Google Saved The Cookout

There was a day when something went wrong, you had to pick up the phone and ask around. You had to track down somebody who knew something about it, and was willing to give you advice. This advice was free or they would do you the service for a fee. Today we have Google. A family cookout on a hot summer night, we did not want the wife to fire up the stove, so we decided to BBQ. We laid out the steak tips, dogs, burgers, and sausages. Then fired up the girl laid the food on top closed the lid and went to get a beer. When we returned to the grill, the lid was not very hot. When it was lifted, it appeared the flame was low and the food barely cooking. The wife asked what was wrong and I told her we had just replaced the propane tank so it could not be out of fuel. She had a monster George Forman type grill so she fired it up assuming we would need to move the food inside, if we wanted to eat by midnight. I walked over to the laptop and opened Google typed the phrase “Gas Grill flame low”, I did not even need to open a page because it said in the brief description, that this was a common problem, as well as the reason. I opened one of the sites, it said this caused by a leak in the line, and to make sure all the connections are tight. I went outside pulled all the meat of the grill, shut it down, loosened all connections, then tightened them, and fired it up. Worked like a charm, high flame and major heat. The cookout then went on as planned. I did not need to call anyone, take the grill for service, pay anyone to visit, cancel the BBQ, or nothing. Where would we be without Google and it has changed the way we live. This was the day Google saved the cookout.

Nosara Land Costa Rica

There was a wise man that once said invest in real estate because God is not making anymore. The problem with investing in US real estate is the market has been over valued. There is still an opportunity to invest in Nosara Land in Costa Rica. This Central American paradise is a tranquil beach community, ideal for a nature lover’s or a surfer’s vacation. Hotels and private houses are spread apart and hidden into lush tropical greenery. Not only will you have a great spot to vacation yourself but also a source of income in an area that is sought after by travelers the world over.The Guanacaste province belonged to Nicaragua during the Colonial period. It wasn’t until after the nations of Central America gained independence from Spain that it was annexed and incorporated to Costa Rica on July 25, 1825. The government recognizes this date as a National holiday even though the boundary lines weren’t changed until 1858.

Accutane Lawsuit – OHanlon, McCollum & Demerath

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October means Supreme Court

Every October the leaves change color, the days get shorter and jackets come back out, also the Supreme Court picks cases for the docket. This year First Amendment cases top the Supreme Court’s docket. This new court make up has a new justice and three women for the first time. The court will hear anti-gay protests at military funerals, the California law banning the sale of violent video games to children, parents of a child who suffered severe, lasting damage from a vaccine want to use state law to sue a drugmaker, The business community is asking the court to rein in the use of class actions in suits and arbitrations in state courts, Arizona law, imposing penalties on businesses that hire illegal immigrants and the Arizona’s income tax credit scholarship program. First year justice Kagan due to her former job as the solicitor general has forced her to take herself out of 24 of the 51 cases the court has so far agreed to hear. The first case is Monday, and Kagan will slip out of the courtroom before Roberts invites the lawyers to begin their argument. The biggest problem in Kagan’s absence is the it creates the potential for justices to split 4-4 in those cases. The other issue is age the oldest justice is Ginsburg, at 77. Scalia and Kennedy are 74, while Justice Stephen Breyer is 72. Ginsburg intends to stay on the court for five more years at least and the other three have given no indication they are leaving anytime soon. We are hopeful it will be when Congress is back under Republican control.