1800 losing their jobs good do not replace

Finally some good new about people getting laid off. It is mean spritied but wors is out that as many as 1,800 Democratic congressional staffers will soon lose their jobs, with layoffs hitting everyone from entry-level schedulers to six-figure committee lawyers. These layoff numbers are based on the average number of staffers per House office, as well as the Democratic committee staffing level, which will most likely be slashed in half now that Democrats will be the minority party. Most offices have to be empty by December to clear the way for the massive class of newcomers to be sworn into office in January. So it begs the question if the new congress is serious about change let us start here and agree to only hire back half of the people let go. Force the congress to run leaner just like American business have had to do since President Obama started trying to create jobs. The democrats do not get it as they sent around counselors to some Democratic offices to not only offer advice on résumés and job hunting but also help with the emotional aspect of the losses. This is a great place to start and as a show of appreciation for what Americans expected to happen we can see if it meet the new boos same as the old boss or if change in fiscal habits are going to begin.


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