TKTS Booth discount Broadway Ticket Stand

We wanted to make everyone aware that is going to Manhattan it might be best to wait to buy your Broadway Tickets. There is no guarantee you will see a show, and no guarantee you will see the show you want. If you want to see the Lion King on a Friday night, you should buy your tickets in advance. If you are open to what to see and when you can go, then we found a place in Times Square that sells cheap Broadway tickets right before show time. We were there on a Thursday night and we could have bought $25 ticket normally $80 for Rock of Ages and Billy Elliot for $45 normally $105. These are not scalped seats they are from the venue. We believe the venue calls before the show starts and lets the box office know empty seats at that performance. It is a win-win as instead of having an empty unpaid for seat the venue can get 40% of ticket value. TKTS Booth Ticket Stand in Times Square. We found this to happen often, as there are workers who will call out the show and seats. If you want them they lead you to a window, your seats are printed, and off to the show you go.

Election Day 2009 24 days
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie Debut 41 days
Days until 2010 – 82 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 125 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 209 days
Days until a New President 1198 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 263 days

National Debt 10/8/1999     5,660,032,556,386.77
National Debt 10/8/2009    11,898,952,750,944.53

Walking Manhattan Food Tours

When you are in New York you have to check out the walking tours New York<. Specifically you need to try the Walking food tours in Manhattan. They are lead by a native New Yorker and cannot feel more genuine. You will taste the best local foods and desserts from authentic restaurants and shops. When you are lead around the city by a native New Yorker you will also get the must-see neighborhood sightseeing without missing a thing. We go the city at least twice a year and this is on the to do list for the trip we are taking later this fall. The idea of having a real New York bagels and a pizza in Greenwich Village is very appealing. We have tried the local hot dog carts on the Lower East Side and would love to know what a professional guide can tell us about them. The best part of the tour sounds like the Italian cold cuts and cheese and cannoli in Little Italy as we have never been to that part of the city. They will also take you to get authentic fried pork dumplings in Chinatown. The promise along the way you will see sightseeing icons like Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side and Old St. Patrick's Cathedral in SoHo. Great idea because you eat, walk it off and eat some more, can not wait.

Logan Airport Old and it feels it

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is a really old airport and it looks it. Opened on 1923 for the National Guard, he first commercial passenger flights was in 1927. The statistics say it is one of the 20 busiest airports in the US and the 12th busiest airport in the US based on international traffic. It handles over 26 million passengers a year and in 2005, it handled 3,902,000 international passengers. The layout is horrible, the runways stack up planes waiting to take off. The concourse is limited compared to other major airports. Transpiration to the airport is inconvenient as well as expensive. The subway and bus routes will get you to the airport but very confusing if you are out town. The terminals are not connected; the overflow parking is miles away. The overnight parking is expensive and you need to take a bus from the lot to your terminal. There are no rentals cars facilities on site as you will need ground transportation to get to your rent a car. The city is dirty and if you arrive in the winter it is cold and the snow is an exhaust colored brown. There are two other choices of airports for Boston area. TF Green in Rhode Island is about and one hour away from the south. To the north The Manchester Airport is the newest of the three in New England and the best of the three options. If you can avoid Logan Airport it will serve you best to stay away.

Fame Movie Debut 5 days
Election Day 2009 44 days
Days until 2010 – 105 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 155 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 229 days
Days until a New President 1218 Days

Storyland Glen New Hampshire

Storyland is not Disneyland nor is it Six Flags, but it is still a good time for a family. The cost of admittance is $25 for everyone over the age of three. They do have a special where if you buy your ticket after 3pm you can stay at the park till close, then return the next day on the same ticket for the whole day. There is a lot to do but it can all be done in that time frame. The age of your children will decide how fun Storyland is, the have performing shows of live action, puppets, and a circus. They have rides for all ages although most are pretty safe and slow. The wait for the ride is short and they go around a few times as you will not feel cheated or any ride was not worth the wait. The kids can ride antique cars, tractors, ride on a pirate ship, or go on the Swan Princess Boat ride to see Prince Charming. There is a pumpkin coach that you can ride up to Cinderella’s castle then meet the princess in her receiving room. The photo is yours for the taking as there is no professional photographer there. This also means there in no charge for getting the picture. We found the prices reasonable at Storyland for the concessions and the gift shop. The kids seemed to have a good time and said they could not wait to go back again.
Fame Movie Debut 19 days
Election Day 2009 58 days
Days until 2010 – 119 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 168 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 243 days
Days until a New President 1232 Days

Toll worker vs. Toll worker

When you drive up Route 95 in the northeast there is a toll to pay. That is real, not a pun this is a toll road. The only difference you will see is the demeanor in the toll worker from state to state. This could because due to EZ-Pass transponders they could be cutting the work force. This could be because their job is to stand in a 4×4 box for eight hours on the highway, breathing in carbon monoxide all day. That being said when you work for the Massachusetts Turnpike the average salary is $80,000 and you can collect a full pension in 30 years. You think this could put a smile on your face. It does not these toll takers on the Massachusetts turnpike are some of the sourest unfriendly people you will meet when you travel anywhere. When you travel 20 miles north in New Hampshire, it is like another world. The toll taker in New Hampshire will ask how you are doing and then say have a nice day. This is a mystery as to what the difference is, and it could be just luck of the draw. During our travels over the summer we ran into toll booths in both states on multiple occasions, the result was always the same. The Massachusetts toll booth workers rude and annoyed we are actually were using the road. The complete opposite New Hampshire tool booth worker happy to be working and pleasant.

Fame Movie Debut 20 days
Election Day 2009 59 days
Days until 2010 – 120 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 169 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 244 days
Days until a New President 1233 Days
National Debt 9/3/1999      5,653,051,336,956.36
National Debt 9/3/2009     11,787,062,206,713.50

Check out the “Pearls” of Switzerland

There are activities that are unique to Switzerland. They have a name for them as well as they are called Discover Swiss “Pearls”. When you go abroad for a vacation, you need to do something that has some kind of a wow factor involved; this makes the trip not just memorable as saying we went to Switzerland, a trip can reach that higher level when you have an activity to talk about before you say where you went. We were looking for our own pearl and we came across that visitors to the bell foundry in Berger in Bärau can now cast their own bells. That is perfect as you have something take home, then you can say we cast that bell when we were in Switzerland. Truly, this activity encompassed the Swiss experience with a lifetime memory. If you are thinking about going to Switzerland then you can find your own Pearl, many things are unique to the region. Some of our other favorites are Slaving over a hot stove with World Champion Chef, Ivo Adam, Medieval papermaking, Tales of the River Inn, and you can even explore Geneva by boat but check it out for yourself as you will see all the unique gems of visiting Switzerland.

Conway Mountain Inn in New Hampshire

We stayed at the Conway Mountain Inn in New Hampshire on our way through the state. We booked the room before we went and the price was low, free wifi, and balcony suite room with mountain vista views from every room. We were leaving within 24 hours so the reservation had to be made via a phone call. The reservation desk turns out to be a call service in Maine. She could not answer any our questions about where the hotel was in relation to the attractions nearby. She also wanted to know when we would arrive to the hour and a credit card to secure the room. We arrived about thirty minutes later then we had told the desk but there was no problem. They wanted to swipe the card as they only use the numbers we had given them the day before in case of a no show. Therefore, we could have used any Visa 16 digit number to hold room. We went to the room and it was nice, clean, and had a country feel to the décor. The balcony as billed had a great view of the White Mountains. Around 7pm, we needed to get some ice and although the front desk said where it was, we could not find it. When we returned to the front office, they were gone. They left numbers for emergencies and a room number if you had “problems.” We had never seen anything like it, what if you wanted more towels, wake up call, questions, or directions. This left a bad feeling with us as we though it was not right to be in a hotel that was not staffed overnight.

Authentic Swiss Hotels for Holiday

We were looking at going abroad next spring and are looking to stay at one of the Authentic Swiss Hotels. We want the service that is a touch more personal, and an atmosphere that is authentic. Talking with other European travelers we would want to make sure food that is well within budget but tasty. The new heard the slogan Typically Swiss and from what we have read, this is no empty promise, but rather the badge of honor for a hotel experience to be had only in Switzerland. We want to stay in place that feels old school European with some history to it as well. We want to make sure we do not wind up in a chain hotel where you lose that flavor of the local township. We are looking for something with a beautiful interior design in a breathtaking location. We were looking at the Hotel Chesa Randolina that pretty much has everything we are looking for and is a perfect match for what you would think of when you think Swiss countryside. We find that the word is that a Typically Swiss hotel encompasses all of these things so we should not have to compromise. You should plan to visit this site and explore these authentic Swiss hotels. If you are thinking about planning a Swiss vacation this is great place to start.

Big Apple Today Show Concerts

If you ever find yourself in the big apple on a day when the Today Show is having a concert out on Rockefeller Center it is a great take. Here are a couple things you should know to make the three-song concert worthwhile. If you want to get close to the band you should register with the today show as they have passes, you can win for all the artists. If you do not have passes, you should plan on getting out there around 6am or earlier. The plaza is where they play the show. The place fills up pretty fast. When you approach Rockefeller Plaza the NBC studios are on the corner of fifth and 49th street. The band plays right in front of the Dean & DeLuca coffee shop. You can get a coffee while the band is playing and watch the band playing. You cannot get any closer with out a pass. The problem is you cannot hear the music from inside the coffee shop. The best vantage point is to work your way to 48th street and walk toward the band hand on. You can get a place to stand on 49th street as it is behind the band and there are always places to stand. There is no view and the music sounds muffled. Your best bet is get out there by 5AM and approach from 48th street.

Ready for a Hawaiian Vacation?

Now that summer is approaching fast an island getaway from the main land might be in order. If you are planning to vacation in Hawaii, Ka’anapali Resort, located on the beautiful Hawaiian island Maui is “no ka oi” which means the best in Hawaiian the best. It is also a great place for either a getaway wedding or honeymoon. When you stay at the Ka’anapali in Maui Resort  you will experience a multitude of amenities and activities. These things include a must do Luau, Helicopter Rides, Snorkeling, Hiking, Sailing, Whale Watching, Maui Weddings,  and many Historic Sites. There is so much more as the other events and activities you could plan while on this trip are endless as Ka’anapali Resort is located on eleven lush acres along Maui’s fabled Kaanapali coastline. The guest experience that genuinely reflects the beautyof Maui’s people and culture can be had during your stay. The Hotel boasts one of our state’s most accomplished Hawaiian Chorales. You can experience a musical and dramatic presentation on the history of Maui that would be right at home on the Broadway stage. There is a reason Hawaii is one of the most sought after vacation destinations for anyone in the world. This is a chance to enjoy the sites of the Pacific Ocean and all things Hawaiian.