14 Trillion National Debt Congratulations

Congrads America you national debt is now $14,011,526,727,895.85 did you ever think you would see 14 trillion in our lifetime. Like they say you have to have goals. We are growing the debt at a level our country has never seen before. We continue to spend more than we make. Congress continues to spend more than they can tax us. This is business as usual and it looks like it does not matter if you are democrat or conservative it just does not matter to them. They are even talking about raising the debt ceiling higher, so no one is taking the national debt issue as a crisis. The idea we can just make our children’s children and grandchildren’s children pay is a supported policy and not a strain on anyone we have sent to congress. We try our best as readers know we told you on June 16 that debt went over 13 trillion. That is right the new America raises the debt a trillion dollars every six months. We told you then 13 trillion is an astronomical number when you think this country on January 8, 1835 was the last day this country had a national debt of 0. So expanding on those thoughts it was only 11.4 trillion in June 2009. This means it is growing at a rate of 3.6 trillion every 18 months. We always like to remind you that it was 9.3 trillion in 2008 when President Bush left office. So we can finally point to something President Obama has done better than anyone under his watch the last two years the debt has rose 4.7 trillion which is the greatest growth of any U.S. resident in history.


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Consolidating Credit Cards for 2011

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LA Stimulus Slowest in nation

These stories of how the stimulus has failed are truly showing the ineptness of the federal and local government. It is amazing that you can have local government a pile of cash and they cannot spend it or spend it poorly. There are not to many companies you can infuse cash into and they will fail. A report out yesterday says that the city of Los Angeles has spent only a quarter of its federal stimulus money though the bulk of the funding was awarded nearly two years ago. This could be because the state is a mess that holding on to any money is a big help. The city has netted more than $630 million in grants but had completed only eight of its 108 projects so far. When pushed the city admitted it was not their fault they blamed staff cuts and initial confusion about the program’s rules have made it tough to move projects quickly. We love this because the money was only supposed to be given to shovel ready projects. Were the projects shovel ready or not? The report said that Los Angeles had spent 13.3 percent of its money. When you compare this to New York who has spent 25 percent of its funding and Chicago had spent 47 percent. The other great thing is they know none of the projects risk losing funding despite the delays.


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Edgewater Exploration Ltd. is a Canadian-based Gold exploration mining company and development company. Right now Edgewater is building a portfolio of exploration and development stage undervalued gold mining assets worldwide. The Company successfully secured two mid-stage gold projects from Red Back Mining and Lundin Mining. Edgewater will advance these assets while evaluating gold projects throughout both of these highly prospective gold regions. Edgewater aims to build shareholder value through acquiring and advancing undervalued non-core gold assets from well known mid-tier gold mining companies. Ghana is the second largest gold producer in Africa with 2009 production totaling 2.9 million ozs. Rio Narcea owns a 100% interest in the Corcoesto Gold Deposit in northwest Spain as well as an additional 7 gold and gold-copper projects totalling 50,013 ha in southwest Spain.



Stimulus is working

We know the stimulus is finally working and we have proof. The democrats can rejoice as Delta Air Lines is hiring 1,000 new flight attendants. The problem is that the economy is so in the tank that more than 100,000 people have applied. The thing this story which we write tongue and check that this means the stimulus was a success in case you did not pick that up. We do hope they understand that people are looking for real jobs which this President refuses to create. So when out of work her there is an opening at a real company, with a decent job, the application receiving servers cannot take it. There is something sexy to getting all that free travel and seeing the world; Europe, South America, and Asia. The reason U.S. airlines have finally returned to profitability, in part by cutting flights. Some of those flights are returning now but more importantly Delta is making an aggressive push into new, more-lucrative international routes. And that’s really where most of these 1,000 new flight attendant jobs come in. We wish luck to the 1% of the applicants that are actually picked to fly the skies on these international flights. To bad there are not more shovel ready airlines.


Stimulus cost more than expected

It is really not a surprise that the Congressional Budget Office numbers wound up a little north of congress and the president on the stimulus. The good news is the spending programs for shovel ready projects are coming to an end. The effects of the President Obama stimulus spending this past summer had a positive effect they claim as it supposedly raised the GDP, lowered unemployment, and increased the number of people with jobs. We were more impressed with the truth in the truth in the price tag. We can almost believe the first statements due to the next one. The CBO says the original price tag of $787 Billion is actually going to be higher for the 10 year period: $814 Billion spent into the economy 2009-2019. Since we have still nation wide unemployment ranging around 10% the idea was to keep it around 8% if it passed. The bottom line is we are another 814 billion in the hole over the next ten years which we will need to borrow every year just to stay ahead. This humble scriber said that we should have been giving American families a $2500 Visa card to spend on any items they wanted to grow the economy through purchases than shovel ready projects.