Surprised – No Speed Racer No

I have to admit growing up I loved Speed Racer, I did not know why it looked so different from every other cartoon I was watching. I have now come to realize that this was Japanese animation. I knew that every summer I tried to build a go-cart and every year I wanted to build the Mach 5. When I joined Netflix I was able to view the first season of Speed Racer and relive the excitement of the show from my early childhood. Then there were rumors of movie, of course, there had been, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic 4, and now even Iron Giant, these are all huge money making machines. Then the project added the Wachowski brothers of Matrix fame ( I loved the Matrix movies still to this day I have a hard time turning them off, when I catch one cable or free TV), so I knew it was on the right track. Then the cast was being formed as I waited to see who would be Speed Racer and Trixie. First named was Christine Ricci who would play Trixie, a good choice as I had just seen her in Black Snake Moan. Then Emile Hirsch was named as Speed Racer, who I had seen in Alpha Dog and The Girl Next Door, he did look just boyish enough even though his is 23. As May 9th approaches as the premiere is about to happen, they are coast to coast on Leno, Letterman, and Conan. After a full opening weekend on Sunday night, Variety reports the movie only did 20 million during its opening weekend. This morning I woke up and felt so out of touch with mainstream America. I loved Spiderman and felt great when the first day of SPM1 broke the opening weekend with over 144 million then again, when SPM3 (still hold the record) opened with over 151 million. I guess I am a little taken back as I had expected when you parley a Wachowski Brothers film with a character from a generations childhood, the nostalgia alone was going to make it hugely successful. This is not the case as only time will tell what the reason was, as I truly do not understand why.

Drudge Report 590 Million Times

The Drudge Report is 13 years old, the site that broke the Monica Lewinsky story that no one wanted. They grabbed the ball and ran with it having never looked back. The Drudge report claims that March of 2008 was the biggest month in their history. Their website home page was loaded over 590 million times. This is amazing that many people viewing these pages on that great of a scale. The simple math break down is 31 days, divided by 24 hours, divided by 60 minutes, divided by 60 seconds, the results are that in March of 2008, 220 people opened the front page to the Drudge Report every second. This is what the Internet was truly created for, information. This is not about if you believe in the Drudge Report, not if you are Left or Right, reside in a Blue State or a  Red State, the pure fact is the information is out their and people want it. They not only want it but they want it updated and often. It was only 30 years ago the news reports were only available through the evening news. The AP Wire was always a 24-hour stream of information but only a select few could read it, even then they decided what you needed to know. It is no wonder that the Internet has become a threat to newspapers, weekly magazines as well as broadcast news. The problem with all of these vehicles is by the time they get the story to you; you have heard it already and formed an opinion. You have searched out more information about it. How about a quick example a story breaks on the Internet it get picked up by all the major home pages during the day, MSN, Yahoo, even Comcast. The minute you open your browser there it is, radio stations start to report it as they are an interactive media as well. You click on the link, reading the story, it mentions something you do not know you Google that and you are reading another related story. When you get home, you and your spouse see the late news; they begin to tell you about the story. You switch the channel because you already know it and it feels like yesterdays news. You then turn to each other and talk about what each of you learned during the day as they clicked on different links about the story.