Vanessa Hudgens SuckerPunch Ready


This week we highlight our last year #13 and #15 from 2008, the twenty-one-old Vanessa Anne Hudgens. She was born December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California. We were waiting to give her a week when her movie Suckerpunch opened. Look like that it is being held off until March. For now all we have is this hot movie poster. Vanessa had a queit 2010 although her casting as Mimi in Rent at the Hollywood Bowl did stir the pot. It is not every Disney person who can be assigned the role of a drug addicted prostitute. We knew she could as she was kind of bad girl in Thirteen, her first movie role. We really like her work in Bandslam in 2009 and look forward to seeing more of her. Vanessa first music release, V that has been a certified gold record, 2008 she had her second release of the album Identified. Vanessa has won many awards for her work on High School Musical trilogy. Vanessa is an extremely beautiful and talented girl. She is only twenty one years old so her best work is ahead of her. She already has a great look, sense of style and hot body, which makes her someone in Hollywood to keep an eye on.

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