Toll worker vs. Toll worker

When you drive up Route 95 in the northeast there is a toll to pay. That is real, not a pun this is a toll road. The only difference you will see is the demeanor in the toll worker from state to state. This could because due to EZ-Pass transponders they could be cutting the work force. This could be because their job is to stand in a 4×4 box for eight hours on the highway, breathing in carbon monoxide all day. That being said when you work for the Massachusetts Turnpike the average salary is $80,000 and you can collect a full pension in 30 years. You think this could put a smile on your face. It does not these toll takers on the Massachusetts turnpike are some of the sourest unfriendly people you will meet when you travel anywhere. When you travel 20 miles north in New Hampshire, it is like another world. The toll taker in New Hampshire will ask how you are doing and then say have a nice day. This is a mystery as to what the difference is, and it could be just luck of the draw. During our travels over the summer we ran into toll booths in both states on multiple occasions, the result was always the same. The Massachusetts toll booth workers rude and annoyed we are actually were using the road. The complete opposite New Hampshire tool booth worker happy to be working and pleasant.

Fame Movie Debut 20 days
Election Day 2009 59 days
Days until 2010 – 120 days
Calgary Winter Olympics 169 days
Iron Man 2 Movie Debut 244 days
Days until a New President 1233 Days
National Debt 9/3/1999      5,653,051,336,956.36
National Debt 9/3/2009     11,787,062,206,713.50

Check out the “Pearls” of Switzerland

There are activities that are unique to Switzerland. They have a name for them as well as they are called Discover Swiss “Pearls”. When you go abroad for a vacation, you need to do something that has some kind of a wow factor involved; this makes the trip not just memorable as saying we went to Switzerland, a trip can reach that higher level when you have an activity to talk about before you say where you went. We were looking for our own pearl and we came across that visitors to the bell foundry in Berger in Bärau can now cast their own bells. That is perfect as you have something take home, then you can say we cast that bell when we were in Switzerland. Truly, this activity encompassed the Swiss experience with a lifetime memory. If you are thinking about going to Switzerland then you can find your own Pearl, many things are unique to the region. Some of our other favorites are Slaving over a hot stove with World Champion Chef, Ivo Adam, Medieval papermaking, Tales of the River Inn, and you can even explore Geneva by boat but check it out for yourself as you will see all the unique gems of visiting Switzerland.

Conway Mountain Inn in New Hampshire

We stayed at the Conway Mountain Inn in New Hampshire on our way through the state. We booked the room before we went and the price was low, free wifi, and balcony suite room with mountain vista views from every room. We were leaving within 24 hours so the reservation had to be made via a phone call. The reservation desk turns out to be a call service in Maine. She could not answer any our questions about where the hotel was in relation to the attractions nearby. She also wanted to know when we would arrive to the hour and a credit card to secure the room. We arrived about thirty minutes later then we had told the desk but there was no problem. They wanted to swipe the card as they only use the numbers we had given them the day before in case of a no show. Therefore, we could have used any Visa 16 digit number to hold room. We went to the room and it was nice, clean, and had a country feel to the décor. The balcony as billed had a great view of the White Mountains. Around 7pm, we needed to get some ice and although the front desk said where it was, we could not find it. When we returned to the front office, they were gone. They left numbers for emergencies and a room number if you had “problems.” We had never seen anything like it, what if you wanted more towels, wake up call, questions, or directions. This left a bad feeling with us as we though it was not right to be in a hotel that was not staffed overnight.

Authentic Swiss Hotels for Holiday

We were looking at going abroad next spring and are looking to stay at one of the Authentic Swiss Hotels. We want the service that is a touch more personal, and an atmosphere that is authentic. Talking with other European travelers we would want to make sure food that is well within budget but tasty. The new heard the slogan Typically Swiss and from what we have read, this is no empty promise, but rather the badge of honor for a hotel experience to be had only in Switzerland. We want to stay in place that feels old school European with some history to it as well. We want to make sure we do not wind up in a chain hotel where you lose that flavor of the local township. We are looking for something with a beautiful interior design in a breathtaking location. We were looking at the Hotel Chesa Randolina that pretty much has everything we are looking for and is a perfect match for what you would think of when you think Swiss countryside. We find that the word is that a Typically Swiss hotel encompasses all of these things so we should not have to compromise. You should plan to visit this site and explore these authentic Swiss hotels. If you are thinking about planning a Swiss vacation this is great place to start.

Big Apple Today Show Concerts

If you ever find yourself in the big apple on a day when the Today Show is having a concert out on Rockefeller Center it is a great take. Here are a couple things you should know to make the three-song concert worthwhile. If you want to get close to the band you should register with the today show as they have passes, you can win for all the artists. If you do not have passes, you should plan on getting out there around 6am or earlier. The plaza is where they play the show. The place fills up pretty fast. When you approach Rockefeller Plaza the NBC studios are on the corner of fifth and 49th street. The band plays right in front of the Dean & DeLuca coffee shop. You can get a coffee while the band is playing and watch the band playing. You cannot get any closer with out a pass. The problem is you cannot hear the music from inside the coffee shop. The best vantage point is to work your way to 48th street and walk toward the band hand on. You can get a place to stand on 49th street as it is behind the band and there are always places to stand. There is no view and the music sounds muffled. Your best bet is get out there by 5AM and approach from 48th street.

Ready for a Hawaiian Vacation?

Now that summer is approaching fast an island getaway from the main land might be in order. If you are planning to vacation in Hawaii, Ka’anapali Resort, located on the beautiful Hawaiian island Maui is “no ka oi” which means the best in Hawaiian the best. It is also a great place for either a getaway wedding or honeymoon. When you stay at the Ka’anapali in Maui Resort  you will experience a multitude of amenities and activities. These things include a must do Luau, Helicopter Rides, Snorkeling, Hiking, Sailing, Whale Watching, Maui Weddings,  and many Historic Sites. There is so much more as the other events and activities you could plan while on this trip are endless as Ka’anapali Resort is located on eleven lush acres along Maui’s fabled Kaanapali coastline. The guest experience that genuinely reflects the beautyof Maui’s people and culture can be had during your stay. The Hotel boasts one of our state’s most accomplished Hawaiian Chorales. You can experience a musical and dramatic presentation on the history of Maui that would be right at home on the Broadway stage. There is a reason Hawaii is one of the most sought after vacation destinations for anyone in the world. This is a chance to enjoy the sites of the Pacific Ocean and all things Hawaiian.




Flying Sucks these days

Since we have not flown or gone a vacation in nine years a lot has changed. If you travel often or for a living you know what we are talking about. There are things we do not mind and of course understand. These new regulations are not a good enough to keep up the war on terror. We do not mind having to be at the airport two hours before the flight, this means we will not be late and there are no last minute passengers, oh wait a second of there is one who needs to change seat, board first, and bring two bags on the plane. Sorry we digress and that is totally a post for another day. Why do we need to arrive at the airport two hours early so the TSA can pretend they are keeping us safe? The 911 hijackers used box cutters, granted getting any metal on your person through is tough but we are sure a sharp plastic tool could achieve the same result. The reason for this rant is the shoes; this was disgusting on multiple levels. Starting with standing in line with a bunch of people with no shoes like it was a sock hop. Worse standing with a bunch of other people with no socks like it was a beach party. Lastly and by far the worse was the smell, it is hard to place but it came back quickly like a junior high locker room. Is this the way every airport smells? There has got to better a way to check the shoes. The last thing we need to start a vacation is an old lady wiping out the bunions or a dude exposing the Fred Flintstone feet, this now way to begin to relax. Thanks TSA we are supposed to be relaxing.

Morey’s Piers Summer Concerts with Radio Disney Artists

If you were thinking about taking a Wildwood vacations trip to the New Jersey coast this year we have great news. This summer the party is getting started and everyone is invited to enjoy a Jersey Shore beach Vacation. The Radio Disney Summer Concert Series will be held in Wildwood, New Jersey at Morey’s Piers starting in June and will be running through August. The concerts are free and some of the Top Radio Disney artists will be performing. Morey’s Piers is not only a great place for a New Jersey Vacation and see a show. Radio Disney is famous for family brand entertainment for the whole family can enjoy. This year acts like Ashlee Keating, Brock Storm, and Tiffany Giardina are already set to perform. Wildwood is a resort vacation destination and there are plenty of places to find a number of hotels & motels. While you are waiting for the show you can hit one of the great attractions which include Adventure Pier, Surfside Pier, as well as New Jersey water parks Raging Water Waterpark, and Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club. We wish it was summer all year.

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There Open Bar is on the Net

If there are great things the Internet have brought to the 21st century it does get better everyday. There is a website called a website that lists where free drinks can be had across New York City each night. The site was started in 2005 and is helped by promotions by liquor vendors and hot spots. The site has taken off because establishments are eager to get their events listed, driving customers through the door. The site boasts 30,000 subscribers and has coverage in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and Honolulu that have added another 19,000 subscribers. The website has major advertising dollars coming from both Toyota and American Apparel. So when you are in NY and looking for places that offer free beer or vodka, maybe a restaurant that serves free wine, or brunch spots that allow diners to bring their own bottles. We love the Internet and the vast array of things that pop up that have great way of getting information to the masses. The pop culture underground of things that grow like, YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace keep the net current and involving.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 18 days
Countdown to 66th Golden Globe Awards: 8 days
Countdown to 51st Grammy Awards: 37 days
Countdown to 78th Oscar Awards: 51 days
National Debt 12/31/1998 5,614,217,021,195.87
National Debt 12/31/2008 10,699,804,864,612.13

You were the instrument You were the one
How a body took a body And Gave that boy a gun
W. Axl Rose Catcher in the Rye (2008)

Lets Think Summer Vacation

Now the hectic part of the season is over. Now that you have taken care of everybody else, it is time to think about you. We were talking today about how great a condo rental panama city beach would be this summer. There is website out there that is letting reserve now. Plan you r vacation ahead of time you can mark the days off the calendar. This is a great way to get the long dark days ahead of winter. The website is and it is designed to impress as well as make you want to get away. The specials they are running right now are rock bottom and you can scroll through pages of great deals. When you need a vacation rental you can try all the big names, but this website has things they cannot offer. The listings include detailed information, like pricing by night, week or month, the feature many high quality photos from both inside and outside the property. How many times have you seen a photo of a resort that includes just the room and a front shot of the hotel? You arrive and it is next to a garbage heap, or the ocean they say is in walking distance is more like a cab ride. Everything is on the table and all the information is listed. You can even contact most places and ask your own questions. You can plan your vacation ahead of time and get the best rentals at the best rates.