Who is checking out your MySpace?

Tea512 is concerned over new use of social network sites in the courtroom. The first and most recent example is Joshua Lipton who has been charged with drunk driving, after his crash caused serious injuries. Then during his trial pictures on a social network site show him at a Halloween party after the crash dressed as a prisoner with a drink in his hand. He was wearing a black and white striped shirt with an orange jumpsuit, the work jailbird was written on it. The prosecutor used the Facebook photos to show he had no remorse, did not learn his lesson, and was partying it up while his victim was still in a hospital bed. The Judge then sentenced Lipton to two years in jail. We saw this same story happen to Lara Buys, as she was sentenced to a couple of years in prison after her fatal drunk driving case. They might have gone with probation until her MySpace page showed her drinking,  and text that was joking about drinking in general. This of course was between the crash and the trial. The last example is Jessica Binkerd also in a fatal drunk driving crash. Her MySpace page showed after the crash, pictures of her drinking, wearing a shirt with a liquor bottle on the front, another with a belt holding plastic shot glasses. When it came to the day of the trial, they were did not see these photos coming. This is disturbing on so many fronts, that these people are so wrapped up in staying in there social circles they have lost site of the bigger picture. When Internet was first introduced people wanted to keep their name and pictures off the Web. This has changed with Face Book and MySpace where not only are people posting incriminating pictures of themselves, places they hang out, and even intimate details of the life experiences.  There has to be some change in the idea, you can just post everything that happens to you out on the world wide web. These pages are forever and visible by all. The new era of the web is changing as it always does. The new reality is not only are your friends checking out your social network pages, so are your parents, enemies, and now even lawyers and police. Careful what you post and what you say as the (social network) room has more people in it then you can imagine.

Keep pushing for the fortune and fame,

You know it’s all a gamble, When it’s just a game

W. Axl Rose 1987

Jimi Hendrix on Guitar Hero

Tea512 has learned Guitar Hero will use a real Guitar Hero and as we had hoped. There will be a Guitar Hero to include Jimi Hendrix. Activision announced the joint venture with Experience Hendrix the Seattle Company that controls everything Hendrix, and Red Octane. The game will include a Hendrix like avatar and the song Wind Cries Mary. This will be on the next Guitar Hero World Tour slated for October 27, 2008 release. There is a live track of Jimi playing Purple Haze from 1969 in San Diego. This upgraded version of Guitar Hero will be the first to include drums and a microphone. Activision also claimed there will be other Hendrix songs available by download. We are only sad in the sense, we were hoping that Jimi would get his own game like Aerosmith, Metallica, and the rumored Van Halen. For proof that you need to read this blog to stay ahead of the curve, notice this post from July 6, 2008, Tea512. If you want to learn it first, if you need to see through the muck and mire, you must come here. 

I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do
So the little got more and more

W. Axl Rose 1987

Of course the coffee is FREE

Daytona Beach has a police officer run wild. Lt. Major Garvin, who has been on the force 15 years, failed a polygraph test. He asked for this test then could not beat the machine. Turns out Officer Garvin was going into a local Starbucks as much as six times a night demanding free coffee and tea threatening the employees with slow response time to emergency calls if the charged him. Garvin was fired, as not only was he over stepping the use of his badge with the Starbucks employees, he would also cut in front of the paying customers. Every job has a bad apples, every job has people that try to squeeze everything they can get from the company. There is no surprise that a policeman thinks the stores on his beat should provide him free services even if it is six times a day. 


And every time you think you know just what you are doing
That’s when your troubles exceed  

W. Axl Rose 1987

License – Registration – Indecent Proposal

Tea512 has been pretty rough in these pages on police and politicians. We make no apologies for our opinions as we believe that is the freedom of the first amendment and the right to blog. So when we came across this story out of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It appears a woman Elizabeth Ann Kormmes from Iron Mountain, Michigan with the license plate that reads “trouble” was leaving a parking lot. Police were called as the woman appeared drunk; she was easy to track down with that plate. The police then gave her a standard sobriety test which she failed. So she decides that she knows a way she can get out of it. The 30 year old then offered the arresting officer sex and 10,000 dollars cash to let her go. Needless to say she was arrested and charged with drunken driving, bribing a public official and driving with a revoked license. The reason her license was revoked is she had already been arrested and found guilty of drunk driving four previous times. This is why she was ready to do anything to get out of being caught again. It is amazing how many times a person can screw up before they finally wind up behind bars. This woman is a train wreck and without having met her, it would seem jail time is needed for a correction in her life. 

Well I’m a west coast strutting One bad mother

W. Axl Rose 1987 

Google / Yahoo vs. Microsoft

Yahoo’s has outsourced a deal with Google the deal on June 12 has Microsoft all up in arms because they failed to by Yahoo for 47.5 billion on May 3, to compete with Google. It is funny when Microsoft say another company having a monopoly is no good, it drives up prices and weeds out competition. It must only be good for Microsoft to do this and nobody else. This will mean Google will have close to 90% of the Internet advertising market. We are not sure what Congress can really do about it, other than scare Google into making campaign contributions. The Joint meeting of the House and Senate Judiciary Committee spent time grilling, Google‘s senior VP of corporate development and chief legal officer David Drummond. Drummond claimed that the proposed deal will make the whole system more efficient, and not make Yahoo just another Google product. Of course, nothing happened, as the congressional representative did not pass any judgment on Tuesday. The only comment that we would like to pass along is by the ever-irrelevant Democratic Senator from New York Charles Schumer who is concerned if the deal is good for everyday Internet Users. This is what is wrong with Congress these lifetime self-appointed know it all that understand nothing. We believe that people like Schumer never have to use the Internet that has paid staff to Google search for them. We say this because the only person that could be hurt by this deal are the people who by advertising on the web. Which have always been you get what you pay for meduim and if you ask too much you will not get it.

Stay of My Network

There is a disgruntled city computer engineer in San Francisco who has altered the new multimillion-dollar computer network to deny access to top administrators. He is sitting in jail with a $5 million dollar bail. Terry Childs, a 43-year-old computer network administrator has been charged with four counts of computer tampering. The city’s new FiberWAN system Childs denied officials thier e-mails, access to city payroll, and even law enforcement documents. He created an administrative password then locked out everyone else. There are some allegations they tried to fire him, as he was keeping track of all the interdepartmental communications because of his ability to watch the wire. The city officials are not sure if he can still access the machine through remote communications, or has set up time delayed rogue attacks. They have not found any destruction of public records, although we know that is an option. We at Tea512 love this kind of story because people use computers all the time and the never think some is watching over it. So people send dirty emails to coworkers, or put an excel spreadsheet with the company salaries on a shared drive, even create a document describing a sexcapade with a significant other. We who work in IT see these things all the time. You do not have to snoop for anything as most of the time the best nuggets is right under your nose. This story does have a Terminator / Matrix feel to it though as the city wide networks are compromised. Only in the movies it is a machine growing inside out, this is an employee growing from the inside out.

You can taste the bright lights — But you won’t get them for free
W.Axl Rose 1987

New Yorker Magazine Cover

We thought we would weigh in on the Barack Obama New Yorker Magazine cover, you probably have seen it by now. Obama in the Oval office burning the flag, dressed like a Muslim doing a fist pump with his wife who looks like a Radical freedom fighter with a machine gun over a shoulder. There is a portrait Bin Laden over the fireplace and it has caused quite a stir.  The magazine dated July 21, 2008 is really a tongue and check attempt to show how the smear machine is trying to portray the Democratic Candidate. The problem is this is the first time Obama had any fun poked at him in the whole campaign. You cannot put on TV without hearing a John McCain is old joke. For the most part if you can tell us a joke that has been told about Obama, we would love to hear it. The press loves this guy and Hollywood loves this guy. They are so afraid to make one bad comment because they made fun of Al Gore being robotic, he lost. Then they made fun of John Kerry about his well to do lifestyle and rich wives. There is point where the smear of the wounds received for his purple hearts caught up to him and they were even fair game, then he lost. So here we are five months from election and the gloves never came off on Obama. Here is a surprise prediction the John Stewart and Chris Matthews of the world have their heads so far up this guys tail he will get a free ride to November. Then there is Hollywood who will not let loose with any late night humor to derail the Obama bus. If there is nothing there, there is nothing there, but for everyone to be outraged the first time the guy is poked fun at is only a hint of what is about, or not about to come. The problem is they poked fun at John Kerry because they thought there is no way he could lose. Nobody will be taking that chance again.

The West Is Taking Over

A report today that Dubai, United Arab Emirates are cracking down on visitors from the west for getting too wild on their beaches. The police are cracking down on topless sunbathing, nudity and other indecent behavior, which has resulted in more than 70 arrests. They are using mobile undercover police; they have even built new watchtowers to curb the behavior. Dubai is Muslim city-state, where a new decency campaign was put in place after a British man and a woman were caught allegedly having sex on one of Dubai beaches. This public awareness campaign was issued to remind all Western visitors that the city is a Muslim country with traditionally conservative values. So let us get this straight they enjoy the capitalism they have learned from the west, the have a booming economy, as they do not have to worry about attacks from Saddam Hussein. Therefore, it is OK when the Westerners that are there help to strengthen the UAE economy, I understand they want to keep their beaches from turning into Spring Break at Fort Lauderdale. This is terrible for a region where women are considered less than a man; we at Tea512 think it is great that topless sunbathing has found its way to the region. We hope that this will help the female population of that country realize the amazing power they have, the ability to bronze their skin under the blazing sun. The ability to make the men drool is a power I am sure the women of that region would surely be happy to begin to enjoy.

New Releases 7-15-08

The following are the new releases of DVD movies this week:Step Up 2 the Streets (PG-13) Total Gross $58,017,783 Buena Vista Released on February 14th 2008

College Road Trip (G) Total Gross $45,339,701 Buena Vista Released on March 7th 2008

The Bank Job (R) Total Gross $30,060,660 Lionsgate Released on March 7th 2008

Shutter (PG-13) Total Gross $25,928,550 Fox Released on March 21st  2008

Penelope (PG) Total Gross $10,011,996 Summit Released on February 29th 2008

The following are the new releases of CD music dropping this week:  

John Mellencamp                          Life, Death, Love and Freedom

Nas                                                 Nas

Randy Travis                                 Around the Bend

YouTube vs. Viacom – Mask or no Mask

YouTube will be allowed to mask the identities of individual users when it turns over the database records to Viacom in the ongoing a $1 billion copyright-infringement lawsuit. YouTube was ordered to turn over on July 1, 2008, said they will substitute user IDs and Internet addresses, before submitting the database to Viacom as required. This database of the logs will show when each video was played. Viacom is out to prove more copyright-protected videos are viewed then amateur clips. The judge if you remember U.S. District Judge Louis L. Stanton had originally decided first amendment and privacy concerns were no longer needed. YouTube has the plaintiffs sign agreement that they could change the identifiers with other values, giving them a week to decide what that will be. There is another layer of security, as the data is not publicly released. Plaintiffs will be able to view information under a court-sanctioned confidentiality order. The problem is if a YouTube employees name is masked who knowingly watched a copyright-protected video the claims YouTube is making about not having knowledge of this content will be a smoking gun. So although it appears that the first amendment was saved there still could be an overturn based on who will be masked.