President Joe Biden a.k.a invisible man

We know the US was ready to say goodbye to President Trump even though 75 million people preferred him to President Biden. You have to think even when a majority of those 75 million saw that the lame stream media would finally stop calling the leader of the free world a liar, stop attacking and fact checking everything ever said, there might be a calm we could all get behind. President Biden was a career politician and as extreme as President Trump was the US wanted an outsider and after four years wanted an insider again. What the 82 million that voted for President Biden did not expect was he would fade into the shadows pretty much after the first week and be spoken for by staffers, congress, and handlers. Now he is out on the world stage and we are sure that there will be missteps galore. We may never hear of them as negative reports on this president have been nonexistent from the lame stream media. You might have to dig deep into BBC and other European agencies to find out when President Biden a habitual liar, says the wrong thing or does something that a 78-year-old might do when going through time zones and sleeping in strange places. The best quote so far was when is when he spoke of meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16, he said “he was going to let him know what I want him to know.” We know this was in a speech to troops and was after he throw out the applause line “America is back.” This is all going to be too much for a President who has never really had to be the leader, say the tough thing, been accountable for his words or actions. That all changes on this trip, but do not worry once he is back on US soil he will fade into the background and return to the invisible man role. Because that is a great strategy for a leader and the way to make people follow your vision.

Environmentalist-Svengalis win again

When you hear someone say that elections have no consequences. That your vote really does no men anything. It does not matter who wins they are all the same. Remember this day when Canada’s TC Energy and the Albertan provincial government said they are done with the Keystone XL oil pipeline project. If you have not heard about it for the last ten years, it was a chance to pipe Canadian crude to the US. This was so close to finish line during the Trump administration, then President Biden on his first day in office to revoke a key permit for the pipeline to cross the northern border and stopping construction. It all comes crystal clear as this victory for environmentalists who for the last decade have made Keystone XL the focus of a campaign to block the pipeline construction as a way to limit oil consumption. This is not about the jobs the pipeline would create or keeping energy prices down so the middle class and lower can afford to live.  When there is less oil – fuel cost goes up and with that so does everything that moves on a truck, train or boat, you know the things that need fuel. The Environmentalist-Svengalis know more than you and you should bike to work, get an electric car, change your house to solar and save mother earth. Meanwhile India and China economies are growing so much faster as these radicals do more to slow ours down.

Twitter wants to play both sides

Everyone applauded when Twitter banned president Trump, bad business I think because the twitter logo was on the news every night and it just does not seem to be as relevant to lame stream media anymore. So we are here to applaud The Nigerian government as they indefinitely suspended Twitter’s operations in the country, even more brazen they did it with a tweet.  The suspension comes two days after Twitter deleted a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari. We are not going to dig into if the tweet should have been deleted. What was said or if he is a bad man. Twitter said in a statement that it is deeply concerned by the blocking of Twitter in Nigeria. The reason we love this is because it called out Twitter as the frauds they are. You are just a private company remember, you can decide who is on your platform, remember, you are not tied to the first amendment and have to allow all free speech. We understand a dictator taking over the media, is never a good sign. But here is Twitter playing both sides saying they need to give an outlet to the oppressed in Nigeria but the bottom line is Twitter is deciding who get to speak, President Buhari is not having it. Twitter you are not a news service, you are not needed and not necessary. Here is a little proof in January 2016 Twitter stock was worth $23.14 then President Trump happened and today they are worth $57.01 a share we think if it was not for Trump they would still be $25 share social media site looking to creative a value.  

The week that was for the White House

June first week 2021. To say this president and vice president are also rans six months in is now clear. Americans have short memories when it comes to the primary season but it is clear now the need to remove Donald Trump has brought us to the weakest, quietest, unprepared, president we have had since the 70’s. That right a Jimmy Carter reference, do not let lame stream media report Carter as a hero, those days were dark, bleak, and America was getting pushed around and laughed at, and peanut man was no leader. Fifty years later and it feels eerily the same. Lets start with VP, she started the week by dishonoring the military and Memorial Day, then gave a speech at Annapolis which proved she knew nothing about the military and seemed unprepared. That is all folly as there are big fish frying from the oval office. We are watching as the same old democrat playbook is grinding the economy to a halt. There is too much spending, open borders, and the reduction of oil production. We thought were plays that were no longer being used, but when you hire an 80 year old as president, they might be all he knows. Inflation jumped 3.1 percent in April, yes that was expected post pandemic but not expected highest increase in thirty years. That is even without the infrastructure bill passing. The bigger problem is oil, when you stop the ANWR oil leases and OPEC conveniently agrees to reduce production you have a barrel of oil costing north of $60 and gas going over $3 a gallon across the US, that hurts everyone not just the richest 1%. Why do they never get it, this what Obama did and we grew at a snail’s pace. This economy can roar we are the leaders in finance, military and medicine, it is time to let out a notch and let this economy fight back the inflation.

We cant leave Afghanistan

We know the right thing to do is get American troops out of Afghanistan. We know Obama and Trump said they would, we know during the debates for 2020 president election most of the candidates claimed they would and we must. We also know President Biden said on 9/11 this is what we will do. We are not war mongers but we need to stay. If you are woke, if you claim America needs to be global, then we need to stay. On Saturday the Sayed Ul-Shuhada school in Kabul was the target of an attack. There was a car bomb and at least two other blasts detonated near the school gates. That is right school gates not just any school it was a school for girls and young women. It was not long ago when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they banned girls from attending school. In the two decades since they were pushed from power, there has been change about a third of all students in Afghan schools are girls, with more than 3.5 million enrolled. This can only go backwards if we leave and the newsflash here is, this happened while we were there and in Kabul, the only place we can say for sure the government we created has a strong hold. This is not a time to cut and run. These 3.5 million children young woman and girls are the ones that can save the country and if they are repressed it will not be leaving on 9/11 to fanfare and celebration it will be a countdown clock until we have to return.

President Biden Covid Policy Day 11

Day 11 of Administration of President Joe Biden

Here is the link for the map we use SICK MAP

Day 11 for US Vaccine distribution, 13,870,314 administered.

Here is the link for the vaccine numbers

On this day 01/31/2021

Total New Covid-19 Cases in US are 1,823,380 since inauguration day


President Biden Covid Policy Day 4

Day 4 of Administration of President Joe Biden

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Day 4 for US Vaccine distribution, 4,830,402 administered.

Here is the link for the vaccine numbers

On this day 01/24/2021

Total Cases US 1,098,706 since inauguration day



Biden cannot win the check all the boxes cabinet

Everyone want to say republicans a racist because they always pick the most qualified person for the job, or a good friend, or a political ally they are owed favors. When we watch Biden get hammered for not picking a person from the flavor of the day political agenda. They cannot even admit he has already tried to check all the boxes this week he picked retired General Lloyd J. Austin III, he will be the first Black secretary of defense. He has not even been out of the military long enough, so a special waiver is needed. Trump did the same thing so once again bending the rules for your will eventually will lead to the other side doing the same. Biden picked a Cuban immigrant for Homeland Security, we will have our first female Treasury secretary. There is also a Black woman at HUD, the son Mexican immigrants to serve at HHS. This is all after he choose Kamala Harris as vice president. Imagine that the when he chooses Vilsack to lead the Agriculture Department the NAACP went right at him and told him he would lose Georgia if he made that pick. Vilsak was another Obama pick who actually stayed through both terms. This is why you can never make everyone happy and the best thing to do is pick people you can work with and not so concerned about checking all the boxes.

Arlington Cemetery to bury or not to bury

Arlington Cemetery you might see an under the fold headline. The piece about should non veterans be buried there. We have not made a choice but wanted to write it out and then maybe decide. Let us start with the easy argument Arlington should be for Veterans only, those who served and made the nation a higher calling than their own. So let us think about that, should it only be combat veterans that actually perished in battle, or is alright for a motor pool mechanic who simply served stateside. We know very little about this process but we understand where this is coming from, it is about president of the United States. President’s Clinton, Obama and Trump never served in the military. We think this is why some presidents are buried at their libraries because it is a way to pay respects. There is a push to make Arlington open to non-veteran status and we think this is really about Clinton and Obama but Trump does seem like a fly in the ointment on this debate. Not sure where we fall, the president is the Commander and Chief of the military and does sign off on US involvement in the world. Then you could say if you walk through the hollow ground of Arlington being a space where the deceased made the ultimate sacrifice to keep the freedoms we hold dear, does make it a powerful message. Then that would make the president and the mechanic that are all cogs in the wheel of the military machine smaller and they do not provide that freedom as well. Think we are going to have to punt and think about it a little more, now you need to as well.

The B team begins to assemble

Here we go there is really nobody left in the swamp of Washington with any value as a smart person. None that when you hear their name you have confidence. We watched the Trump administration pick never rans for positions in the endless search for yes man. Step into the ring President Elect Biden and we find he has named Dana Remus the counsel to the president in the new administration. This is coming off serving as general counsel to the Biden campaign. But the dive is deeper as the background shows before the work on the campaign a post as General Counsel of the Obama Foundation, and preceded by Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel for Ethics during the Obama administration. The biggest slot on the CV is she was a onetime clerk to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. We are not sure if this hoping to get favor with at least one Republican justice, or just for insight, like when a team trades for a cross town rival to understand their way of doing things. This is the start of getting the B team from the Obama administration back in the game, these things are all in cycles. President Obama A team was long gone before the eight years were up but there are underlings thinking they carry the torch and they will start to bubble to the surface. Secretly they might have said they would not work with Biden as he is a shell of hero Barrack but when the president asks no one ever really says no.