Sons of Anarchy

SOA returned to FX with a smack down. The show is brilliant if you like the grit of The Wire and the dialog of The Shield. If the first episode of season three was a book it would be a page turner. The building of rage was growing through out the show. The characters were all functioning but off. We see the doctor having trouble focusing on being a doctor, the mother needing to see her daddy, the leader needing to find the way, and the father missing the son with a rage inside. We watch as jacks pushes the doctor away because he knows everything he will ever touch will be forced to live his life. This is the theme for the first 50 minutes which comes to a head at the Prospects funeral. The doctor finds where she belongs and Jacks turns his rage outside and destroys an enemy with ruthless abandon. There are questions and his son seems to be in Ireland, the boarded up smoke house cannot be the end of the white supremacists. We are on board for the ride and it going to be hot. Sons of Anarchy as the third season begins are rising to the mantle of Rescue Me, The Shield, and The Wire.

Rescue Me Finale

The Rescue Me finale for the season was nothing more than an ending of a show. They have filmed all the episodes so cutting it half was going to be without a cliffhanger. The ending was still shocking. When you consider Tommy spent the whole season trying to recover from thinking he was going to hell. He quit drinking and as Janet told him is trying to save the world. He is trying to help everyone and falling short all over. The biggest place is with his kids. The greatest twist in last night finale was the finale scene. Tommy has always been able to hear and talk to dead people most of the time he was inebriated. Last night as he sits thinking, his wife is pregnant after forty and not telling him. He walks over to pull the blanket up that had fallen over his now paraplegic godchild. This is the first time Tommy sees an undead person talk to him and it happens in a sober state. The season had many highlights for the firehouse, a fight between black Sean and Franco, the shutting down of the firehouse, the captain standing taller than the chief, and a rescue without equipment. We watched Franco try to kook up with Janet, Tommy does Hook up with Janet, Shiela hooks up with Tommy’s cousin and Lou seems to be on the verge of death. There are only 13 shows left and finale is on 9/11/11 on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

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Fox moves to the Front Row

The Fox News Channel has been granted a much-coveted front-row seat in the White House briefing room. Thanks to the fact the Helen Thomas went loony, or loonier. The White House Correspondents Association reports that an Associated Press reporter will be moved to the front-row center seat previously occupied by Helen Thomas since 1960. This means that the Fox correspondent will be able to jump up a row into the AP’s empty front-row seat. The red headed step child of the liberal elite National Public Radio, will move their correspondent up one row to the Fox old second-row seat. There was quite a battle for this seat as the players were Bloomberg News, NPR, AP and Fox lobbied for the Thomas seat. This sparked outrage from both Working Assets and They actually tried to claim it should have been given to NPR because they have no political lean. Anyone who has ever listened to NPR for more than a half hours know this is false. The best part of the story is that the upgrade was given to Fox as an acknowledgment of their length of service and commitment said the White House Correspondents Association board. We have to wonder if this was President Obama’s people throwing a bone to Fox. The President has been tough on them and on November third he is going to need all the friends he can get.

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Entourage Returns for Season 7

To say the last three seasons of Entourage have been lame is an under statement. It seems like ever since Vincent Chase returned to Hollywood leading man status thanks to Martin Scorsese for a lead and the Great Gatsby lead. This made season six the worst ever. The story has evolved as we follow the other characters as spending your life, as part of an entourage is not good for anyone in the end. It is confirmed we are winding down with a full season now and six-episode season in 2011 that will be the end of the series. The first show of the season is a sign of what it to come. Chase was called out for not doing his own states like other Hollywood heavyweights and you can see he felt the pressure of wanting to take his career to that next level. His brother on the other hand is coming to realization that he has been played for a fool. We are sure Eric, his fiancé will be present in some form, and Turtle turned a couple of classes at college into a thriving business in less than 10 shows. The finale for this season is going to have Christina Aguilera performing and this will probably be at the wedding just a guess, not a spoiler alert.


Hung Season Two returns

Here is a show that we love because talk about a subject never made for television before. The simple way to state, a Schoolteacher has a second job as a gigolo. He services are being sold by two lady pimps that are two polar opposites. The problem with the show is the lack of confrontation. That friction makes characters you cheer for or against. Last season there was a chance for a scene the gigolo was sent to please his ex-wife. He walked away and left the seen cold. The best part of the show is the women who are paying for the gigolo services. This is another area not explored and makes for great television because you think of how many house wives are sitting art home watching the show thinking if they had a chance would they do it. The idea of a man using a prostitute and the women that are prostitutes you have seen a thousand times. What makes Hung stand out is the gigolo is trying to be everything to everyone and for the first time in his life he is starting to understand woman. When he was married or dating he just dropped his pants and the ladies loved him. Each week we are watching as he tries to navigate how to make a women not only orgasm but meet her on the level that she needs for fulfillment and that is not usually about having sex.



Rescue Me Returns for Season 6

There are not to may episodes left of Rescue Me the show is scheduled to have a finale on September 11, 2011 ten years after the focus of the show. They have 19 shows in the can we believe 9 for this year and 10 for next summer. Ending the show on 9/11 is a great idea as everyone knows that everything Tommy Gavin does for better or worse is a reflection of that day. The show for five seasons had let us inside a firefighter who is torn because he could never do enough that day 9/11. This has spilled out into his job, family, children, and his perception of everything. Last week in the first show of the New Year, we found that Tommy was not left to bleed out as his uncle wanted. We also found out Sheila tried to kill him in the hospital. It only needed 52 minutes to elapse before a sober Tommy found himself with a 1.75 litre of Irish whiskey and sitting in a church. The realization that when all his firefighter friends leading him to the light, how would up in a building full of flames. Tommy is dealing with everything he has done is taking him to Hell and he really is not as good a person as thinks he might be. It only took 55 minutes for him to go sit at the alter in the front of church and continue to tip the bottle as the credits roll. We are not sure how this is going to but it is going to be a hairy ride.



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Ken Block, DC Shoes and Ford Collab Gear

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We wanted to let you know about a very cool collaboration going on with Ken Block, DC Shoes, and Ford Collab Gear. There is going to be a bunch of awesome new Ken Block Gear that is going to be available at PacSun. Watch the YouTube vid below and check out the link then leave a comment letting us know which piece you have to add to your wardrobe. If you have never seen the inside of a rally car or what it is like to feel the road race under your wheels this video is for you. Ken Block’s rally career began in 2005 and was named Rookie of the Year in the Rally America Championship. He has become an X Games hero as well as bringing this sport to the United States. We are big fan of DC Shoes a company that Block co-founded and the worldwide leader in performance skateboarding shoes. Now that Ken has signed with Ford Motor Company to campaign both the Rally America series and the World Rally Championship it is the on the verge of something huge. The other member of this new great force is the Monster World Rally Team -Created to redefine the race-team archetype. The goal: To become the best- known team in the WRC and bring rally to the masses along the way.


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Finale – United States of Tara

There will never be a fairy tale ending, never be a happy conclusion, there is just disappointment. We have watched two seasons of United States of Tara and the only constant is no one is ever walking away happy. This always revolves around Tara but it encompasses everyone in the show. The finale saw Charmaine and Nick wedding fall apart. We see Kate cannot bring herself to be happy with Zach. Marshall and Lionel might be happy but both seemed confused on what they need. Neil was happy Charmaine wedding is called off but he knows deep down inside he is never going to be with her. The only happy we can see is piece by piece each week Tara seems to be getting closer to unraveling her past. It appears there are people that do know the truth, keeping it from her, or they have chosen not to remember. The season closed with the Gregsons dancing around their backyard together. The wedding was a disaster and the fall out was everywhere? We see this as them circling the wagons and this existence might be the only true freedom they find as each of them tries to find happiness elsewhere. These twelve episodes did bring some highlights: Buck’s lesbian affair with Pammy, Marshall trying to go straight with Courtney that leads him to Lionel, Shoshana a new alter is Tara’s therapist and Kate taking on the persona of Valhalla Hawkwind. These all come to head in the Tornado episode. We thought the second half was going to bring some happiness to Charmaine, Marshall, Kate and some closure for Tara, none of the above was given. The highlight of the season was after a fade to black; Tara alters to Buck and coldcocks Max a couple of times for sleeping with Pammy.


Reggae Summer $3.99 One day only

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Madacy Entertainment. All opinions are 100% mine.Amazon is at it again, from time to time we let you know when there is going to be a great deal from Amazon for music you just cannot pass up. This time it is really just a one day only sale. That day is Saturday June 12, 2010 so get ready to pounce on this one time offer. The MP3 download is called Reggae Summer and the one day only price is $3.99. That is right 20 of the hottest summer Reggae tracks for only $3.99. These are songs by the heaviest hitters including the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Eagles and more. They are performed by some of today’s hottest Reggae groups! These include Ellis Island, Big Mountian, The Heptones and Sugar Black just to name a few. Is there anything more summer then listening to Reggae music? Then when you add that you already know the songs they are all classics but wit ha fresh new spin. This is music you can take to the beach, the cookout, and for cruising around in your car. We have supplied the track list so you can see for yourself you already know the songs. Saturday June 12, 2010 you can get these all these MP3 for only $3.99 and kick of your summer Reggae style.

Reggae Summer Track List-(performed by) :
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Knocking On Heaven’s Door-Judy Mowatt
Red Red Wine -Gregory Isaacs
With A Little Help From My Friends-Ellis Island
Hotel California-Edi Fitzroy/Bigga Star
Sara Smile-Big Mountain
Let It Be-Fiona
Mighty Quinn-Reggae Rockers, Bradley Brown
We Can Work It Out-Steel Pulse
Fly Like An Eagle-Sugar Black
Fiftyninth Street Bridge Song-Sugar Minott
Blowing In The Wind-The Abyssinians
Satisfaction-The Heptones
I Heard It Through The Grapevine-Toots And The Maytals
Maggie May-Wayne Armond
Jumping Jack Flash-Sugar Black

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Finale – Glee

The Glee finale was not disappointing at all. We never expected them to win at regionals as a first year show you never win it all that what season two is for, case in point Friday night Lights. All that being the Journey mashup performed by the New Directions group included Faithfully, Any Way You Want It, Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin, Don’t Stop Believin’. This medley was not only good theatre, great to watch, have to admit may even want to download from iTunes. The truth is once New Directions headed of the stage the show took a plunge into a melancholy, touchy feely place that was more like the last day of high school then a season finale. The tears jerking moments started to mount up which brought the highs of the competition performance to a distant memory. As far as moving forward, we watched Will told Emma he loved her and Finn told Rachael. Rachael’s mother adopted Quinn’s baby and named her Beth. The relationship that seems lost and not moving anywhere is between Puck and Quinn. The Glee club gets another year based on Sue wanting to continue to harass and beat Will. It was also revealed that Sue voted New Directions first at regionals and it was Olivia Newton John and Rod Remington that did them in. Josh Groban like Rachael but the voting seemed to turn when it was argued that Sue was not a celebrity and did not deserve to have a vote. The season closed with Puck on guitar and Will on the ukulele singing Somewhere over the Rainbow. The best part of this show is the singing numbers and the theme shows like Madonna and Lady Gaga. The dialog is snappy at times and Sue is good for a couple great quotes every show. Overall it was worth watching and as a far as scripted TV with out police or lawyers it is a nice change of pace.


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