The election is over Joe

This was not much of a surprise but the Alaska Supreme Court refused to overturn election results in favor of Lisa Murkowsk over Republican Joe Miller, in the state’s U.S. Senate race. The high court on upheld a lower court’s ruling dismissing Miller’s claims of impropriety in the state’s handling of the election and ballots for Murkowski. Miller now has until Monday to plead any outstanding issues. Is this really going to the federal courts? At some point you have to realize the fix is in and the cards have all been played. The thing about this is every time it happens you realize how flawed the system is, the unofficial results showed Murkowski leading by 10,328 votes following a hand count of ballots. The lead narrowed to 2,169 votes when ballots challenged by Miller’s campaign were excluded. The reason we will give a pass on this one there was only one write in candidate and if the person wrote “the woman” or “not Miller” that would appear to be a vote for Murkowski. It is the holidays let it go Joe and enjoy 2011 with a fresh start. Try not to be bitter like John Kerry and move on.

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