Florida repeal Obamacare on ballot

Since the commander and chief is still riding the wave of macho. We thought we would get back to our old ways by celebrating a weakness. We have found a place where it looks like the halo in Florida is starting to dim on national healthcare. This can only happen because the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature is in charge. They pushed through an amendment for the ballot next year that will stop the federal health care overhaul. The Republicans trying to put a stop to the federal law they called “Obamacare” in debate. The vote was along party lines as it passed 80-37 vote in the House. The details are the Florida Senate passed the amendment called SJR 2. It was sponsored by Senate President Mike Haridopolos a name we will keep on the radar. This will set up the legal challenge if this kind of amendment can trump a federal law with a lowly state measure. The sweet they center on is the Florida measure would ban government requirements to buy health insurance, which the federal law would mandate for most citizens. This is not new to Florida if you remember the Legislature passed a similar attempt for the ballot last year, but the Florida Supreme Court axed it. The justices ruled the ballot summary was inaccurate and misleading. We think this is going to the first of many attempts and every attempt is important.

Socialized Medicine for xMs. Speaka

Well we hope the House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi now understands what socialized medicine is like as we find that she know knows firsthand. Pelosi was briefly hospitalized in Rome after feeling unwell, but by afternoon she was released and resumed her schedule. Pelosi, is the former House speaker that was fundamental in getting Obamacare pushed through. She was supposed to have talks in the morning with Italian officials, including the defense minister, as she was taken ill. Pelosi was advised to visit a clinic, and the closest medical facility was a hospital. The 70-year-old was taken to Rome’s Policlinico hospital, where she underwent tests. She was then released and went back to the Rome hotel. We wonder if the real closest medical facility was a hospital as we are sure if a normal Italian citizen needed some tests they would have had to go to a doc in a box and not a hospital. It is nice that Italian medial community allowed her to act like Pelosi was home stateside. The best thing is they probably knew that because she had a Cadillac plan for coverage no matter what she needed it was covered. We hope that Ms. Pelosi understands how important our freedom to choose healthcare plans and it not being a government program is strength to every citizen and a freedom that stands up in any corner of the world.

Accutane Council Professionals

If you are looking for an attorney and are thinking about or are involved in an Accutane lawsuit there is only one choice. There is one law firm that stands head and shoulders above the rest, O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath. Their attorneys understand that your injuries may not be your fault. The also know and understand that it could be a dangerous side effect of Accutane. They have the expertise and experience, combined with a highly trained staff, these are the paramount to help and make them uniquely well-equipped to handle even the most complex products liability claims. We want you to know that if you have any preliminary questions about your Accutane case, you should go to their website and check out their Frequently Asked Questions. If you suspect you have an Accutane injury such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis, and need to talk to a seasoned team of professionals, you should contact them immediately for a free consultation.


blueskyscrubs.com nurse uniform stores

We are glad to see that change in nurse attire in the hospital. If you have not seen this you might have the change on your favorite hospital show. If you remember in the past scrubs have always been stuck with the same plain pastel colors. These scrubs have changed and been updated when you see what is available at nurse uniform stores. There are so many styles, colors, and designs that there is something for everyone. This is a great change for a nurse to be able to show off some flair and style as well as bringing a cheery outlook to their patients. We know that when the public is pressed into interaction at a hospital it is always the nurse that is the calming voice of reason in those troubled times. It is a great service to the medical industry that they can express a little freedom and be confident that they are still easily recognized as the professionals they are. This new era in style will cater to all medical professionals as they also have nursing uniforms for men and women. We also know that when medical professionals are dealing with children that being able to have a warm voice, kind heart and wearing cute little bunnies can make all the difference in being that calming influence to help a child relax and feel like they have a friend by their side. You might want to check it out as right know as our friends over at blueskyscrubs.com as have scrubs sets on sale that are both reasonably priced and in many styles. If you are looking for scrubs, scrub hats, jackets, shirts, medical coats, as well as accessories. The accessories they sell are from an earring collection and a lanyard collection. We have checked it out and found it hard to choose with so many styles. We liked the sports scrub hat collection as there are 21 different styles and only $20 each.


Massage Training Program

We wanted let you know about a website for massage training. This is a profession that is up and coming in need and pay around the country. When you are looking for a massage school you need to make sure you are getting good training from quality trainers. The School of Massage Therapy offers quality massage training for a variety of massage and bodywork courses. For more information, you can visit the website and see what the massage program is all about. The curriculum is 720 hours which is well above the state minimum. The average length of the program is between 7 and 12 months which is enough to begin you on you path allowing you to practice as a professional. They challenge students to excel in their massage training by combining a dedicated faculty, quality courses, and driven students, The School of Massage Therapy at SOLEX Medical Academy produces some of the most successful massage and bodywork practitioners in the country.

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HCG diet 500 calories a day

We wanted to let you know about the HCG diet a treatment that you can use. The program is great as you can lose between a half a pound and 3 pounds per day, with the average loss being 1-2 pounds per day. When you use the HCG diet your appetite will decrease, your eating behavior will be altered giving you the perfect opportunity to adopt that healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight. The program has a Members Only section where you will find the diet protocol, recipes and more on the website. We learned that the HCG causes your hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of the fat storage locations so that it’s available for use so you can be filled up on only consuming 500 calories. They also say it is common for mild hunger during the first few days that passes by the 2nd week. The system works by making tiny servings, to be completely satisfying. This is partly due to your hypothalamus adjusting your metabolic rate.

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Cell Isolation from Stemcell Technologies

We want you to be aware of STEMCELL Technologies as they offers a wide range of solutions for the isolation of virtually any cell type from any species. The science of cell isolation has come along away and harnessing the stability and versatility of the STEMCELL’s Tetrameric Antibody Complex (TAC) technology, a variety of cell separation solutions are available for the positive or negative selection of a wide range of cell and sample types. They have controls over the cells to find and separate Positive Selection; this is the desired cells that are labeled. Then they can identify the Negative Selection, unwanted cells are targeted and labeled for depletion, leaving desired cells untouched. Check out their website for the host of registered products they offer including EasySep®, RoboSep®, RosetteSep, and StemSep® as some interesting products and information for anyone interested in StemCell research.


O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath for Cryotherapy

We wanted to let you know about O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath. They have the expertise and experience to deal with cryotherapy lawsuit. When you combine their highly trained staff, and lawyers they are uniquely well-equipped to handle even the most complex products liability claims. Their cold therapy attorneys understand that your injuries may not be your fault. Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy or ice therapy, is one of the most widely-used treatment methods for certain muscle and joint injuries. Cold therapy devices are typically prescribed by doctors, such as orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists, after certain surgical procedures to minimize pain and swelling and encourage mobility. If the cold therapy devices are used too long, or at too cold of a temperature, it can result in serious injuries such as nerve damage, chronic pain, or frost bite. Because ice therapy can desensitize the affected area, serious injuries can occur without the patient’s immediate knowledge. Case studies have documented this injury pattern. If you suspect you have a cold therapy injury such as chronic pain, frost bite, or permanent nerve damage, and need to talk to a seasoned team of cold therapy injury legal professionals, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath Person Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


Long Term – funeral planning

When you start thinking about long term plans, funeral planning is often over looked but a great idea. We understand that prepaying your funeral is a matter of personal choice. When you prepay you can take advantage of payment plans which can range from one year to 15 years. This is a good way to insure your funeral costs are guaranteed, helping preserve your estate dollars. If you did not know prepaid funeral funds grow tax free so that means you can put money aside without paying tax on the interest income. The other thing that can make your arrangements worth while planning ahead of time is you control the funeral service including Eulogies, poems; music and readings help to make a meaningful ceremony. The biggest key is to make sure you ensure your funeral is a unique reflection of your life and your wishes are fulfilled.


The Silencer for sleep apnea treatment

We wanted to let you know about a sleep apnea treatment that has been working wonders. The Silencer® oral appliance has helped many thousands of patients world-wide in finding a comfortable and effective solution to their snoring and/or sleep apnea. This Dr. Halstrom’s invention was based on his own account and years of feedback from patients. He based to design on the two key components to success. The first is The Silencer works by gently positioning the lower jaw forward during sleep, keeping the tongue from falling back and blocking the airway. The second, The Silencer’s patented Halstrom Hinge allows for slight jaw movement while asleep, resulting in comfortable and effective therapy. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends devices such as The Silencer for the treatment of patients suffering from snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. There are many reasons to try this and you can benefit from the increased energy and vitality, reduced appetite and weight loss, lower blood pressure, less frequent morning headache reduced morning sore throat and minimize your risk of heart attack and stroke. The Silencer® oral appliance is a perfect choice for help with sleep apnea.