Census Numbers Released

We reported about the most expensive Census in US history as the 2010 census cost around $13 billion, which only cost $8 billion from 2000. In true Washington fashion it was much higher than the initial cost estimate of $11.3 billion. The numbers are the U.S. population is 308,745,538 which are the lowest since the Great Depression. This is still an increase as this number represents an increase of 9.7 percent over the 2000 U.S. resident population of 281.4 million. As expected California is the most populous state with 37.2 million residents. Wyoming is the least populous with 563,626 residents. There were a couple other surprises as since the 2000 census, Texas gained the most people, up 4.3 million residents to 25.1 million. But along that same line Nevada has gained the most residents as a percentage of its 2000 census count, growing 35.1 percent to 2,700,551. This makes sense as there was a boom in the early part of the decade which led to the highest unemployment in the country as the decade turns. Looking at the country by region the South and the West showed the strongest growth, all sectors grew but we wonder if more people are leaving the northeast based on the cost of living.


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