Vebra software estate agents

If you are looking for the UK’s number one supplier of estate agency software then look no further than Vebra. A name you can trust with more than 3500 estate agencies using our software nationwide you can understand why they are the leader. They have over 25 years of experience giving them a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. It is important that you know their software estate agents come from a property related background.The pride themselves on giving the First class training needed as it can be provided in-branch or at one of our four national training centres. This is the commitment they show to make sure you get the most from your investment. It does not end there as they also provide outstanding Support. They know your software will be at the heart of your business for many years to come. They have a dedicated support team that will be on hand to offer help and guidance for your business. They will explain things in a language you can understand and resolve any situation or query quickly and efficiently. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook. There are no messy upgrades needed if your office is behind the latest technology remember Vebra Solex has been tested to run on Windows platforms including Windows Vista Business, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and even Windows 98.

$Money Changes Everything except Votes

We watched this season as personal fortunes were used to self-finance campaigns. It seems that this election season that turned out to be a bad idea and costly idea. The biggest spender was Former eBay chief executive Meg Whitman using $142 million of her own money in defeat for California governor. She was miles ahead of number two who was another women former wrestling entertainment executive Linda McMahon who put up an estimated $50 million in Connecticut. There was New York, millionaire developer Carl Paladino dropping around $10 million of his own coin in a losing effort. There are stat breakdowns of the cost per vote for these candidates. The biggest reason is attributed to the fact that they ran in heavy democratic areas and could not break through. There were some strategy challenges like spending money on ads in the summer so by the time fall rolled around people are sick of you. There is another argument we watched candidates take PAC money and state aid under campaign finance reform for their robo calls and ads. This is tax payers’ money and an insult that they give it to also rans. We know the system is flawed and the senators club is a millionaires club, but the system is lending itself to ultra rich and low voters interest candidates clogging the air waves and phones lines just to keep it fair.

Tomorrow we celebrate

The Republican Party held a comeback last night of epic proportions. We will celebrate tomorrow, today we are deflated and let down by our surroundings. How can that be you ask? We live in Massachusetts, where we thought after Scott Brown there was going to be change. There was no change. We are sending the same 10 shills back to congress. These same 10 bozos are going back to Washington; they went 9 out of 10 voting in favor of Obamacare. Why did we think the pinky ring liberal union machine was losing the strangle hold over the sheepeople. It was so bad here the voters actually voted down a tax cut. The state sales tax is now 6.25 and 58% of the people voted that it was OK that means to local congress they can probably pay more. We are stuck her due to job and family but if there was ever a morning to look into moving away today was the one. Barney Frank financial decisions almost destroyed the country and he gets to return for a 16th term, that is 32 years or Barney, are you kidding. It was a nightmare watching the results as New Hampshire and Florida did the right thing we were stuck in a sinkhole. Tomorrow I will be excited that there are 239 Republicans in the House and 46 in the Senate. The only silver lining is these folks go back to Washington to the back of the bench for the next two years, if you had a committee standing you lost it. That is the only joy in Mudville as Massachusetts struck out again going for ten.

BookSwim online book rental

This is a cool idea much like the mail order rental business model used for DVD and video games. BookSwim is an online book rental library service lending you paperbacks, hardcover’s and even college textbooks. They come directly to your house, without the need to purchase! They stock all the latest bestsellers, new releases, and classics. You can now read books for as long as you want and do not worry about late fees. If the book is a good read you can even purchase and keep the books you want. This makes a great Valentines gift for the book worm you love. There are BookSwim gift cards available that are unique, perfect Holiday gift for readers.


WeReward is a genius idea

This is not a paid review, this is a straight up awestruck post over an idea that is years ahead of its time. Wereward is the perfect gel of mobile user, constant online connectivity and advertisers. Ted Murphy at IZEA has hit this one out of the park as this is the most impressive platform they have ever introduced. An advertiser can spend millions without any visible return. A mobile user can go the same places and never be rewarded for their patronage. Wereward has mashed up these two into a platform that makes everyone get something for the effort. An example is Starbucks offers a Wereward if you go to a Starbucks, take a photo with your phone of you drinking a coffee in the store. You post it up to wereward and you get points for doing this task. The promotion for the advertiser is like a coupon. The user gets a service in this case a coffee and cash back when earned enough points. The power of this makes you feel like this is going to become the model for advertising over the next 10 years. The magic of the details are what so amazing, the advertiser has photos of real people using their product, x&y gens do not clip coupons but everyone likes something for free or at discount. We check it all the time as it is not only a reward program but as everything with IZEA it is just fun. Ted Murphy has created an environment along with his team of navigating the slippery snake of internet advertising and riding the waves to the next big thing.

Lea Michele undercover hottie


This week we highlight a newcomer that we have been late to admire. Lea Michele Sarfati who was born August 29, 1986 known professionally as Lea Michele. Michele was born in The Bronx, New York City, and grew up in Tenafly, New Jersey, where she attended Tenafly High School She attended Stagedoor Manor in the Catskills, a performing arts training center. She was then later accepted to the CAP21 program at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, but opted to continue working on stage. She is considered an actress and singer and began working professionally as a child actress on Broadway in a production of Les Misérables. She appeared in several more musicals before being selected for the lead role in the musical Spring Awakening, earning a Drama Desk Award nomination for her performance. We know her for her role as Rachel Berry in Glee. The thing about Lea is she hardly ever is hot on the show although there have been times. She makes the list this year due to her amazing looks on the red carpet and in photoshoots. She is gorgues and it must take ours for the Glee staff to hid it because she drips sexy off camera just walking around. If you have ever seen her on a talk show or a red carpet you know exactly what we are talking about.