Vanessa Hudgens SuckerPunch Ready


This week we highlight our last year #13 and #15 from 2008, the twenty-one-old Vanessa Anne Hudgens. She was born December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California. We were waiting to give her a week when her movie Suckerpunch opened. Look like that it is being held off until March. For now all we have is this hot movie poster. Vanessa had a queit 2010 although her casting as Mimi in Rent at the Hollywood Bowl did stir the pot. It is not every Disney person who can be assigned the role of a drug addicted prostitute. We knew she could as she was kind of bad girl in Thirteen, her first movie role. We really like her work in Bandslam in 2009 and look forward to seeing more of her. Vanessa first music release, V that has been a certified gold record, 2008 she had her second release of the album Identified. Vanessa has won many awards for her work on High School Musical trilogy. Vanessa is an extremely beautiful and talented girl. She is only twenty one years old so her best work is ahead of her. She already has a great look, sense of style and hot body, which makes her someone in Hollywood to keep an eye on.

There has to be a better way

Every time we get to the vote counting by hand it always seems to be a mess. Why does this happen and s there nothing that cannot be done to change it. Case in point is the Alaska bitterly contested Senate election. It turned up in state court it seems where all these things eventually get resolved. Republican Joe Miller is suing the state over the way write-in ballots for his GOP rival has been counted. The problem is the use of liberal discretion in determining voter intent on write-in ballots cast for Senator Lisa Murkowski. This is just a Hail Mary as the last tally was Murkowski with a 10,328-vote lead over Miller. There are 8,159 ballots that are being contested by Miller in court. The bottom line math is Senator Lisa Murkowski still has a 2,169-vote lead. The target date for certifying the election is Nov. 29. Then a recount can then be requested by Dec. 4. The lawsuit does make sense as Miller knows the State law stipulates that write-in ballots must have the provided oval filled in and the candidate’s last name or name written as it appears on their declaration of candidacy, the chances of this being correct 100% of the time is a stretch. This is why write in campaigns hardly ever work. This is no where near the end as The Miller campaign has said he wants a hand count after a court rules on the standard by which ballots should be judged. We will ever be cursed by the game plan of Al Gore and the hanging chad.

Like a bad penny

When you think of the saying don’t go away mad just go away mad. We find that ex U.S. Senate member Carol Moseley Braun announced that she was running for Chicago mayor to be a voice for the unheard and an advocate for the underrepresented. We heard this mantra before two decades ago in her run for the senate. Carol Moseley Braun had several local elected leaders supporter her at the rally. Carol Moseley Braun in 1992 became the first African-American woman elected to the Senate. It was pretty much the end before it even started when it turned out she abused spending in her campaign fund. Braun was also criticized for taking controversial trips to Nigeria, during which she met with the nation’s military dictator without the knowledge of the U.S. government. Everyone gets a second chance and why should this be any different. Mayor races do not really mean much on a national scale so this would be nice if this embezzler can beat strong armer Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel from the White House. There are now 14 people running and last day to take out papers is December 13. The election will be on February 22, 2011 for a term that start on May 16, 2011 until 2015.

Gold Bars enhance your portfolio

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You can’t get them all

After yesterday we were becoming big fans of the ethics committee. Then as quick as we give praise we need to take it away. They have decided that Representative from California Maxine Waters who they have accused have back off. The ethics committee says that they have a weak case that is unraveling after the panel abruptly cancelled her public trial. Not only did they cancel the hearing they put it off indefinitely. The House ethics committee announced it has delayed indefinitely Waters trial because the panel had discovered new evidence in the case. The Waters’s trial was set to begin on Nov. 29. which would be great on the heels of the Charles Rangel verdict. We really wanted Waters trial as she is a member of the Financial Services Committee, accused of using her position to arrange a meeting between Treasury Department officials and the National Bankers Association regarding OneUnited Bank. At the time, Waters’s husband was a significant shareholder in the bank and had formerly served on its board of directors. There is also talk that some how Representative Barney Frank was involved and since stupid Massachusetts (yes still bitter) sent him back it would nice to have a new scandal with Barney. We think because Waters was playing hard ball by planning to have an experienced legal team, the well-known ethics expert Stanley Brand and his associate Andrew Herman by her side as they were prepared to mount a vigorous, detailed defense. At least we got Charly.

Sorry Charlie but it is on you

The only good thing this lame duck congress can do besides extend bush era tax cuts is ethics trails. We understand after January change they could hand down a stiffer sentence but we will take what we can get. It was nice to see when Democrat Representative from New York Charles Rangel was caught with his hand in the cookie jar he had to pay. We watched as he became extremely emotional before the ethics panel. We were not sure if it was for the cameras or if he was genuine as he wiped away tears and stressed that he did not act for personal gain and to apologize to the committee for any awkwardness or embarrassment he may have caused. We are not sure if this normal as Democrat from Vermont Representative Peter Welch asked him to offer his words. The verdict did not take long as the House ethics committee’s chief counsel recommended that Rangel be formally censured by the full House for violating 11 House ethics rules. This is just short of full expulsion; censure is the most serious sanction the ethics panel can recommend. They still need a majority of the full House would have to vote to censure Rangel should the ethics committee officially recommend that punishment. This could get interesting if they try to push through in this congress or next.

Kelly Brook Survival Island Sweetie


This week we have a new comer to the list. Kelly Brook who was born Kelly Ann Parsons. Kelly was born November 23,1979 in Rochester, Kent, England. She started as a model when at the age of 16 she won a beauty competition. We know her from her movie work but her first screen role was in the 1997 video Help the Aged . Brook made her first full screen debut with a minor role in the film Sorted. Shortly thereafter, she also appeared in the film Ripper she was also had a small role in the 2003 movie The Italian Job. In 2004 she had her first starring role in School for Seduction. In 2005, she appeared in the Philippe Vidal film House of 9. We first saw her in the 2006 film Survival Island this same year she starred in a Marple. More recently she had a leading role in the big budget horror comedy remake Piranha 3-D that had worldwide theatrical release on August 20, 2010, grossing $75,861,169. We look forward to seeing her in Removal in the role as Kirby. Kelly is talented and strikingly beautiful. She has amazing brown eyes, long legs and a body that rocks the red carpet and sets the screen on fire.

We knew they would come around

We will never get over the fact the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is still in office. It is nice that he realizes just how neutered he is though. The top Democrat in the Senate is willing to consider a temporary tax cut extension for all income levels including the Bush-era tax cuts. The extension being floated is for two or three years, we could be negative and say that seems to run pats the presidential election in 2012, but we have to take what we can get. The bigger news is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to have to lay ball, the White House is not going to let them rock the boat and cost President Obama the election. When you change tax cuts it becomes a tax increase no matter how you slice it and that would be hung around the White House til it choked them all back to Illinois. Reid and his fellow Democrats held a closed meeting to talk about the upcoming legislation. President Barack Obama has asked congressional leaders to meet with him on Thursday to discuss tax cuts. Legislation is not expected to come up for a vote until after next week’s Thanksgiving break at the earliest.

1800 losing their jobs good do not replace

Finally some good new about people getting laid off. It is mean spritied but wors is out that as many as 1,800 Democratic congressional staffers will soon lose their jobs, with layoffs hitting everyone from entry-level schedulers to six-figure committee lawyers. These layoff numbers are based on the average number of staffers per House office, as well as the Democratic committee staffing level, which will most likely be slashed in half now that Democrats will be the minority party. Most offices have to be empty by December to clear the way for the massive class of newcomers to be sworn into office in January. So it begs the question if the new congress is serious about change let us start here and agree to only hire back half of the people let go. Force the congress to run leaner just like American business have had to do since President Obama started trying to create jobs. The democrats do not get it as they sent around counselors to some Democratic offices to not only offer advice on résumés and job hunting but also help with the emotional aspect of the losses. This is a great place to start and as a show of appreciation for what Americans expected to happen we can see if it meet the new boos same as the old boss or if change in fiscal habits are going to begin.

Unions want to flex a limp muscle

The hits just keep on coming for President Obama. When he returns there is a new problem to deal with labor unions. This is the first time for this as the White House and Big Unions are entering a new and difficult stretch in their relationship. Labor is concerned about how President Obama will proceed with the recommendations from his debt commission. The two chairmen of that body this week proposed sweeping reforms, including changes to Social Security that would lower benefits. Unions blasted the recommendations as an assault on workers. We are thinking this is due to the Unions unhappiness when President Obama gave up on a public insurance option in the healthcare bill, and card-check legislation. We have seen already when the debt panel chairman’s recommendations were handed down both the unions and Speaker Nancy Pelosi called them unacceptable. We love this has turned the way it has. The President has lost his power to do anything he wants, the Unions have lost the means of paying for everything they ask for and the democrats must try to speak out of both sides of their mouths. They need to keep the Unions happy to keep the money and votes coming but the long term goals are never going to them back anything they are asking to have. Great times indeed.