President Obama, Supreme Court but why?

There must be an ulterior motive behind the Obama administration asking the Supreme Court to reinstate a policy that allows federal regulators to fine broadcasters for showing nudity and airing curse words when young children may be watching television. We know there is not a lot going on between fighting three wars, the deficit, the nations bond rating, and unemployment. So why would the administration want to focus on the review of appeals court rulings that threw out the Federal Communications Commission’s rules against the isolated use of expletives. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York threw out the FCC policy, saying it was unconstitutionally vague. This bigger issue her is what is the play and why is this on the radar. We get it this is silly and the FCC should have some control over their airwaves. We just wonder if this is President Obama’s first attempt to get some restrictions on right wing radio but it seems like a stretch. Maybe it is because he wants to accomplish something to add to his united we stand image. Let us not forget President Obama embarrassed this court in his State of Union and we think this is going to be a hard sell for them to come for his aid of give him any good will. He is the president and as a member of the three branches of government you would think this is where they must work together, but they do not have to.

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