President Biden Covid Policy Day 11

Day 11 of Administration of President Joe Biden

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Day 11 for US Vaccine distribution, 13,870,314 administered.

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On this day 01/31/2021

Total New Covid-19 Cases in US are 1,823,380 since inauguration day


President Biden Covid Policy Day 4

Day 4 of Administration of President Joe Biden

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Day 4 for US Vaccine distribution, 4,830,402 administered.

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On this day 01/24/2021

Total Cases US 1,098,706 since inauguration day



Biden cannot win the check all the boxes cabinet

Everyone want to say republicans a racist because they always pick the most qualified person for the job, or a good friend, or a political ally they are owed favors. When we watch Biden get hammered for not picking a person from the flavor of the day political agenda. They cannot even admit he has already tried to check all the boxes this week he picked retired General Lloyd J. Austin III, he will be the first Black secretary of defense. He has not even been out of the military long enough, so a special waiver is needed. Trump did the same thing so once again bending the rules for your will eventually will lead to the other side doing the same. Biden picked a Cuban immigrant for Homeland Security, we will have our first female Treasury secretary. There is also a Black woman at HUD, the son Mexican immigrants to serve at HHS. This is all after he choose Kamala Harris as vice president. Imagine that the when he chooses Vilsack to lead the Agriculture Department the NAACP went right at him and told him he would lose Georgia if he made that pick. Vilsak was another Obama pick who actually stayed through both terms. This is why you can never make everyone happy and the best thing to do is pick people you can work with and not so concerned about checking all the boxes.

Arlington Cemetery to bury or not to bury

Arlington Cemetery you might see an under the fold headline. The piece about should non veterans be buried there. We have not made a choice but wanted to write it out and then maybe decide. Let us start with the easy argument Arlington should be for Veterans only, those who served and made the nation a higher calling than their own. So let us think about that, should it only be combat veterans that actually perished in battle, or is alright for a motor pool mechanic who simply served stateside. We know very little about this process but we understand where this is coming from, it is about president of the United States. President’s Clinton, Obama and Trump never served in the military. We think this is why some presidents are buried at their libraries because it is a way to pay respects. There is a push to make Arlington open to non-veteran status and we think this is really about Clinton and Obama but Trump does seem like a fly in the ointment on this debate. Not sure where we fall, the president is the Commander and Chief of the military and does sign off on US involvement in the world. Then you could say if you walk through the hollow ground of Arlington being a space where the deceased made the ultimate sacrifice to keep the freedoms we hold dear, does make it a powerful message. Then that would make the president and the mechanic that are all cogs in the wheel of the military machine smaller and they do not provide that freedom as well. Think we are going to have to punt and think about it a little more, now you need to as well.

The B team begins to assemble

Here we go there is really nobody left in the swamp of Washington with any value as a smart person. None that when you hear their name you have confidence. We watched the Trump administration pick never rans for positions in the endless search for yes man. Step into the ring President Elect Biden and we find he has named Dana Remus the counsel to the president in the new administration. This is coming off serving as general counsel to the Biden campaign. But the dive is deeper as the background shows before the work on the campaign a post as General Counsel of the Obama Foundation, and preceded by Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel for Ethics during the Obama administration. The biggest slot on the CV is she was a onetime clerk to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. We are not sure if this hoping to get favor with at least one Republican justice, or just for insight, like when a team trades for a cross town rival to understand their way of doing things. This is the start of getting the B team from the Obama administration back in the game, these things are all in cycles. President Obama A team was long gone before the eight years were up but there are underlings thinking they carry the torch and they will start to bubble to the surface. Secretly they might have said they would not work with Biden as he is a shell of hero Barrack but when the president asks no one ever really says no.

Klain right out of the gate…full of

Are we all going to pretend President Elect Joe Biden selection for incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain is not just whistling past the graveyard. Since more than likely by the time January 20 rolls around, there will be a vaccine that Americans are actively receiving to combat the Covid -19 virus. When you hear them talking about mandating masks, shutting down four to six weeks, limit travel and gatherings, what a new revelation. We have heard all this before, except the problem they pretend to solve is not based in reality. The reality is by the time they take office the military will be way under way with project warp speed and America will be turning the corner on this virus. This is what we are to believe from big pharma that say they have a vaccine, and the FDA who will rubber stamp it. There will be no need to lock down country in January, mandate masks, limit gatherings, it will be another time where one president lays all the ground work and the next one takes the credit. See President Obama on finding Bin Laden, see Nixon ending Vietnam War. The left will dance in the streets about how President elect Joe Biden rushed in to save the day. Some of these things you expect but will the country be fooled, remember when Vice President Elect Harris said on the debate stage she would not take a President Trump vaccine, but would if it was done by science. This is the absurdity of the left when you think President Trump is manufacturing his own vaccine that has no science involved. We will have to let Klain just say whatever and of the course the lap dog media will eat it up and the democrats will cheer from the streets.

Where Will late night comedy go now?

Late night shows did you see the number of people that voted for President Trump. There were 70 million and still counting, we bring this up because for the last three and half years for some longer. You have made the president the focus of your monologues every night. Do you not see how you were alienating 70 million people from your broadcast? We know you are part of the wine and cheese party set, in New York and LA but the numbers tell the story. In 2014 Jimmy Fallon had 3.6M viewers, 3M for Steve Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel had 2.6M. When you look at the number these days you can see how people gave up on these shows and I think it is mostly from the pool of 70M President Trump supports. The current numbers have Jimmy Fallon had 2.2M viewers, 3.4 for Steve Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel had 1.9M. You can blame Netflix but the bottom line is 9.2 million watched in 2014 and now 7.5 are watching today. We came to this conclusion after watching so many people vote for President Trump and then watching the monologues of these three shows. There are probably plenty of other factors, more content, guests, Covid Zoom interviews, and celebrities not really having anything to promote, but we believe the fly over states are not watching at all and if you did a geographic rating you might see of the 7.5 million watching 90% could be on the east and west coast.

Biden looks for healing – how about what you did

We could not let that speech by president elect Biden on Saturday night go, without chiming in. It is another example of the blinded rhetoric that the left is delusional when you listen to Biden speak for the first time since becoming president-elect. We have always said the problem with left is they think that if your opinion is not theirs you are stupid, crazy and of course wrong. The democrat from Delaware, whose grandfather said keep the faith joey and grandmother said no spread it, was able to keep himself in check to not attack the president, not make grand claims to fire up the crowd of the eviction process, we mean transition process. Then for the Biden (we on this space will call him Biden like the left media called President Trump, Trump). Biden said that we need to put the partisanship behind us and work together. It is a time to heal he claimed. To that we say when President Trump was elected the left marched in the street, claimed not my president, and immediately went on the attack with Russia, impeachment and fact checking every word he ever said, from inauguration day remember when they had to be right about how many people attended. We will also add this president dealt with a confrontational press core, an uncommon number of white house staff leaks, and the countless times the President of the United States was called a lair, xenophobic and racist. There are 70 million people that voted for President Trump compared to the 74 million for Biden. We say sir, please expect the same treatment that you gave President Trump to begin for you. We know the press core will not, we know there will be no ginned up dossiers for impeachment but do not patronize the right as they need to play nice as if you ever did.

We should say something

Welcome Back, for 231 days this space has been dedicated to tracking everyday numbers of Covid-19 cases around the world. These are reported by John Hopkins and every morning we take the number from yesterday and subtract the new number, kind of a snapshot in time. The idea was we would watch it go up and then disappear. This is still the hope but the end date seems far in the distance. We decided to use this space for more as with the election of Joe Biden, we must return to the coverage of democrat shenanigans. We used to cover this everyday when President Obama was in office. The reason is there are just not enough people looking at what democrats do that is not in the best interest of America. The liberal media and celebrity left first act like their way is the only way. Then they proceed to not understand how your opinion on an issue could possibly be different. Lastly they think your opposing opinion is grounded in unintelligence, bias, hidden agenda from other sources, but they never is the conclusion you are a free thinking individual, so they never understand why we think it is wrong. We will still report the Corona Virus numbers but we also will speak truth to the new power and stand watch for Republicans. We were once again outnumbered from the pull of the east and west coast voters, the result is another democratic president. The reassuring part is there were 70 million republican voters and the difference between us and them in the end was only 4 million people. This was not a mandate and if we are still taking about Corona virus, racial injustice, and poor economy it will only be a one term president run for the DNC and 2024 is a lot closer than you think.

Credit is Due for President Obama

When credit it is due you need to man up and pay it. We hammer President Obama on a regular basis. We still do not think he is good president. We still think he is the wrong person for the job. What he agreed to do on Sunday night was the first time he rose to the occasion and was truly presidential. It takes a lot of guts to layout and agree to the mission pulled off on this most memorable of nights. That night that will go down in history as well as be the pinnacle of the Obama administration. When you think of Truman and dropping the atomic bomb, Kennedy and Cuba, Reagan and Gorbachev, and now you can add Obama and Bin Laden. It takes courage to send 40 men on that mission, into a friendly country without warning, into a situation where you do not know what to expect and hoping all your intelligence is right on. Then when it all comes together and the most notorious villain to the United States is trapped in a room with the red dot of a Navy Seal on his forehead, the order is shot to kill and take no prisoners. This is the biggest choice of this administration and it was a stand up decision and one we are glad he made. We give the President a hard time at every turn but we will also tell you today he was his most presidential giving the go order was tough and we give him praise for making the call.