New Releases 7-15-08

The following are the new releases of DVD movies this week:Step Up 2 the Streets (PG-13) Total Gross $58,017,783 Buena Vista Released on February 14th 2008

College Road Trip (G) Total Gross $45,339,701 Buena Vista Released on March 7th 2008

The Bank Job (R) Total Gross $30,060,660 Lionsgate Released on March 7th 2008

Shutter (PG-13) Total Gross $25,928,550 Fox Released on March 21st  2008

Penelope (PG) Total Gross $10,011,996 Summit Released on February 29th 2008

The following are the new releases of CD music dropping this week:  

John Mellencamp                          Life, Death, Love and Freedom

Nas                                                 Nas

Randy Travis                                 Around the Bend

New Release DVD and CD 7/1/08

The following are the new releases of DVD movies this week:
Vantage Point (PG-13) Total Gross $72,266,306 Sony Released on February 22nd  2008

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (PG-13) Total Gross $41,975,388

 Loinsgate Released on March 21st   2008

Drillbit Taylor (PG-13) Total Gross $32,862,104

Paramount Released on March 21st   2008


The following are the new releases of CD music dropping this week: 

G-Unit                                              T.O.S. (Terminate on Sight)

Los Lonely Boys                          Forgiven

Night Ranger                                 Hole in the Sun

You Tube vs. Hulu

This battle is not going to be as epic as the Facebook vs. MySpace but the You Tube business model vs. Hulu business model. Ever since Google bought into YouTube (for 1.65 billion dollars) they have become if they were not before the place to go for short-form video content. The max a video can be on YouTube is 10 minutes. The thought at Tea512 was someday especially after Viacom started pulling content was that they would become the place for TV and movies as the next logical incarnation. YouTube may have started to explore this as they now have a few full length documentaries and there is a couple of full episode TV Shows as well. I once read where YouTube has more than 10 hours of video posted every minute. That a lot of people’s cat’s flushing toilets and 12 year old Carrie Underwood wannabes. It is no wonder they are not making a bundle of money, as this is not must see video. So if YouTube is not making money from it content they must change the model. The problem is there are new players that are talking revenue away before YouTube can even try to grab it. Disney has started showing Finding Nemo online the full-length movie the new site from Pixar Disney XD. Hulu the brainchild of NBC Universal already offers TV Shows and they have Viacom in their pocket as well. Hulu is selling advertising all around the content. They offer HD viewing as well as a majority of shows quickly posted. The Rescue Me mini episode that aired on Tuesday was available on Wednesday. We feel that if YouTube and the 71 million unique users it has every month, does not start to capitalize on the space and user of it web pages through advertising. It could turn out to be the only thing Google has touched that it could not save.


Here is a cool place to buy kids furniture and help with lots of décor ideas. Their collection is carefully chosen for their Design and quality, with particular emphasis on health and safety, cognitive development, and learning opportunities. They are all sweet and child friendly there are monsters, aliens, or fighting machines. The designs are classic and traditional, with an emphasis on the cuddly, the colorful, and the educational. The website presents each theme with an easy to use categories selector.There is no better place to start looking or find KIDS FURNITURE on the Internet, the selection is top notch. The furniture has an elegance and quality, and luxuries that are not outrageous in not cost for the quality. The customer service deals with every inquiry, every order on a personal basis, and will assist you as you seek to build a beautiful, nurturing vision of the room. They offer convenient access to a comprehensive selection of modern furniture from the best designers and manufacturers around the world.

The products come from Britain, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Canada, Italy, South Africa, America, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia, and are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer. The design ideas include Trains, Owl & pussycat, Princess, Flower Fairies, Pirate, boats, Ballet, Around the World, as well as a Desert Princess. The website is easy to follow and understand as well as you can pick and choose pieces that are unique that are not the same big toy store bed that is in every kids room.

The Skybus – the Smart Way to Fly

Skybus is an airline unlike any other—created from scratch by industry movers and shakers who are committed to changing the way you think about air travel. They  put their money into improving your experience in the airport and in the air—by investing in all new Airbus A319 jets with 150-plus leather seats, flying nonstop to less congested airports, hiring experienced pilots with a proven track record, and training our airport agents to deliver a high level of customer service. The approach is completely straightforward and simple. They have eliminated the things you hate about air travel. They offer fares, on average, 65% lower than other airlines. You book your own flight online, check yourself in online or at the convenient Skybus kiosk at the airport, and head to the gate. You can customize your experience and fly the way you like. Pay a little extra to get on the plane early. Have your flight status sent automatically to your cell phone, e-mail, or pager. Smaller airports cost less and your chances of arriving and taking off on time are a lot higher. They have eliminated expensive call centers and streamlined the booking and check in process to drive down costs. If you have a question or need information about a flight, you can find the answer quickly at the online Help Center. They list their low fare on our website, you can be sure it’s available. You pay less, so you can afford to travel more. Skybus invests in the things that have the greatest impact on your flying experience—new planes, veteran pilots, and airport agents who do their best to keep you coming back. You can use their website find out how much a flight will be and there is a 10 seats on every flight for just $10.00 you need to be on top of the website to get a chance at those but we found a $140.00 round trip that was $300.00 with the big guys. It is true you have to pay for everything no free peanuts and no pillow for the asking. In fairness, the bathroom is free and they do not make you have to buy anything. We found Skybus a great deal and a good alternative although not for the faint of heart it is still flying in plane. 

One Page Web Wonder

We came across a guy named Marcus Campbell he has a website that helps people understand how easy it is to make money on the Internet. He understands that most people want to make hundreds a day on the Internet which is really hard to do.He calls this “trying to take on the entire staircase in one giant leap (superhuman), how ’bout taking one step at a time?” His idea is to build small one to three page websites that make as little as $8 a day. The truth is everyone wants to make millions of dollars online, Mr. Campbell plan is to set up a bunch of little websites that make small amount of money every day, hoping that it wall add up. People ask all the time about how to make money in an online business, wanting the quickest way to make money online fast without spending any money and doing any work. He realizes that any business will take work and effort. If you are looking for something that you set and forget this system is not for you. If you are serous about making money online you have to work it just like any other business. The focus is on small attainable goals, small websites that generates something everyday. He talks of one of his systems, a little one page website about a certain fish. He did some research and found a book about those fish that vendor would pay $17.98 per sale of this fish book. He put some Google advertising on the page and a few other links to fish related websites. The first 24 hours of the site going live he sold two books. Hr paid click fees of close to $18.00 and made around $18.00 for the day. The plan is to stay on top of the market multiply that site times others and there is your stay at home income.

Sharebuilder Buying Stocks $1 at a time.

ShareBuilder is an online brokerage designed to make investing easy, affordable and accessible for both beginning and experienced investors. We take a long-term approach and seek to help investors build wealth over time. With the Automatic Investment Plan, you can invest regularly through automatic investments, allowing you to buy partial shares of stocks and accumulate your investments over time. To complement your investing strategies, you can use real-time trades to buy and sell stocks immediately during market hours. ShareBuilder offers a range of pricing programs to suit every type of investor on any budget. The pricing program you choose will set your account’s commission structure, as well as your access to online investing tools. Each of our programs offers unique advantages. Choose Basic, Standard, or Advantage, based on which plan best meets your needs. Whether you’re planning for retirement, your children’s college education, or a new home, ShareBuilder offers you the convenience and flexibility to set up an investment account that fits all of your needs. There are two kinds of accounts Individual Account, just for you or a Joint Account, for you and someone else.  To help set goals for a child or grandchild: Education Savings Account investing solely for a child’s educational expenses, Custodial Account an account in your name on behalf of a minor To plan retirement goals: Traditional or Rollover IRA — retirement investing with opportunities for tax deductions Roth or Conversion IRA — retirement investing with tax-free growth potential Funding your account is the easiest method to fund a ShareBuilder account is through automated, no-fee electronic funds transfers from a checking or savings account. You can also fund your ShareBuilder account through payroll deductions, or by simply mailing a check or wiring money. There are 2 ways to buy stocks, with an Automatic Investment Plan. You Buy stocks in dollar amounts automatically or you can Schedule monthly or weekly investments.  These Automatic investments help you build your portfolio over time. The other way is using Real-Time Trades you can Buy or sell stocks in share amounts real-time. This way you will have the ability to execute market orders in seconds during market hours. When you hear something that you want to act on you can use Real-time trades to act immediately on investment decisions. This is a brokerage account that allows you to buy and sell securities.

The RushCard is a prepaid Visa card

We are announcing a great new offer which has the convenience of a credit card, without the debt. It’s RUSHCARD prepaid which means that the money you put on the card sets the limit for how much you can spend. It is much safer than carrying around cash. You can access your funds, anytime, anywhere with the power of a RUSHCARD Visa even through ATMs. There is no credit check as everyone is approved. This is the vehicle of Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons
There are many ways to add Money to the card which has “No Hidden Fees”, but there are fees for everything you do with it. There is a activation fee $19.95, convenience fees (Domestic) $1.00, these are capped at $10.00 a month. You can add money via Direct Deposit, CheckFreePay, Money Gram, Tax Refund, and PayPal. The RUSHCARD card works just like using a credit card without the debt. You set the limit. You can make purchases wherever Visa is accepted worldwide. Get cash from over 800,000 ATMs with a secure PIN number.  They will let check your account transactions 24/7 online. The bonus is this is not a credit card. You can only use the RUSHCARD card to spend the amount of money you load onto the card. You do not pay interest late fee or over limit fees. Applying for a Prepaid Visa is easy! You may submit an application online, by mail or by phone. The minimum age requirement is 13 years of age.  Parental consent is required for any child under 18 wishing to apply for a RUSHCARD Prepaid Visa There is no credit check when processing your application. Please note that approval depends on the verification of the personal information. You are required to provide a valid social security number, date of birth, and
U.S. address. A personalized card will be mailed the same day your application is approved and you should receive your card within 7-10 business days. You only need to add money to your card and you can begin enjoying the benefits. The card is mailed to you free of charge. The one-time activation fee is $19.95, and will be automatically deducted the first time you add money. You can check all of your transactions online, including your balance by logging in online  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

www.rushcard.comReferral ID sunpride2000


Marketiva Financial services start with $1.00

Marketiva is a financial services corporation specialized in providing traders with high quality online trading services. With a team of dedicated financial specialists and technical support personnel, Marketiva operates globally as a market maker and principal counterparty to retail traders. Marketiva has established itself as an industry leader by relying on its cutting-edge internet trading platform and its superior customer service.  Marketiva’s vision is to harness the power of the internet and provide traders with exceptionally effective trading tools and outstanding customer support. Traders using Marketiva enjoy the most advanced online retail trading front-end in the world, the Streamster™ software, renowned for its ease of use, flexibility and reliability.  In order to help individual traders make independent and knowledgeable trading decisions, Marketiva provides several types of service completely free of charge: an advanced charting system, daily research reports, market event alerts, expert discussion forums and several other free value added services. Marketiva also offers virtual trading desks within each customer account to make it easy for traders to experiment with strategies improve their trading skills and get acquainted with the system before buying and selling on a live trading desk. Marketiva’s multinational team consists of financial specialists and computer scientists residing across four continents and all time zones, giving Marketiva unparalleled edge both in exposure to market events and real-time responsiveness to customer needs. The uniqueness of Marketiva’s approach lays in the synergy of financial professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience in both trading and dealing working together as one team with computer science experts shaping Marketiva’s advanced trading platform. To achieve the ultimate in customer satisfaction, Marketiva’s financial and IT experts combine their skills, target-oriented attitude, team spirit and unrelenting focus on the customer. With more than 410,000 serviced users, 240,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 3.5 million live orders executed each month, Marketiva is one of the most popular over-the-counter market makers in the world.

iTunes, uTunes ,we all Tunes

Here is no brainer, easy way to make money, selling something everybody is using and can only be bought on the Internet. Your favorite as well as min iTunes has invited websites to partner with the world’s #1 music download store. The iTunes Store features movie rentals, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, iPod games, and of course, more than 5 million 99¢ songs. It’s the best digital music experience on PC or Mac. Now you can be part of the excitement by joining the iTunes Affiliate Program. It is really easy to join. You only need to just complete the online application which is administered by LinkShare. As an iTunes affiliate, you can earn 5% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to iTunes from your website. iTunes is the world’s best digital music jukebox with the #1 music download store inside. To date, iTunes has sold more than 1.5 billion songs worldwide, providing music fans with the best digital music experience on PC or Mac. In addition to generating commissions, you can add valuable and compelling content to your site with special promotions from iTunes. Tunes offers the largest legal music download catalog — more than 3.5 million songs from the major music companies and more than 1,000 independents, 200 TV shows, and over 75 movie titles. iTunes has partnered with LinkShare, the leading Internet provider of innovative technology that helps affiliates sell more products and earn more commissions. LinkShare provides the technological interface that enables iTunes Affiliates to access iTunes links, track performance and get paid. You also get to Access Apple-designed marketing materials for use on the web, in email, and in online promotions. There is an iTunes Affiliates newsletter that will keep you up to date on new releases, special promotions, and more. There is another reason for this to be cool news, how about you have a favorite group, movie or author. Would it not be great for you to be able to make money for you, iTunes and this artist all at the same time? You also can apply to become an Apple Store affiliate and earn commissions on a wide selection of Apple products, including iPod and iPod nano.