Dianna Agron Cheery Hott


This week we are highlighting last year #41 Dianna Agron who was born April 30, 1986 in Savannah, Georgia is truly a Georgia peach. She did spend her high school years attending Burlingame High School in California. We think she will rise a little higher than last year but may not be the highest Glee cast member in the countdown. Dianna was the first Glee cast member to make the countdown as she spent all of 2009 in a cheerleader outfit on screen pretty hot. We choose her this year for a week as she is back to wearing a cheerleading outfit and has had a few steamy scenes as of late. Quinn Fabray is one of the strongest characters on the show that at this point has turned into a pretty talented ensemble cast. She started professional acting in 2005 and has a wide range of roles since that time. Dianna originally caught our eye in the short lived television show Shark, she has an angelic face and deep blue beautiful eyes. She has a rockin body with a dynamite hourglass figure. We believe that since Dianna is only 24 years old and finally getting some recognition; it is only a matter of time before she lands a role on the big screen


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