The week that was for the White House

June first week 2021. To say this president and vice president are also rans six months in is now clear. Americans have short memories when it comes to the primary season but it is clear now the need to remove Donald Trump has brought us to the weakest, quietest, unprepared, president we have had since the 70’s. That right a Jimmy Carter reference, do not let lame stream media report Carter as a hero, those days were dark, bleak, and America was getting pushed around and laughed at, and peanut man was no leader. Fifty years later and it feels eerily the same. Lets start with VP, she started the week by dishonoring the military and Memorial Day, then gave a speech at Annapolis which proved she knew nothing about the military and seemed unprepared. That is all folly as there are big fish frying from the oval office. We are watching as the same old democrat playbook is grinding the economy to a halt. There is too much spending, open borders, and the reduction of oil production. We thought were plays that were no longer being used, but when you hire an 80 year old as president, they might be all he knows. Inflation jumped 3.1 percent in April, yes that was expected post pandemic but not expected highest increase in thirty years. That is even without the infrastructure bill passing. The bigger problem is oil, when you stop the ANWR oil leases and OPEC conveniently agrees to reduce production you have a barrel of oil costing north of $60 and gas going over $3 a gallon across the US, that hurts everyone not just the richest 1%. Why do they never get it, this what Obama did and we grew at a snail’s pace. This economy can roar we are the leaders in finance, military and medicine, it is time to let out a notch and let this economy fight back the inflation.

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