FRESCHETTA Simply Inspired

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA

We wanted to let you know about the great new pizza line from FRESCHETTA® called Simply Inspired. The first thing is FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ is not your average frozen pizza you know when it is from FRESCHETTA they are not going to skimp on toppings and flavor but the Simply Inspired line comes in eight distinctive flavor varieties. This time they have hit a home run with Quality the taste of toppings and their killer signature sauces. The first thing you will notice is no cardboard box you have to see the new FRESCH-TASTE SEAL™ Packing as we believe it keep the pizza from freezer burn as we moved it from the grocery store to the home freezer and then to the oven on pizza night. This new FRESCH-TASTE SEAL™ Packing locks in the vibrant flavors, while using 30% less packaging material. So it is a win for going green but it also makes the pizza fresher. The Thin & Crispy Crust style was amazing for a frozen pizza usually these are soggy and soft but the FRESCHETTA® Crispy Crust style was kept intact and crispy throughout.

There are eight great-tasting varieties, Classic Bruschetta, Hawaiian, Chicken Bianco, Farmers Market Veggie, Southern BBQ Recipe Chicken, Tuscan Farmhouse and the one that was devoured at our house Rustic Pepperoni. – FRESCHETTA® has social media as you should follow them on Twitter at @FreschettaSI and “Like” them on Facebook at…. The Facebook page is offering weekly giveaways of awesome prizes through the rest of 2011. Keep checking as starting soon, they will be offering the opportunity to download a $2 off coupon for FRESCHETTA® Simply Inspired on Facebook. If you follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook come back her and leave a comment that you did. We will draw a name from a those commentaries’ at the end of the month and FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™send you a coupon for a free pizza and a special prize we will reveal on May 30,2011.

President Obama and a Latino Dream Team

The President Obama playbook is a joke t this point. When he does not get his way or no one is listening he reaction is to drown everyone in an all star team. So it no surprise when his immigration overhaul stalled, the play is to enlist an array of voices, including Latino entertainment and media stars, to help jump-start legislation. The timing is because we need votes the crucial Hispanic voters are needed. The problem is they may feel he abandoned his campaign pledge to change the law with an immigration overhaul. The Latino community cannot be happy with the record number of 393,000 deportations and an impasse on revamping immigration laws, as well as President Obama being no help in stopping the tough state immigration laws like the one that passed in Arizona. In comes the dream team but instead of winning the game the idea is be cheerleaders and tell their people the President cares and is working hard. These people included Piolin Sotelo, Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Don Francisco and Jose Diaz-Balart. President Obama sent the marching order to blame congress as we think President Bush was going to be hard to pin this one on. Congress failure to pass legislation that would have provided a path to legal status for law-abiding young people brought to the United States as children who either plan to attend college or join the military. You start to wonder if the puppet master is smarter than the puppets or if the puppets are just a pawn in a kings game.

Debt Ceiling Rock and Hard Place

We love a good rock and hard place for the democrats and in the senate the you can feel the burn. Stage two is having President Obama and Senate Democrats staring each other down as the pending request to raise the federal debt limit appears on the horizon. President Obama is desperate to jump start the economy, cutting spending now could keep the economy right where it is or worse. The Senate democrats are scared to death to show voters they are still spending when everyone wants them to stop. We say this is stage two which is the call to raise the debt ceiling. Stage one was last year’s budget which we already got spending cuts in order to prevent a government shutdown. The third and final stage will be the knock down drag out fight over next year’s budget. It is almost a guarantee that come the end of September President Obama will be looking at more cuts and the hand of the Speaker of the House. The power play will come from the White House as the waters are deep and filled with sharks. President Obama will need to pick and choose what he brings to the table because everything is fair game. The shell game will be keeping some stuff back for the end of the year so he does not lose everything over the debt ceiling.

Sharron Angle back in the fold

There is hope that Sharron Angle will clash with Henry Reid sooner than later. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is appointing Republican Representative Dean Heller to replace John Ensign in the Senate. This means there will be a fall special election for the vacated House seat. Heller said last month he would run for Ensign’s seat in 2012, and Sandoval quickly endorsed him. Heller will be in a stronger position to keep the seat for Republicans heading into the 2012 election much like Scott Brown in Massachusetts. This means the race to succeed Heller in Congress comes first and we hope that Sharron Angle, will take this chance to run for that post. She would need to run as a third-party candidate, resulting in a split ticket for many Republican and Tea Party voters. Angle has already raised $750,000 so she is in good shape in a quick election. This is the most Republican district in the state, which covers virtually everywhere outside Las Vegas. Early on it looks like Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian, former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold and state Senator Greg Bower are all primary candidates. Lowden and Tarkanian that already lost to Angle but all could be main stream enough to get the nod.

Governors Field for 2012

Let us start to look at the 2012 field, as another hopeful was lost, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour decided not to run. We liked Haley and his laid back southern drawl would make him a standout in a GOP debate. There is another governor we are hoping for, we always thought a leader of state that has dealt with a budget and a legislature is better than a senator who usually is a life time talker and back room dealer. We are waiting on another governor to make the choice to run or not. It looks like Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, at age 62, is nearing an announcement on whether to run or not for president. This choice is going to be made after he spends the final week of the Indiana legislative session. Daniels is about to pull of something that could make his star shine really bright against the field, a balanced budget, tax refunds and a school voucher program. It is not fair we only get one and not both but we think this is the mold we are looking for it is no coincidence both men were aides to President Ronald Reagan, had indicated privately they would not both seek the 2012 nomination.

Lauren London Big Happy Hottie

This week we highlight another new comer to the list. Lauren Nicole London was born on December 5, 1984 in Los Angeles, California a day and month special to the tea512. We highlight Lauren this week because her movie The sixth Madea film Madea’s Big Happy Family raked in 25.8 million at the box office finishing in second place for the weekend. If you are keeping track of Tyler Perry and his success this is his third highest grossing film. She has been a music video star before catching a role in T.I. movie ATL. She has done some television on 90210 and Entourage as Turtles love interest, which is where we first noticed her in the recurring role. Another role she killed and we loved was her in the movie I Love you Beth Cooper, but we did not know it was her at the time. She is also is a spokes model for the Sean John woman’s collection. If you take one look at Lauren it is not hard to understand why she is the woman of the week. With a smile that lights up a room, her banging body and those long legs she is so countdown worthy. We did not even mention her lips are so luscious a kiss from her must taste like candy she is so sweet.

President Obama, Supreme Court but why?

There must be an ulterior motive behind the Obama administration asking the Supreme Court to reinstate a policy that allows federal regulators to fine broadcasters for showing nudity and airing curse words when young children may be watching television. We know there is not a lot going on between fighting three wars, the deficit, the nations bond rating, and unemployment. So why would the administration want to focus on the review of appeals court rulings that threw out the Federal Communications Commission’s rules against the isolated use of expletives. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York threw out the FCC policy, saying it was unconstitutionally vague. This bigger issue her is what is the play and why is this on the radar. We get it this is silly and the FCC should have some control over their airwaves. We just wonder if this is President Obama’s first attempt to get some restrictions on right wing radio but it seems like a stretch. Maybe it is because he wants to accomplish something to add to his united we stand image. Let us not forget President Obama embarrassed this court in his State of Union and we think this is going to be a hard sell for them to come for his aid of give him any good will. He is the president and as a member of the three branches of government you would think this is where they must work together, but they do not have to.

GOP will beat the drums for gas prices

We do not want to say it going to get hard ball and about to hit below the belt, because we believe that has happened already. But it look like in May we are going to see the Republicans to jump ugly on the prices we are paying at the pump as they focus in on oil and gasoline. When the democrats hammered President Bush it was fair game we cannot wait to hear the Obama apologists say it not his fault. The rumor is the House Republicans are planning bill introductions, hearings, markups and floor votes on legislation aimed at expanding domestic oil production in response to high gasoline prices. This is a slam dunk as Democrats should be scared as their policies like the national energy tax are going to raise prices. President Obama know it as he says the reason his poll numbers are tied for the lowest since he has been in office are due to the prices at the pump. We could be headed for another 2008 when in July of that year averaged a record of $4.11 a gallon. If you remember President Bush was called out for doing nothing about it. They claimed he was out of touch so we cannot wait for the white house to spin this as the average price for a gallon is $3.85, up 98 cents from a year ago

Kissinger wants ground troops?

The top globalist and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger seems to be changing his spots as of late. In 2002 he was against the war in Iraq and spoke right to President Bush and anyone who would listen. Kissinger uses the rationale for the war in Libya that the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, wants to keep the war going and add US ground troops. He wants the war extended through 2012 to generate turmoil throughout the Middle East and pressure the United States into attacking Iran on behalf of Israel. You would think this might be only one account but Kissinger gave almost the exact same speech at three different conferences at the George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs, then at an Aspen Institute, and during the Bretton Woods II conference. The fact that the United States is in three major conflicts and can barely service its own massive debt. We find just a little off from what has been termed The top globalist in the US. This feels a little like a want than a more thought out policy. We are now entering the tenth year of the occupation of Afghanistan, and with US forces still tied down in Iraq, and the last estimate at the beginning of April say we already spent an estimated $608 million dollars to pay for the intervention in Libya.

SteamTeam Austin does it all

We wanted to let you know if you are looking for professional carpet cleaning services Austin Texas we have the place for you. We now that are many professional carpet cleaning companies out there but have they been around since 1993. The proof of the great work is the longevity and commitment to the craft. The Steam is not only about carpets as if you are looking for water damaged ceiling repair Austin as they have led the way in the technology when it comes to water extraction methods. This is not something you can call anyone for and making sure you find a professional to do this most important job sometimes home saving function. When you think green you have to think of the steam team as well because when you use their service for natural odor removal Austin they make sure they are taking the environment into account. They are one of the first cleaning and restoration companies in Austin to offer an environmentally friendly green service. This is not because they say it for profits but they think it is a professional and ethical responsibility. This is another reason you will be impressed using any of the outstanding services the steamteam provides.