The B team begins to assemble

Here we go there is really nobody left in the swamp of Washington with any value as a smart person. None that when you hear their name you have confidence. We watched the Trump administration pick never rans for positions in the endless search for yes man. Step into the ring President Elect Biden and we find he has named Dana Remus the counsel to the president in the new administration. This is coming off serving as general counsel to the Biden campaign. But the dive is deeper as the background shows before the work on the campaign a post as General Counsel of the Obama Foundation, and preceded by Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel for Ethics during the Obama administration. The biggest slot on the CV is she was a onetime clerk to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. We are not sure if this hoping to get favor with at least one Republican justice, or just for insight, like when a team trades for a cross town rival to understand their way of doing things. This is the start of getting the B team from the Obama administration back in the game, these things are all in cycles. President Obama A team was long gone before the eight years were up but there are underlings thinking they carry the torch and they will start to bubble to the surface. Secretly they might have said they would not work with Biden as he is a shell of hero Barrack but when the president asks no one ever really says no.

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