Environmentalist-Svengalis win again

When you hear someone say that elections have no consequences. That your vote really does no men anything. It does not matter who wins they are all the same. Remember this day when Canada’s TC Energy and the Albertan provincial government said they are done with the Keystone XL oil pipeline project. If you have not heard about it for the last ten years, it was a chance to pipe Canadian crude to the US. This was so close to finish line during the Trump administration, then President Biden on his first day in office to revoke a key permit for the pipeline to cross the northern border and stopping construction. It all comes crystal clear as this victory for environmentalists who for the last decade have made Keystone XL the focus of a campaign to block the pipeline construction as a way to limit oil consumption. This is not about the jobs the pipeline would create or keeping energy prices down so the middle class and lower can afford to live.  When there is less oil – fuel cost goes up and with that so does everything that moves on a truck, train or boat, you know the things that need fuel. The Environmentalist-Svengalis know more than you and you should bike to work, get an electric car, change your house to solar and save mother earth. Meanwhile India and China economies are growing so much faster as these radicals do more to slow ours down.

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