Couric reveals true colors

Katie Couric on June 10th was honored by the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum at their annual Alice Award Luncheon Gala. This story was report on June 11th in the mediabistro by Patrick. She was honored for her career in news, as well as her being the first female solo anchor of a weekday network evening broadcast, and other blah..blah blah stuff. During the event, it was reported that she thought “I feel that Sen. Clinton received some of the most unfair, hostile coverage I’ve ever seen.” She was also quoted saying in the article that latent sexism contributed, in part, to Hillary’s defeat. The claim was that men were finding it hard to be objective when it came to Obama. I know Katie Couric a democrat who knew. I know Katie Couric supports Hillary Clinton who would have guessed. The there is no media bias angle is saying that males liked Obama so they sand bagged Hillary is almost admitting that there is a bias but unfortunately for Katie it turned up against her side.

New May Ratings: FNC Stays On Top

Mediabistro is reporting that for the 77th consecutive month, the Fox News Channel finished first in total day and prime time ratings during May. Even more then that the channel is the sixth highest rated cable network on all of basic cable during prime time for the month. Where are the other you might ask, CNN finished 19th and MSNBC was 26th. The viewers are flocking in droves. They also had eleven of the top thirteen programs on cable in May. The O’Reilly Factor was the highest rated program in cable news This was the 90th consecutive month that this had happened. Fair and balanced maybe the slogan as most on the left think they are totally to far right. If that is the case people just love getting their news from FNC as well as enjoy the hosts, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren was number one, 73 months running so was Hannity & Colmes for their 54th consecutive month. This I believe comes under the same heading as why talk radio is more right wing and left leaning formats like Air America cannot get any traction. To generalize, people listen to talk radio because they want to stay on top of the news and give their own opinion. People on the left would prefer to listen to the top 40 hits of the day or Steve Miller for instance singing “Fly like an Eagle” for the 100,000 time. These same people that listen to talk radio watch news all night, while the people on the left watch prime time shows. I am hoping to make a valid point without sounding crass; the left like popular culture, the right like to be up to date on current affairs. These numbers prove this to be true somewhat.

Susan Sarandon dont go away mad, just go away!

Page six if the New York Post on Friday 5/30/08 that Susan Sarandon, says that if John McCain is elected, she will move to Italy or Canada. The article further went on to say she believes it is a critical time, but she does have faith in the American people. Have you heard this one before? Wait let me think back 2004 it was Sean Penn, I believe he is still in Hollywood since his divorce papers were files in Marin county, California on December 21st. How about getting in the way back machine to the year 2000 when both Alec Baldwin and the Barbara Streisand said they would leave the country if Al Gore did not win. Are the filming 30 Rock in France? How about the fact Barbra has not left she has been suing to get a photo of her house taken from the air off the Internet. When will they learn that making these dumb statements and hollow threats are laughable? This becomes part of the public record, which because of the Internet is available forever. So poor Susan Sarandon has now fell into this same group, although it not a surprise.  Let us not throw stones but she has been married, divorced, had one child out of wedlock, married again, couple more children, sound like someone this country needs to keep. She does have 64 films to her credit and one Academy Award. She has been nominated five times in total but not since 1995 when she won for Dead Man Walking; hey wait a minute Sean Penn starred in that movie too. Everything in Hollywood comes around and goes around; everything that is old is one day again new.

Media Bias?

The Wall Street Journal reported on May 27th 2008 that attacks in Iraq are at a four year low. This was reported by Gina Chon. The report in the article was given by US and Iraq officials but the hope is that the Iraqi Military is finally taking hold. This was great news as it came out around the Memorial Day weekend. There are some facts and figured mentioned as well as some locations that have seen big drops in attacks. There was also reference to Iraqi led military campaigns that have seemed to curb the violence as well as the Iraqi military presence in areas is taking hold. This story of course was not covered on any of the three major news departments and missed by most United States newspapers. You can always laugh when you hear there is no media bias in this country, when a report like this comes out and it is almost swept away as fast as it appears. Then next week when a road side bomb explodes, killing or hurting innocent or military people and it will not only be covered in the first five minutes of every newscast in the country but also in all the newspapers this story was missed by.

Taxes – Taxes – Taxes April 15th

Give me tyranny or give me death. Only thing assured are death and taxes. Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society. What at first was plunder assumed the softer name of revenue. These are great quotes about taxes from great people. I hate April 15th every year. It is the time when every citizen must come clean on the taxes they must pay from the year before. It is a time when those who make little get very little back. It is a time when those who made a tremendous amount figure a way to give as little back as possible. It is a time when the government can finally open the cash register to all the programs they voted to fund. All the state budgets can finally be balanced when all the hard numbers are finally tallied. In
Massachusetts, you can actually pay a tax rate of 5.3 percent or 5.8 percent. Why do you ask, and who would pay the higher rate? Those questions are valid but not without history. The citizens were promised that the rate of 5.8 would drop back to 5.0 after the state’s debt crisis was stabilized. When they finally had close to a billion dollars in a rainy day fund, the people thought maybe it was time for a roll back. The state leaders thought not at this time as trouble is always on the horizon. The citizens then created a petition to make them keep the promise they made when it was raised. They put it to a statewide vote. The state congress began to scare people that if this passed there would be no trash pick up, any teachers or fire fighters. The vote did pass as all the smoke and mirrors made it very close 60%-40% victory for the tax rollback. The congress did not like the vote so they decided to overturn the decision. When the phones rang off the hook with people who just voted for something they wanted to ignore, the congress finally acted. They decided 5.0% was to low, they would drop the rate to 5.3% a win for every one, but you still could help out the state buy paying at 5.8%, if you wanted. There was 40% of the people that voted to keep the higher rate. Well it has been three years since then, since it is the middle of March we find less than 200 people of the over 1.3 million that had filed in
Massachusetts for 2007 have paid the higher rate. Where are these 40% of the people that voted against it? The list of the less than 200 people I wonder how many of them were the actual politicians who had a hand in this outcome? I hate April 15th but you can bet you bottom taxed dollar, I will only pay 5.3% as long as I have a say, oh, that is right, I did have say. They just choose not to listen when I vote with it.


Let see if we can walk through this a Governor of the most popular state in the United States. A former Attorney General who should know a little bit about wire taps and prostitution. A public figure that should be aware of every move he makes is being watched for his own protection. All right those are facts is this guy just a destructive personality? There is talk that he would have made a run for the president. He was a high ranking member at Harvard University he was in the same class as Jim Cramer. This is not a dumb person. Flip the coin a girl from New Jersey did she not know he was the governor? Did he not know that she could identify him? The person delivering boot loads of cash around could identify him? This is too crazy I am stunned that a person could work so hard to commit career suicide like this! When the police report was published with the text messages and client #9 information as well as the back and forth between the three parties it was like reading a dime store novel. Then he was done, toast, lit up like a roman candle. The only thing was not if but when he would resign. The story did not let up as the more info about the money the more the nation needed to be feed. This guy was actually paying close to 5,000 for sex. That is more money then most American make in a month and he was spending it for sex in four hours. There is so much here that it is hard to start and complete one thought. The hubris of this guy to leave his wife and three kids for sex with this girl and the audacity to think he would not get recognized or caught. Then another day goes guy and the girl appears as if she is a hero for the working class or some sort of overnight star. The woman is a prostitute, whore, lady of the evening, or a hooker. Today she has a MySpace page and photos of her everywhere. It is unbelievable that this guy bought a 22 year old girl for sex. It is unbelievable that she is famous for having sex for money. It is all too much for any level headed person to grasp. We do not claim to be squeaky clean but this fails under the category of how much do you need. This is the police report. This is her Myspace page. This is the could be the beginning of end of the world.

Tea512 Blog Presidential Support

We at the Tea512 Blog reluctantly are throwing support behind republican John McCain. We do not have a good feeling about a 71 year old President. We do not have a good feeling about someone who has worked with Kennedy and Feingold. We do not support amnesty for immigrants or repeals of tax cuts. We really do not support four more years of Bill & Hill. We really do not support an unproven, junior senator that has never filed a piece of legislation. We also do not like that he had voted present more times then taking a stand on an issue. As president I believe you must make a decision. We do not want four more years of learning on the job, i.e. Jimmy Carter. We do not want four years of globalization of American. We do not want our armed forced working for NATO. This is a huge crossroads in American politics as we understand Americans are tired of Republican rule in the white house but let us not be hasty in changing just for change. Obama will be a fine candidate someday but the democrats rush to put him out as the second coming of Camelot has left holes in ways of his accomplishments and visions.