Mr. Campbell plan is to set up a bunch of little websites that make small amount of money every day, hoping that it wall add up. People ask all the time about how to make money in an online business, wanting the quickest way to make money online fast without spending any money and doing any work. He realizes that any business will take work and effort. If you are looking for something that you set and forget this system is not for you. If you are serous about making money online you have to work it just like any other business. The focus is on small attainable goals, small websites that generates something everyday. He talks of one of his systems, a little one page website about a certain fish. He did some research and found a book about those fish that vendor would pay $17.98 per sale of this fish book. He put some Google advertising on the page and a few other links to fish related websites. The first 24 hours of the site going live he sold two books. Hr paid click fees of close to $18.00 and made around $18.00 for the day. The plan is to stay on top of the market multiply that site times others and there is your stay at home income.