Cut the Cord on the UN

Do not let this spoil your trust in the power of the United Nation but it turns out that talks meant to nudge Iran toward meeting U.N. Security Council demands to stop uranium enrichment. The answering machine must be broken as Tehran avoided calls by six world powers to cease the activity that could be harnessed to make nuclear weapons. There has been no new date for another meeting set. We have seen this movie before on Iran neighbor Iraq as they push and push but have not teeth to act. They announce when they are coming with inspectors and could not find a snowball in Alaska. We only bring this up because it came to light that the United States is underwriting the budget for the United Nations. We pay 25% of the budget of the United Nations and since we are facing big debt ourselves it is time to cut the cord. We do not have the actual number but we think it is time to not only require more money from their favored nations and move the real estate to another part of the world. The bigger issue is not the money but the fact that they might be the most anti United States organization. In fact we would go as far as saying that the United Nations is very anti United States, Europe, and Israel.

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