President of the hollow promise

When it comes to making a non-statement is there any better than President Barrack Obama? This is latest speaking with no cause or effect he called for a one-third reduction in U.S. oil imports. We watched and waited as we wondered how he was going to do that. We thought this is going to be where he says we can use nuclear power, drill in Alaska, and maybe even call in some favors from Iraq where we gave them freedom at no cost. Then he dropped the bomb saying it has to happen by 2025. Really you are proposing things that are 15 years out. This is funny for a one term president to suggest they have any control over what the country can do four presidential terms after he is gone. We did not think the lame stream media would call him out on it and no matter what the plan is it is silly to think any program created in 2011 will be carried out through 2025. Then he went on to offer nothing in the way of new initiatives or ideas to actually accomplish this mighty goal. When we say this guy is the king of the non-statement this puts him up in rarified air. He did give a little plan saying that there is a litany of energy proposals in play including boosting domestic oil production, increasing the use of biofuels and natural gas, and making vehicles more energy efficient. He did even say that America needs to embrace nuclear power as a critical part of their energy future. After a while it starts to sound like Charlie Browns teacher wah, wah, wah, nothing. It is a shame that the lame streams are so in the hip pocket they cannot even see when the emperor has no clothes.

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