Government still closed no big deal

This shutdown is fun. We have not encountered anything we wanted to do that was not open that we have needed. There was a website that government keeps track of some statistics and it was down reading it could not perform because of the shutdown. It is amazing that everything seems ok and we understand the government cannot continue like this, but come on this is something we do not get to see. We spent the summer thinking when push came to shove both sides would cave. The biggest hit has been taken by NASA they are the most non-essential of all federal workers. The most essential are the folks that work at the VA. When you think shutdown it seemed like there would be no lights on and things would stop cold. Turns out about 60 percent of the 2.1 million federal work force is still working during the shutdown. How about the Environmental Protection Agency has only six percent of its workers listed as essential and we wonder of the 94% how many of those are needed all year. The Department of Housing and Urban Development also is fielding six percent of their staff. Are we saving any money we just cannot tell? Are we going to cut jobs based on the sky did not fall, we just cannot see it.

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One Response to “Government still closed no big deal”

  1. Willy Wiggins says:

    When this ended did you see anything change…..right…like we said all along much ado about nothing.