Twitter wants to play both sides

Everyone applauded when Twitter banned president Trump, bad business I think because the twitter logo was on the news every night and it just does not seem to be as relevant to lame stream media anymore. So we are here to applaud The Nigerian government as they indefinitely suspended Twitter’s operations in the country, even more brazen they did it with a tweet.  The suspension comes two days after Twitter deleted a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari. We are not going to dig into if the tweet should have been deleted. What was said or if he is a bad man. Twitter said in a statement that it is deeply concerned by the blocking of Twitter in Nigeria. The reason we love this is because it called out Twitter as the frauds they are. You are just a private company remember, you can decide who is on your platform, remember, you are not tied to the first amendment and have to allow all free speech. We understand a dictator taking over the media, is never a good sign. But here is Twitter playing both sides saying they need to give an outlet to the oppressed in Nigeria but the bottom line is Twitter is deciding who get to speak, President Buhari is not having it. Twitter you are not a news service, you are not needed and not necessary. Here is a little proof in January 2016 Twitter stock was worth $23.14 then President Trump happened and today they are worth $57.01 a share we think if it was not for Trump they would still be $25 share social media site looking to creative a value.  

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