Guantanamo Bay Re Do

Remember when President Obama wanted to shut down Guantanamo Bay? Remember when President Obama wanted to use a criminal law system for Guantanamo Bay detainees? The next question is why did President Obama forget to talk about Guantanamo Bay since those things did not happen? We will give the President credit for not making a mistake that he and his people must have seen. The word is breaking that the Obama administration will soon increase the use of military trials for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The next piece has an attachment so that there is a parole-type system to review the cases of prisoners who are not expected to get such trials. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expected to soon lift a 2-year-old order that blocked any new cases from being started against terrorism suspects at Guantanamo. President Barack Obama is expected to sign an executive order setting up the parole-type system. If you remember the ban on new cases was put in place just after Obama’s 2009 inauguration because he planned to close the prison. Everything has come full circle on this issue and for all those people that cheered at the 2009 inauguration we are hopeful that seeing that President Bush was right and he should have just stayed the course.

Boeing to slow down the C-17

Talk about a timing that just looks bad if it is related or not. Boeing will cut about 1,100 jobs over the next two years as it slows production of its C-17 military transport aircraft. This was done the day after they agreed on a 19 billion dollar deal with China. The real reason and not just the lame stream media hype is that Boeing will deliver 13 C-17s in 2011, this is one less than the prior year. The new annual production rate for the C-17 is ten. The country buys less planes there are less workers needed to create them. 10. The long-haul military cargo C-17, which is in its 18th year of service, can carry large equipment, supplies and troops directly to small airfields, the company says. The fleet continues to operate at an accelerated rate due to the recent troop surge in Afghanistan. The US Air Force is the biggest customer, taking 206 of the 226 C-17s delivered worldwide. Boeing it was working to land additional international orders for the C-17, in India and Kuwait. The Defense Department’s proposed fiscal 2011 budget funds the shutdown of the C-17 program. It is a legend and it will be missed as this staple of the military flies into the sunset.

No Dinner for us just business

The president is about to throw his third state dinner so the big question is who is going to sneak in without invitation. That is not the story this dinner is for Chinese President Hu Jintao, the big news is not how is going but how is not. House Speaker John Boehner the Republican from Ohio, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Democrat from Nevada and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell the Republican from Kentucky. To be fair both Reid and Boehner are expected to meet with Hu during a separate meeting on Capitol Hill. This is interesting on the reason that they leaders of the house and senate are deciding that they will not attend the pomp and circumstance of the President Obama show. We think this might have something to do with congress wanting to be all business as there is no shock we need
China to open up their borders to our exports to jump start the economy and get more of a western influence inside their country. This relationship and keeping everyone on the same page is going to be the most important thing this president can do. It could be a colossal mistake if he tries to push the Chinese or let them push him over. We hope we can get through this without having this president wish away our standing in the world as always apologizing for being an American.

President Obama warns on repeal

Given that it is a done deal the congress will repeal Obamacare by Wednesday so it makes sense the President needs to claim it is needed but we found it funny he said he was willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to improve his new health care law. We do not want to be one sided he also warned lawmakers shouldn’t “go backward” and repeal the measure. There is no need for either side to worry the House will repeal the senate will not touch it. The measure will sit for a Republican president in 2013. If there is no new President in 2013 than it really is all for not. President Obama claims that Americans deserve the freedom and security of knowing insurance companies will never be able to deny, cap or drop their coverage when they need it most. There is no one on either side of the aisle that can disagree with that. The Whitehouse is not taking the measure serious and have not even said if the President would veto as they cannot give any legitimacy to the issue. The problem is it is going to happen and the senate is going to have to block it making them vulnerable as well the voters in the house who support Obamacare again.

Minka Kelly and Roommate

This week we highlight as the Women of the Week, Minka Kelly our number 30 from last year. Minka was number 44 in 2008 and number 23 in 2008. Minka made the list for Friday night Lights and returns due to Parenthood. Minka was born on June 24, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in New Mexico and that is where she spent her childhood until she graduated from high school. She went to live with her father in LA to become a surgical technician. Her father was absent a lot of her younger years as he is a guitarist born in France and played three years with Aerosmith. While attending school in LA she was bitten with the acting bug. She started taking small roles on the big and small screen. She started with roles in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious in 2003 and in 2004 on the Drake and Josh Show. She has exploded on to the scene and our list from her role in Friday Night Lights. We look forward to the movie with Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly in The Roommate. She has a smoking athletic body and looks hot in anything she wears on the screen or the red carpet

President rumors begin to swirl

It has been a great week of headlines for New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie and anytime that happens from now until 2012 you are considered a presidential candidate. This is case as Governor Christie had to reaffirm that he is not running for president in 2012 on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. This was based on the poll that said that Christie is the only Republican that, at this point, could beat President Barack Obama in 2012, 43 percent to 40 percent. He had to give the can answer “The only guy who could beat him in the poll isn’t running,” Christie said. “I have a state to run. I love New Jersey.” We understand 2013 is long way away and we have seen in Massachusetts that a governor can have one foot in the door running that state even when the other foot is in Ohio. We might as well get used to this every couple of weeks the media will stroll out another person they will call the up and coming start of the Republican Party. The bottom line is the lame stream media will keep throwing Sarah Palin at people because they so want her to be the candidate because she splits the party as much as the country. We have seen in the past when split a party they have no shot at victory.

They never get it

We love a good story of the insiders that just do not get it. The Prince George’s County Council is spending $10,000 to $15,000 for a two-night retreat on the Eastern Shore this week. This would not be a big deal except for the fact the chairwoman of the County Council has no idea about spending tax payer money. The Prince George’s County Council decided to spend this money on this year’s retreat, even as the county faces a $77 million shortfall next fiscal year. If that was not enough they have a reason of course if it made these pages it is off the wall. They need to spend this amount of money to be able to focus and help council members avoid distractions. The diggs are top notch as council’s two-night retreat in Upper Marlboro offices at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa & Marina in Cambridge. They are claiming that it is also needed because they have five new council members that are starting the beginning of a four-year term. If you need a cherry on top asked if the members would pay their own way the chairwomen thought few members would still want to stay at the resort in that case. Is it not funny how when it is on their own dime it is not so attractive. nurse uniform stores

We are glad to see that change in nurse attire in the hospital. If you have not seen this you might have the change on your favorite hospital show. If you remember in the past scrubs have always been stuck with the same plain pastel colors. These scrubs have changed and been updated when you see what is available at nurse uniform stores. There are so many styles, colors, and designs that there is something for everyone. This is a great change for a nurse to be able to show off some flair and style as well as bringing a cheery outlook to their patients. We know that when the public is pressed into interaction at a hospital it is always the nurse that is the calming voice of reason in those troubled times. It is a great service to the medical industry that they can express a little freedom and be confident that they are still easily recognized as the professionals they are. This new era in style will cater to all medical professionals as they also have nursing uniforms for men and women. We also know that when medical professionals are dealing with children that being able to have a warm voice, kind heart and wearing cute little bunnies can make all the difference in being that calming influence to help a child relax and feel like they have a friend by their side. You might want to check it out as right know as our friends over at as have scrubs sets on sale that are both reasonably priced and in many styles. If you are looking for scrubs, scrub hats, jackets, shirts, medical coats, as well as accessories. The accessories they sell are from an earring collection and a lanyard collection. We have checked it out and found it hard to choose with so many styles. We liked the sports scrub hat collection as there are 21 different styles and only $20 each.

Internet ID how about illegals IDs

There are times you read a report of something President Obama say and you scratch your head. Then there are other times you just get angry. That was the case when we heard President Obama it is reported is trying to put plans in motion to give the Commerce Department authority to create an Internet ID for all Americans. White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt said it is perfect spot in the U.S. government to create an identity ecosystem for the Internet. We are angry because how hard is this compared to trying to make a national ID card in a government-controlled system. Why is this easy to do but making sure every American is in the country legally impossible to do. Why can this be done but removing illegal aliens impossible to do. They are trying to say the importance of this is to enhance online security and privacy, and reducing or eliminate the need to memorize dozens of passwords. On the other hand does anyone really want the government this involved in their internet use? We do not believe Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt is naive but how can anyone think we need this or that it is even possible to implement.

President Obama and the old players playbook

When it comes to saying things that mean nothing President Barack Obama is the champion. If you did not hear he is revamping his economic policy team and signaling cooperation to ascendant Republicans and the business community at a pivotal moment in the nation’s recovery and Washington politics. We were wondering what this economic policy team has been doing anyway. When the president needs fresh new ideas and none of his ivy elites have a clue, he turns to the way back machine and looks for veterans of the Clinton administration. Chief of staff William Daley, economic overseer Gene Sperling and recently confirmed budget director Jacob Lew. When you listen to the talking head president he explains the new mission has to be to accelerate hiring and accelerate growth, this what the president declared last week. For the sake of the nation we hope this new found need to find value in international trade deals in an economic message centered on competitiveness that spends on education initiatives to retool the workforce embraces trade and provides tax breaks to businesses. Then at the same time he claimed a new focus looking at the deficit and debt. This is going to be highlighted when the president releases his budget. We think this should have been the priority last year after he pushed Obamacare through. We also have no faith he will provide any solutions or any progress on any of these issues. But we have come to understand if you could solve problems with speeches we would be in the US would be utopia.