LA Stimulus Slowest in nation

These stories of how the stimulus has failed are truly showing the ineptness of the federal and local government. It is amazing that you can have local government a pile of cash and they cannot spend it or spend it poorly. There are not to many companies you can infuse cash into and they will fail. A report out yesterday says that the city of Los Angeles has spent only a quarter of its federal stimulus money though the bulk of the funding was awarded nearly two years ago. This could be because the state is a mess that holding on to any money is a big help. The city has netted more than $630 million in grants but had completed only eight of its 108 projects so far. When pushed the city admitted it was not their fault they blamed staff cuts and initial confusion about the program’s rules have made it tough to move projects quickly. We love this because the money was only supposed to be given to shovel ready projects. Were the projects shovel ready or not? The report said that Los Angeles had spent 13.3 percent of its money. When you compare this to New York who has spent 25 percent of its funding and Chicago had spent 47 percent. The other great thing is they know none of the projects risk losing funding despite the delays.

HCG diet 500 calories a day

We wanted to let you know about the HCG diet a treatment that you can use. The program is great as you can lose between a half a pound and 3 pounds per day, with the average loss being 1-2 pounds per day. When you use the HCG diet your appetite will decrease, your eating behavior will be altered giving you the perfect opportunity to adopt that healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight. The program has a Members Only section where you will find the diet protocol, recipes and more on the website. We learned that the HCG causes your hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of the fat storage locations so that it’s available for use so you can be filled up on only consuming 500 calories. They also say it is common for mild hunger during the first few days that passes by the 2nd week. The system works by making tiny servings, to be completely satisfying. This is partly due to your hypothalamus adjusting your metabolic rate.

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Kennedy Free Congress

There more we think about the incoming congress class the more it gets better. This will be the first congress in more than 63 years that will be Kennedy free. The Kennedys have held a congressional seat or the presidency for more than 60 years. The last hope runt of the litter, Patrick “patches” Kennedy of Rhode Island leaves his U.S. House seat. Patches in only 43 years old we are not sure he is going away but at least he is out of the picture. The best part is after the Ted Kennedy seat went to a Republican and Patches decided not to run the stranglehold of Camelot is finally over. There does not appear to be any bootlegging, drug addicts, womanizing, rapist, killers, or alcoholics in the new line of Kennedy’s ready to assume the high mantel set by their elders. The only one in office is Bobby Shriver serving as a city councilor in the seaside Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica. We celebrate that Patches did not run for a ninth term and this congress is already our favorite with Ms. Speaker moving to minority leader. The Republicans have a huge 60 plus seat swing in the last election and no Kennedy’s. It really could only be better if the republicans controlled the senate but you cannot have everything but it is pretty good so far.

Cell Isolation from Stemcell Technologies

We want you to be aware of STEMCELL Technologies as they offers a wide range of solutions for the isolation of virtually any cell type from any species. The science of cell isolation has come along away and harnessing the stability and versatility of the STEMCELL’s Tetrameric Antibody Complex (TAC) technology, a variety of cell separation solutions are available for the positive or negative selection of a wide range of cell and sample types. They have controls over the cells to find and separate Positive Selection; this is the desired cells that are labeled. Then they can identify the Negative Selection, unwanted cells are targeted and labeled for depletion, leaving desired cells untouched. Check out their website for the host of registered products they offer including EasySep®, RoboSep®, RosetteSep, and StemSep® as some interesting products and information for anyone interested in StemCell research.

New Congress please step up

We have not seen a day of the new congress but we like it already. The House Republicans pledged to retain the ethics office. We like the rule that no legislation receive a House vote until it appears on the Internet for at least three days. You recall we have seen major bills came up for votes while few had a chance to read the legislation, of they make changes inserted at the last minute. New legislation must on the Internet prior to votes and require that bills requiring an increase in spending be balanced with cuts elsewhere. That means if a bill requires increased spending, money would be cut by an equal or greater amount elsewhere. So there is no tax increases that can be called on to pay for new mandatory spending. This maybe just talk and we will see if they can back it up. But as far as starting on the right foot this is why we sent them to Washington. The GOP also will continue a rule that prohibits former members of Congress who are registered lobbyists from using the House gym, where they once could lobby lawmakers. This is a great start and a move in the right direction. We love the effort and 2011 is looking up already as we find a ray of hope from these new words from Washington.

Vehicle Wraps Advertize 24/7

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Merry Christmas 2010

We would like to wish all our readers, friends, and family a pleasant and joyful tide this Christmas morn. There is no more special day a year than Christmas. As there is something peaceful, serene and calm over the air as you travel on Christmas Day. There is no better joy than watching Christmas morning as young child fires open presents from the visit they had from Saint Nick. The church service is one of the best of the year as we celebrate the birth of Christ and dress in our very best clothes. Everything is special as it is Christmas and everything is good in the world. We all know the world will be back in the same way it was but for today everything is good.


App.Cat 7 minute iPhone App creator

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We wanted to let you know about a Website that with amazing ease anyone can create an iPhone app. They have a nifty in-app editing that pushes changes to all app users. Get this it is a service that is offered  for free. So watch out for competing, yet inferior services basically sell an unsuspecting customer a glorified website for hundreds a month. App.Cat apps work anywhere (even without connection) and are iTunes-censorship-free. Check out the video they have on to see just how easy. This is a great idea for anyone thinking about getting into the app market place as you can make your own app by email in 7 minutes. It’s revolutionary. It’s free. It’s app democracy! It’s your Oprah-moment: “Apps for everybody!” There are thirty professional designs that you can choose from, you simply reply to a few e-mails from Kitty, the, and then impress friends, customers, and competitors as you move to the mobile web. The best part is it flies in the face of those who say it is difficult and expensive. There is need to pay for a mobile Website disguised as an app for a monthly fee and set up charge. App.Cat has it all your name and logo, Speed-dial, Maps, Galleries, News, Social Stuff, and it is all FREE.#spVisit Sponsor's Site

GAO gives up on Obamacare

You know it is bad when the GAO Government Accountability Office claims that the United States financial projections are on such shaky ground that to audit them would be an exercise in futility. The watchdog office cited several problems with the government’s numbers but particularly called out its projections on Medicare in explaining its ultimate decision not to release a decision. Everyone knows the projected Medicare savings were used to build the case for the Obama administration’s health care overhaul. The GAO declared that there are significant uncertainties in those assumptions. The statement recent is a classic as the audit stated that as a result, they are unable to, and will not, express an opinion on the 2010 Statement of Social Insurance, which covers long-term budget projections for Social Security, Medicare and other benefits programs. The statement is the latest budgetary document to raise questions about whether the government’s plans for reining in Medicare will hold. We had been wondering when they were going to cut all that fraud and abuse out of Medicare that they said was going to help fund healthcare. We stated back then if they knew there was this much fraud and abuse they should have been stopping it all along. The reason they did not because it is impossible for this government to stop this or find it. Let us face it the criminals are always one step ahead and when they are caught who knows how long and how much it cost.

Hammered Finish Copper Sinks

We wanted to let you know if you are looking for a Copper Sink, we have the place for you on the web. These Copper Sinks are not just a sink they are handcrafted and will add warmth and richness to a variety of décors. They come in a hammered finished with a beautifully aged patina. The hammered finish will help hide small scratches that may occur over the lifetime of the sink. Copper is naturally antibacterial and will not rust or stain, making it low maintenance. These copper sinks are made of one piece construction, giving you the strongest copper sink you will find. Remember these copper sinks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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