IT is May 12 2021 or Tea512 day

Today is May 12 or tea512 – we found some new ways to say 512. Five twelve is a factor of 2, 2 to the ninth power equals 512. The Roman numerals are DXII, which we need to work into the log somehow. Because of the IT background and love hate relationship with Hexadecimal but that is 200 to the sixteenth power also equals 512. As always thank you for reading the tea512 blog. Posts have been few and far between since the collapse of the 1and1 backend, that caused the loss of so much data and so many posts. We are not sure about a rebuild or just going forward. We did learn a good lesson to pass along if you have a hosted site, you should make sure you have a personal back up away from the provider and try to restore it to make sure if they go south you can recover. We trusted the provider and when the data corrupted they had no support or help for us. We had poured years of time into creating rich content and it just seems like recreating stories from the log files and mysql database strings would only enrage us every step of the way. It would be time consuming and does anyone really need to relive how awful a president Obama had been. So enjoy your May 12 and keep safe as it feels like in the US we are finally on the other side of the pandemic. It seems to be raging in other parts of the world the latest hot spot is India, as just as we think maybe we can beat it, the fear that we are dealing with this for the rest of our lives.