The Crayola FACTORY at Two Rivers Landing

Next summer we are going to take a trip through Pennsylvania probably around the beginning of spring. We are thinking about making a stop at the The Crayola FACTORY. The little guys are full of creativity and they say the place is where there is no limitation to creativity and imagination. You can color, draw, paint and create with the latest Crayola products. Each creative space invites you to play and explore while learning and having lots and lots of fun. See how Crayola Crayons and Markers are made. Learn about the history of the Crayola brand. Explore dozens of interactive projects and activities. This is not the real manufacturing plant, but instead a visitor center that allows the child inside each person to unleash its creative spirit. Each quarter, themes and projects change, giving visitors a variety of projects to create throughout the year. We have started to work out the trip but we think it will include two days at Hershey Park, a day at Sesame Place and a final stop at the Crayola FACTORY the tickets for the day are lass than $10. We have not booked anything yet but we are also thinking about a trip to Florida in January.

Mount Auburn Cemetery October Trips

We were looking for something in the Halloween spirit to do in October. It was suggested we try Mount Auburn Cemetery. We have never been a big cemetery visitor or grave site viewer so it was kind of stretch for a family trip. The Mount Auburn Cemetery has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior, recognizing it as one of the country’s most significant cultural landscapes. The grounds were founded in 1831, it was the first large-scale designed landscape open to the public in the United States. The design is amazing as the natural landscape with ornamental plantings, monuments, fences, fountains and chapels is full of amazing beauty. It is full of well known people final resting place like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Charles Sumner, Charles Bulfinch, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Cabot Lodge, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., and Little Women authero Louisa May Alcott. If you get a chance to this gravesite you will be amazed that somebody so famous and beloved, final resting place is marked so plainly. There are maps and things to look for as vistors are encouraged and you can even sign up so that Every month the Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery sends out an electronic newsletter to you with historical, horticultural and birding highlights as well as news and program reminders. The Mount Auburn Cemetery is located at 580 Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge, MA

north vancouver condos North Shore living

We wanted let you know about the north vancouver condos. There is a 20-story tower with a six story podium, and an extensive grocery store. There are street front shops that are part of what makes the local landscape so charming. Lonsdale is a neighborhood building that includes a public plaza, art and a green roof. The architecture becomes part of the Central Lonsdale community. The tower was conceptualized to capture the views and mountainous skyline of this natural landscape while creating functional living spaces. The landscaped one acre green rooftop is the largest in North Vancouver, and surrounds residents in an enviable urban outlook while enhancing the sea of green that defines North Shore living. The bottom line is there are 20 Stories of Inspired Neighbourhood Living that is the North Vancouver condos.

Opus the best of the Vancouver hotels

We wanted to let you know about Vancouver hotels and one of our favorites is OPUS, a Vancouver hotel in the fashionable Yaletown area. They provide the service and amenities of a luxury hotel within a stylish and intimate environment. There are ninety-six luxury guestrooms featuring vibrant colors, spa bathrooms and five lifestyle-inspired décor schemes. This Vancouver hotel is home to One Hundred Days Restaurant and Vancouver’s Most Popular Nightlife by Zagat, OPUS Bar. We know you need to be there as OPUS Vancouver is voted one of the world’s top 500 Hotels by Travel and Leisure and Conde Nast Travel, Gold List. They will reward your loyalty when you book direct online at and you will receive all of the following benefits: Best Rate Guarantee, Complimentary in-room Wi-Fi, Complimentary Valet Parking or reimbursement for round trip fare between YVR Airport and OPUS Vancouver on the rapid transit Canada Line and Unlimited Local Calls.

The Stanley Museum Maine

We want to let you know about a great take for kids and parents the Stanley Museum in Kingfield, Maine. The Stanley Museum keeps and shares the traditions of Yankee Ingenuity and creativity as exemplified by the Stanley family in order to inspire those values in children and adults. The Exhibits in the museum include Steam Cars from1905, 1909, 1910, and 1916. There are massive amounts of Air-Brush Portraits and Paintings, Violins Photographs and Chansonetta. The museum was established in 1981, the Stanley Museum located in the beautiful Georgian-style Stanley School built in 1903. Kingfield is the birthplace of the Stanley steam car. The Museum commemorates and preserves the heritage of Stanley family genius. Visitors to the Stanley Museum are greeted and directed first to the car room exhibiting the steam cars, and a 20 hp Stanley engine, boiler and burner exhibit that demonstrates the power plant of the Stanley steam car. There is also a chain-driven Mason Regulator engine on exhibit, an engine used in the first Stanley cars and the original Whitney steam engine that started it all in the 1890s. Photographs telling the Stanley steam car story are arranged with information panels in chronological order, beginning with a photo of the Stanley twins, seated in the first Stanley Steamer in 1897.

Vancouver attractions Northern Exposure

We were thinking about Canada and some Vancouver attractions. The Capilano Group of Companies comprises retail, hospitality and tourism based businesses anchored by Vancouver’s popular tourist attraction, the Capilano Suspension Bridge (CSB). These include two accommodation properties in the Canadian Rockies, two retail gift shops in BC and Alberta and several food and beverage facilities. They are also currently developing an exciting property on Mackenzie Beach in Tofino, B.C. CGC has a mission statement to create experiences that people are amazed by. Another great stop is the Moraine Lake Lodge remodeled by celebrated Canadian architect, Arthur Erickson to create a new timber and glass retreat on the shores of the stunning turquoise waters of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. If you have not been there Moraine Lake is a popular day-trip destination included as a must see on every itinerary to the Lake Louise area. There are 33 rooms in the spectacular lodge and cabins; each one nestled amidst towering evergreens with unique views of the mountains or lake.

travelplanr online tool

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We love planning vacations online. We plan way more than we ever book. So when we heard about the new TravelPlanr we had to check it out. The truth is if we did not check out planning a trip we would never go there are a lot of things you need to know. This tool is a great help TravelPlanr has created an online tool for travelers to plan, manage and share trips. They have brought the social media experience to travel planning and it is a bold leap. When you use TravelPlanr you will be able to manage flight, hotel and restaurant reservations. This can be great if a couple of families are trying to plan a trip together or friends getting their schedule in sync. You can use TravelPlanr to create maps with all the places you wish to visit and share it with family and friends. We think it can be useful if you know someone who already has been where you are going. They could look at what you are planning and tell you what is hot and what is not in that area. This is such a great tool for travel planning even travel agents might want to use it. Here is another great feature they can Travel Agents can use this to create travel plans for their customers and manage such plans.


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Nosara Land Costa Rica

There was a wise man that once said invest in real estate because God is not making anymore. The problem with investing in US real estate is the market has been over valued. There is still an opportunity to invest in Nosara Land in Costa Rica. This Central American paradise is a tranquil beach community, ideal for a nature lover’s or a surfer’s vacation. Hotels and private houses are spread apart and hidden into lush tropical greenery. Not only will you have a great spot to vacation yourself but also a source of income in an area that is sought after by travelers the world over.The Guanacaste province belonged to Nicaragua during the Colonial period. It wasn’t until after the nations of Central America gained independence from Spain that it was annexed and incorporated to Costa Rica on July 25, 1825. The government recognizes this date as a National holiday even though the boundary lines weren’t changed until 1858.

Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens

We wanted to let you know about a vacation spot in South Deerfield, Massachusetts called Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens. They opened for business in October of 2000, and claim it consists of an 18,400-square foot facility that includes a 8,000-sq. ft. glass conservatory filled with butterflies, moths and tropical vegetation. It is a great take for a family espcialy on a hot summer day when the sun is bright. The sun shines through the glass walls and heats up the conservatory to an 80-degree tropical-like environment. The kids loved the heart-shaped pond with Japanese koi graces the center of the conservatory. The place is peaceful to say the least and the sound of the waterfall is a nice change to the everyday hustle and bustle. We could easily see hundreds of butterflies fluttering freely through the air at anytime. We have never been there in the winter but have heard they keep a blazing fire is ongoing in the huge fieldstone fireplace. There are plenty of exhibits and display areas where butterfly videos are presented that show the history and evolution of butterflies. When you are at Magic Wings the workers are called Flight Attendants and they are scattered throughout the conservatory, waiting to help you identify the many different butterflies. Tickets are reasonable as adults were $12 and kids only $8.


Disneyland Stay on the Park or Not

There is a battle when going to Disney to stay on the park or outside. We have done both and want to speak about staying on the park. First of all if you are on the park you can use Disney transportation, it is free and check your bags, bring them to your room. They do this on departure as well. There are buses at every hotel that go to the different theme parks every few minutes as you will be able to get around the park all day and night. The hotels on the park start at $83 and you can stay outside that park for around $50. The problem is parking which $12. This can be offset because the food in the park is expensive. If you stay on the park you are allowed more time at the parks. Staying on the parks has a drawback in that it is next to impossible to leave. When trying to rent a car it can take a few hours as we thought we would rent a car and get some groceries to stock the fridge. It was next to impossible and a cab ride was just as bad. We are not saying you cannot do these things but there is a lot that goes into setting them up. There probably is a happy medium where you rent a car in Orlando airport drive out to the park check in leave, stock up on items, and then go back to the hotel. The problem then is returning the car and getting back to the hotel, if the car is less than $30 a day you could save that in avoiding having to buy lunches for the week. It really seems to be either stay on the park and payless but get killed on the food, or stay of the park and get killed on the parking.