Aimee Teegarden Scream for Prom and the FNL

This week we highlight a new comer as we have chosen Aimee Teegarden. She was born October 10, 1989 in Downey, California. This all American girl next door has been an American sweetheart in the show Friday night Light. FNL is in the final season and just returned last week. Aimee is also in the new Scream 4 that opened in theaters this past weekend. We will also see her in the Disney production Prom sometime this year. We added her to list because just like Brittney Snow in American Dreams, when you play a wholesome sweet character on television there is a role model aspect that girls 8-15 have the image of how they should live their lives. This also makes you very hot and appealing as an actress and Julie Taylor in FNL has done that. Aimee also has a great body and wears it well she never dresses sexy on the show but if you see her on the red carpet she is a standout. We have not seen Scream 4 but there are plenty of past and present weekly women from the tea512. The cast includes Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Alison Brie, Kristen Bell
and Anna Paquin. We are not sure she will make the top 51 at the end of the year but we did want to give her a week because of being the sweetheart we have enjoyed over the last five seasons of FNL.

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