Klain right out of the gate…full of

Are we all going to pretend President Elect Joe Biden selection for incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain is not just whistling past the graveyard. Since more than likely by the time January 20 rolls around, there will be a vaccine that Americans are actively receiving to combat the Covid -19 virus. When you hear them talking about mandating masks, shutting down four to six weeks, limit travel and gatherings, what a new revelation. We have heard all this before, except the problem they pretend to solve is not based in reality. The reality is by the time they take office the military will be way under way with project warp speed and America will be turning the corner on this virus. This is what we are to believe from big pharma that say they have a vaccine, and the FDA who will rubber stamp it. There will be no need to lock down country in January, mandate masks, limit gatherings, it will be another time where one president lays all the ground work and the next one takes the credit. See President Obama on finding Bin Laden, see Nixon ending Vietnam War. The left will dance in the streets about how President elect Joe Biden rushed in to save the day. Some of these things you expect but will the country be fooled, remember when Vice President Elect Harris said on the debate stage she would not take a President Trump vaccine, but would if it was done by science. This is the absurdity of the left when you think President Trump is manufacturing his own vaccine that has no science involved. We will have to let Klain just say whatever and of the course the lap dog media will eat it up and the democrats will cheer from the streets.

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