President Joe Biden a.k.a invisible man

We know the US was ready to say goodbye to President Trump even though 75 million people preferred him to President Biden. You have to think even when a majority of those 75 million saw that the lame stream media would finally stop calling the leader of the free world a liar, stop attacking and fact checking everything ever said, there might be a calm we could all get behind. President Biden was a career politician and as extreme as President Trump was the US wanted an outsider and after four years wanted an insider again. What the 82 million that voted for President Biden did not expect was he would fade into the shadows pretty much after the first week and be spoken for by staffers, congress, and handlers. Now he is out on the world stage and we are sure that there will be missteps galore. We may never hear of them as negative reports on this president have been nonexistent from the lame stream media. You might have to dig deep into BBC and other European agencies to find out when President Biden a habitual liar, says the wrong thing or does something that a 78-year-old might do when going through time zones and sleeping in strange places. The best quote so far was when is when he spoke of meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16, he said “he was going to let him know what I want him to know.” We know this was in a speech to troops and was after he throw out the applause line “America is back.” This is all going to be too much for a President who has never really had to be the leader, say the tough thing, been accountable for his words or actions. That all changes on this trip, but do not worry once he is back on US soil he will fade into the background and return to the invisible man role. Because that is a great strategy for a leader and the way to make people follow your vision.

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