A Obama Movie for the voters

Why does this president get under our skin, why is it everything him and his team do seems obnoxious. Because it is and when you think it is finally reached a point when it is not going to get any more crazier. Enter today when we find out President Barack Obama and his re-election campaign plans to release a 17-minute documentary about his first term in office. The documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim, whose who won an Academy Award for An Inconvenient Truth. Are you ready for the inherited word, how many times do you think you can blame President Bush in 17 minutes. They say that this will put into perspective the enormous challenges that the nation faced when the president took office and the strides we have made together as a nation. This is not a new trip in the democrat playbook the last one was in 1992. That was when we saw TV producers Harry and Linda Thomason helped create The Man From Hope, a campaign biography of Bill Clinton. We really cannot stand it anymore as these lame streamers want to act like this president has actually has done something and we have not seen it.

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