They never get it

We love a good story of the insiders that just do not get it. The Prince George’s County Council is spending $10,000 to $15,000 for a two-night retreat on the Eastern Shore this week. This would not be a big deal except for the fact the chairwoman of the County Council has no idea about spending tax payer money. The Prince George’s County Council decided to spend this money on this year’s retreat, even as the county faces a $77 million shortfall next fiscal year. If that was not enough they have a reason of course if it made these pages it is off the wall. They need to spend this amount of money to be able to focus and help council members avoid distractions. The diggs are top notch as council’s two-night retreat in Upper Marlboro offices at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa & Marina in Cambridge. They are claiming that it is also needed because they have five new council members that are starting the beginning of a four-year term. If you need a cherry on top asked if the members would pay their own way the chairwomen thought few members would still want to stay at the resort in that case. Is it not funny how when it is on their own dime it is not so attractive.

President Obama and the old players playbook

When it comes to saying things that mean nothing President Barack Obama is the champion. If you did not hear he is revamping his economic policy team and signaling cooperation to ascendant Republicans and the business community at a pivotal moment in the nation’s recovery and Washington politics. We were wondering what this economic policy team has been doing anyway. When the president needs fresh new ideas and none of his ivy elites have a clue, he turns to the way back machine and looks for veterans of the Clinton administration. Chief of staff William Daley, economic overseer Gene Sperling and recently confirmed budget director Jacob Lew. When you listen to the talking head president he explains the new mission has to be to accelerate hiring and accelerate growth, this what the president declared last week. For the sake of the nation we hope this new found need to find value in international trade deals in an economic message centered on competitiveness that spends on education initiatives to retool the workforce embraces trade and provides tax breaks to businesses. Then at the same time he claimed a new focus looking at the deficit and debt. This is going to be highlighted when the president releases his budget. We think this should have been the priority last year after he pushed Obamacare through. We also have no faith he will provide any solutions or any progress on any of these issues. But we have come to understand if you could solve problems with speeches we would be in the US would be utopia. 

One small step more to come

We started to see the new run of the House Republicans first attempt to repeal President Barack Obamacare. Republican lawmakers know that any effort to repeal the health care law in will still need the Democratic Senate approval which will not happen. The vote was 236-181 procedural vote, largely along party lines, that sets the stage for the House to vote next week on the repeal. The bigger issue is Republican governors representing 30 states opened up a new line of attack, complaining that provisions of the health care law are restricting their ability to control Medicaid spending, raising the threat of devastating cuts to other critical programs, from education to law enforcement in a weak economy. We had a federal judge in Florida is expected to rule on the lawsuit brought by 20 states that challenges the law’s central requirement that most Americans carry health insurance. Remember a judge in Virginia ruled it unconstitutional last month, while in courts in two other cases have upheld it. It’s expected that the Supreme Court will ultimately have to resolve the issue. Republicans hope to force Obama and the Democrats into a defense mode right from the start. The only way the Republicans can insure repeal is with the election of a Republican president and one can only hope.

Debt Limit Hot Topic Day 1

One day after we reported the sky was falling it turns out we are not the only one that think so. We are happy to say the House Republicans told the White House the request to raise the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit will require federal spending cuts to win their approval. We are hopeful Speaker of the House Boehner, can stick to his guns and cut government spending by at least $100 billion this year. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, has said the government could exhaust its borrowing authority of $14.29 trillion between March 31 and May 16. The new Republican Pledge to America, is the document the new House Republican candidates signed promised to pare most non-defense programs by $100 billion, the amount they said had been added since Obama took office. We love hearing congress talking about spending cuts and reforming a broken budget process we just hope this time it is more than words. We have stated many times that why our government continues to write checks it cannot cash is no way to run a country and if a citizen did it they would be arrested. It is time to make the hard choices and turn this country around once and for all. It sounds good in words and look even better on paper for some reason we will not hold our breathe on implementation.

14 Trillion National Debt Congratulations

Congrads America you national debt is now $14,011,526,727,895.85 did you ever think you would see 14 trillion in our lifetime. Like they say you have to have goals. We are growing the debt at a level our country has never seen before. We continue to spend more than we make. Congress continues to spend more than they can tax us. This is business as usual and it looks like it does not matter if you are democrat or conservative it just does not matter to them. They are even talking about raising the debt ceiling higher, so no one is taking the national debt issue as a crisis. The idea we can just make our children’s children and grandchildren’s children pay is a supported policy and not a strain on anyone we have sent to congress. We try our best as readers know we told you on June 16 that debt went over 13 trillion. That is right the new America raises the debt a trillion dollars every six months. We told you then 13 trillion is an astronomical number when you think this country on January 8, 1835 was the last day this country had a national debt of 0. So expanding on those thoughts it was only 11.4 trillion in June 2009. This means it is growing at a rate of 3.6 trillion every 18 months. We always like to remind you that it was 9.3 trillion in 2008 when President Bush left office. So we can finally point to something President Obama has done better than anyone under his watch the last two years the debt has rose 4.7 trillion which is the greatest growth of any U.S. resident in history.

President Obama and the double speak

This is a great one on two fronts of disingenuous our president can be. We read today the Obama administration will allow thirteen companies to resume deep water drilling without any additional environmental scrutiny. It was only a short time ago when he said he would require strict reviews for new drilling in the wake of the BP oil spill. President Obama suspended drilling. If you recall the ban was lifted in October, but drilling has not yet resumed in waters deeper than 500 feet in the Gulf of Mexico. We think this has more to do with the President Obama current nominee for budget director confirmation Jacob Lew. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu put a hold on Lew’s nomination as hardball protest to the administration’s moratorium on offshore oil drilling. This is the way it is with these guys when they cannot get what they want they bend the rules, if that does not work they break them. Does it matter if it was him breaking a promise he made to the country when everyone wanted something done. Does it matter he changes his mind because he is being blocked. It all points to the character of the man who holds the office and the lack of a bone of integrity that he possess.

President Obama sends out talking heads

While the President spends extra time in Hawaii, he does deserve some extra vacation time for all the work he is done. Theses days it is better when he is out of town as there is less damage he can do. On the talking head circuit he sent out the second string to beat the drum. The White House Council of Economic Advisers, Austan Goolsbee, is warning against what he calls “playing chicken” with the need to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. This is funny as we have not even started an the minority party is looking set the tone. This comes as reports that conservatives, are going to refuse to raise the limit on the federal debt to force the government into cutting spending. This is standard practice and it would be a good start for the New Year. In February 2010 the Congress raised the debt ceiling to $14.3 trillion. The debt is now at nearly $13.9 trillion and growing so we can expect a move to raise the ceiling again this spring. Why they cannot run the country like we run our houses. When your credit cards are maxed you cannot raise the limit and continue to spend. The credit card company will shut you off till you pay down the debt unfortunately these congressmen think they are both lender and borrower.

Open seat in the 15th?

Chuck has seen the writing on the wall finally. It may have taken an anvil to hit him over the head or censure but either way it is good news. House of Representatives member Charlie Rangel no fan of the tea512 has a new tune. This is a new chapter in the tax cheats life as he know speaking to local scribes over the weekend suddenly noticed his age when talking about his future. The Democrat who is 80 years old was asked if he actually was going to run for a 22nd term. Only in America and only in New York could sheepoeple walk to the polls and vote for this guy like zombies. We are glad he is taking the high road and appears to be leaving as they would send him back, you know they would. He actually was kind of naming names for hopeful successors. This could be a new day for the 15th district, Harlem and it is time for a change. There should be a picture of Charlie Rangel in the dictionary next to term limits. It is a classic example of staying in one place to long, getting fat and happy then not being any longer to see right from wrong. We do not know who they are going to send in his place and we are pretty sure it will be a like in kind but the good knews is it will not be Charlie.

Time to cook the books

It is that time if of year when the cat and mouse game of the release of budget begins. President Barack Obama will need to sharpen his pencil and think is it would be best to push it out another week. The release of his budget proposal for fiscal year 2012 will be delayed they say for two reasons the first because President Obama current nominee for budget director confirmation. The new date is the week of February 14, 2011 Valentines Day a big kiss for all the budgets in the federal government. It is convenient to use the excuse of the delay due to confirming new budget director Jacob Lew. The reason for the six week delay is the White House is standing in front of states progress. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu righteously put a hold on Lew’s nomination. This administration does not like hardball and this is a hardball protest to the administration’s moratorium on offshore oil drilling. The other reason is they claim the budget is also delayed because Congress worked so late in the year on making 2011 funding decisions. Did you notice how both of the reason do not come from the top. Do you remember the buck stops here? In this administration the buck stopped over there and it is always someone else to blame. This act is getting old as you are the leader of the free world and a noble peace prize winner stand up and act like it.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush for Senate

Now that 2010 is close to over it is time to start the president hopefuls into shape. We were surprised a name we thought we would hear former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is contemplating a challenge against Senator Bill Nelson in 2012. We thought he would be an early name thrown around by the non Roomney and Palin supports. Thisi s not that case in Florida where it seems 72 percent of GOP voters want chose Florida Governor Jeb Bush as their preferred candidate. The poll is so one sided that no other person has more than 6% of the vote. We think that it is time for Senator Bill Nelson to go although it appears he has strong support. Florida Governor Jeb Bush leads matchup, 49 percent to Nelson’s 44 percent if they were to run today. This is exciting as it shows the steam of the election is not passed. We need to keep up the pressure and it looks like the steam is building. The attitude that republicans messed up the country under eight years of President Bush or the republicans have slowed down and hindered the President Obama agenda seem to be unfounded and not sticking.