Where Will late night comedy go now?

Late night shows did you see the number of people that voted for President Trump. There were 70 million and still counting, we bring this up because for the last three and half years for some longer. You have made the president the focus of your monologues every night. Do you not see how you were alienating 70 million people from your broadcast? We know you are part of the wine and cheese party set, in New York and LA but the numbers tell the story. In 2014 Jimmy Fallon had 3.6M viewers, 3M for Steve Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel had 2.6M. When you look at the number these days you can see how people gave up on these shows and I think it is mostly from the pool of 70M President Trump supports. The current numbers have Jimmy Fallon had 2.2M viewers, 3.4 for Steve Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel had 1.9M. You can blame Netflix but the bottom line is 9.2 million watched in 2014 and now 7.5 are watching today. We came to this conclusion after watching so many people vote for President Trump and then watching the monologues of these three shows. There are probably plenty of other factors, more content, guests, Covid Zoom interviews, and celebrities not really having anything to promote, but we believe the fly over states are not watching at all and if you did a geographic rating you might see of the 7.5 million watching 90% could be on the east and west coast.

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