Larry where have you gone

When you can take a shot at CNN it is worth the post. The neilson ratings for the new Piers Morgan’s show are dropping to the obscure. Everyone thought it was going too alright and during the debut show on January 17 there was 2.1 million viewers that show did have Oprah Winfrey. Day two the rating dropped by 50% and before the month closed it dropped another 50% from that. We are going out on limb here but by the middle of next week it could dip below 500 thousand viewers. The lowest rated show so far had a couple of guests that automatically bring viewers and eye traffic of any male that just happens to scan by. The Thursday night show has two Kardashians girls talking about their breasts fake or real and sex tapes, could not bring eyeballs to the screen. We are going to give the show time but wonder how much CNN can hold on. Losing Larry King and his octogenarian following has made a replacement not only difficult but they might have to look at this choice as a loser based on the loss of audience. They thought they could move him right in and Larry King guests and audience would follow along this was a major over estimation.

Celebrity Cruises staff loves to sail

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If you watch the embedded video below you will want to go on a Cruise. We do not mean go on a cruise for a vacation you will want to pick a Celebrity Cruises because they love to sail. They have built a cruise line and a staff that have a true love of what they do. They have set up a system where your every whim can be granted. You do not realize how many people it takes to make a floating city run and keep every guest happy. At Celebrity Cruises they have perfected the art. The video shows you how cool the ship is as well when you see the ballrooms, dining rooms, walkways and decks you want to book it immediately. The ship is amazing but when you see the cook in the kitchen making hundreds of deserts, the people washing the glass so the sun shine in all day. Our favorite part was when they said if the weather is bad we sail in different direction to find better weather. We never thought about when you book a vacation at a hotel the weather is important but on a cruise they can alter paths and get you to the better weather or avoid it all together. Watching this video you will take away how much they care about the guests and when it comes to vacations there is nothing more you can ask for that they cannot provide for you.

Topmount Sinks Stainless Steel

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Senate keeps filibuster

We has seen that the brain child of the democrats the filibuster, could not stand that it was used against them the last couple of years. They wanted to get rid of this now that they have a small majority and hope to reign for the next six years. The Senate voted overwhelmingly to reject efforts to change its rules to restrict the blockades. They did change the measure to prevent single lawmakers from anonymously holding up legislation and nominations. This even lead to the Senate leaders announced a handshake deal to conduct business in a more efficient and civilized way. The two leaders, Democrat Harry Reid of Nevada and Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, also endorsed legislation, to be drawn up later, to break the logjam of confirmations of presidential appointments by reducing by as much as a third the number of appointees subject to Senate approval. Democrats pushing for change sought to get rid of filibusters that specifically stop bills from being brought to the Senate floor, and to require senators imposing a filibuster to stay on the floor debating the issue. One proposal would have gradually reduced the 60-vote threshold to a simple majority of 51 as debate proceeded the votes were 84-12. We are glad this is still in play as they need to keep the Senate as the place where reason and order can be rule of the day.

YapTime a place to really be social

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The Steam Team from Austin

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State of the Union 2011 first thoughts

Last night we watched President Obama give his third State of the Union address we hope it is the second to last. We are not a fan of the President but he can give a speech. We have not listened to many of the talking heads but as far as rating the speech versus his other two it was flat. We are not sure why if it was the room having been pulled together by the rule keeping republican and democrats together. We think if they were sitting on opposite sides there would have been more applause then we had seen last night. We watched the clock and the hour speech felt more like a life time. He brought back the naming American citizens for act of courage and intelligence we think it was about seven people. We are not sure how it will play out but as far as substance goes there was not enough specifics and nothing we have not heard before. We tried to keep track about how many times he garnered applause and needed to stop and we have an unofficial total of about 80 times. Since it landed on an even number we must have missed a couple. We wonder if the lame stream media will see this as flat or if they still think the POTUS walks on water and can never do wrong. This begs the question when does the shine fall off this apple?

Today is the day

We can no longer wait for our provider to some up with a solution. We have not been able to post to this blog in two weeks we have asked for help but there is no sign of anyone working on this issue. The problem we have pretty much recreated the blog in a couple of forms on other domains. We think this the best it is going to get and really are not sure of the fallout. We believe everything is going to work but once we pull the plug it is a roll of the dice. We have not lost any content we are not sure if we will lose rankings, counters, and status. These things take years to build and they all could be washed away. We have done the background research and believe everything is going to import form the various sources we have created. This has been a long process and hours of work. We understand that the most important thing you can do if you have a web presence is backup and redundancy. We sell this to customers all day long and failed to cover ourselves. In fairness we were using a program we thought was being maintained by the provider and the failed. They not only failed but they did not respond and had no solution of their own. It is time to go and we hope we see you tomorrow

George Allen Get in the Ring

Word has broken that former Senator George Allen is going to declare his candidacy for Senate in Virginia. This is not shocking as many reports he has been doing candidate type thing in recent weeks. The former governor and senator has been touring the state to repeal of the health care law. The word is he is going to file his paperwork, so we can be rest assured it is not exploratory. He can start raising money and getting his political teams into place. The best part is George Allen is going to be in before Democratic Sen. Jim Webb’s has made his own decision about running for a second term. Webb, if remember in 2006 beat Allen by 10,000 votes but has not said to anyone if he is going to have an in 2006, has been silent about a reelection campaign. The Allen-Webb rematch would be one of the marquee match-ups in the country and take on heightened importance because Republicans need just four seats to seize the Senate majority. We do not want to put the cart in front of the horse as Allen still will have to survive a primary challenge. Richmond tea party candidate Jamie Radtke announced her candidacy around Christmas. We needed more quality candidates for the senate and this sure fits the bill.

Let the games begin

We are excited for the football games for the record we like the Steelers and the Packers to meet in the Super Bowl. We are talking about the presidential election for 2012. The results are in for the first of the season straw poll of New Hampshire Republican party committee member is happening. We were wondering how this was going to go as it always is kind of a long shot and does not mean much in the end. There were 276 ballots cast and the leader with 35% was ex-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney which is good for him as he gained three percent more than 2008. Second place went to Representative Ron Paul, from Texas, he claimed 11 percent, and this is also three percent higher than the eight percent he garnished in 2008. The only surprise but maybe not was the fact that Sarah Palin finished third and really not even an option. The fairness here is Mitt Romney is from New England has a vacation home in New Hampshire and last year he even saved a life on the lake where his property is. The one thing this means is we are now getting ready to find a candidate to run against President Obama to make sure he is a noe and done president before he can do anymore damage.