A Mining company from Canada

We have been looking into a mining company from Canada. They are a Vancouver based mineral exploration company, that is focused on developing the Taysan Copper-Gold Porphyry Project, in Batangas Province, Philippines. The Taysan Project is an advanced copper-gold porphyry deposit. Snowden (1995) reported a resource of 391Mt @ 0.30% Cu and 0.21gpt Au (0.2%Cu cut off). Recent Whittle modeling at $2.50/lb copper and $1000/oz gold shows an economic deposit containing 734 Mt at 0.24% Cu and 0.11 g/t Au. A total of 195 drillholes are recorded for about 44,531m, of which 144 holes totaling 36,562m were drilled at or nearby the Taysan Deposit. Feasibility studies have been carried out by BHP Engineering and Pincock Allen & Holt. This is some of the biggest mining discoveries as the project has a 25-year time line. This has an excellent exploration prospective. The Project includes high grade copper concentrate with gold, silver, magnetite and other by-products.

Why do we give money away

We have a debt that is through the roof. We cannot pay back the people we owe. We rack up so much interest on our debt it is climbing faster than we can keep track of it. Then you find out we under right 25% of the working budget for the United Nations and we send 1.3 billion dollars a year to Egypt. They receive the second highest handout from the country that is almost 15 trillion dollars in debt. Here is the funny part when you look at 1.5 billion in relation to 15 trillion. That means even if we shut off the United Nations and Egypt we still would be in debt because of the interest we pay on this debt. How did this come to be such a mess? When did we decide we were going to hand away money for considerations whatever that used to be and is today. Many people have accused this space on the internet of wanting to be an isolationist state but when it comes to things like this it sure does not seem like such a bad idea after all. We are sure there is important reasons we pay this money out or President Obama would not have immediately hung it over President Hosni Mubarak head in their very first conversation when the protest began.

Boeing to slow down the C-17

Talk about a timing that just looks bad if it is related or not. Boeing will cut about 1,100 jobs over the next two years as it slows production of its C-17 military transport aircraft. This was done the day after they agreed on a 19 billion dollar deal with China. The real reason and not just the lame stream media hype is that Boeing will deliver 13 C-17s in 2011, this is one less than the prior year. The new annual production rate for the C-17 is ten. The country buys less planes there are less workers needed to create them. 10. The long-haul military cargo C-17, which is in its 18th year of service, can carry large equipment, supplies and troops directly to small airfields, the company says. The fleet continues to operate at an accelerated rate due to the recent troop surge in Afghanistan. The US Air Force is the biggest customer, taking 206 of the 226 C-17s delivered worldwide. Boeing it was working to land additional international orders for the C-17, in India and Kuwait. The Defense Department’s proposed fiscal 2011 budget funds the shutdown of the C-17 program. It is a legend and it will be missed as this staple of the military flies into the sunset.

14 Trillion National Debt Congratulations

Congrads America you national debt is now $14,011,526,727,895.85 did you ever think you would see 14 trillion in our lifetime. Like they say you have to have goals. We are growing the debt at a level our country has never seen before. We continue to spend more than we make. Congress continues to spend more than they can tax us. This is business as usual and it looks like it does not matter if you are democrat or conservative it just does not matter to them. They are even talking about raising the debt ceiling higher, so no one is taking the national debt issue as a crisis. The idea we can just make our children’s children and grandchildren’s children pay is a supported policy and not a strain on anyone we have sent to congress. We try our best as readers know we told you on June 16 that debt went over 13 trillion. That is right the new America raises the debt a trillion dollars every six months. We told you then 13 trillion is an astronomical number when you think this country on January 8, 1835 was the last day this country had a national debt of 0. So expanding on those thoughts it was only 11.4 trillion in June 2009. This means it is growing at a rate of 3.6 trillion every 18 months. We always like to remind you that it was 9.3 trillion in 2008 when President Bush left office. So we can finally point to something President Obama has done better than anyone under his watch the last two years the debt has rose 4.7 trillion which is the greatest growth of any U.S. resident in history.


Buy Gold as the time is now

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Consolidating Credit Cards for 2011

We wanted to let you know about consolidating my credit cards program. Here is the story about one guy that got out of credit card debt trouble by consolidating. Right now there are many people who are struggling with credit card debt especially after all the holiday shopping. Let them know that there are solutions to move past those troubles and start over. It is a good idea to start 2011 of fresh with a new plan and paying less interest is a good start. This really is a o brainer why hold two credit cards with 20% interest when you can move all that debt to a lower interest card which saves you money every month. The more money you have to pay the principal the quicker you can get the ball and chain from around neck.


LA Stimulus Slowest in nation

These stories of how the stimulus has failed are truly showing the ineptness of the federal and local government. It is amazing that you can have local government a pile of cash and they cannot spend it or spend it poorly. There are not to many companies you can infuse cash into and they will fail. A report out yesterday says that the city of Los Angeles has spent only a quarter of its federal stimulus money though the bulk of the funding was awarded nearly two years ago. This could be because the state is a mess that holding on to any money is a big help. The city has netted more than $630 million in grants but had completed only eight of its 108 projects so far. When pushed the city admitted it was not their fault they blamed staff cuts and initial confusion about the program’s rules have made it tough to move projects quickly. We love this because the money was only supposed to be given to shovel ready projects. Were the projects shovel ready or not? The report said that Los Angeles had spent 13.3 percent of its money. When you compare this to New York who has spent 25 percent of its funding and Chicago had spent 47 percent. The other great thing is they know none of the projects risk losing funding despite the delays.


Charleston Realtor Karen Koerner

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