Snail Mail Increase

It seems like every 12-18 months we get to write this post. The post office is trying again to get a rate increase next year. The folks over at snail mail are appealing to the Postal Regulatory Commission after the rejection of the latest requested increase. If you did not know the post office asked for a two cent increase to make a First Class stamp 46 cents starting in January. Our favorite part is the reason for the increase is to compensate for increasing losses caused by a drop in mail volume as a result of the weak economy, and a shift in communications and bill paying to the Internet. It does not take having too much on the ball to realize if there is a drop in mail volume and more people are bill paying bills on the Internet, why do you need to charge more. If you are doing less work why should we pay more for the service? According to the post office, the rate increase would generate about $2.3 billion in added revenue. This is needed as the post office is facing a $6 billion loss and has cut staff, taken steps to close offices and asked Congress for permission to reduce mail delivery to five days a week. We think it is time to cut more staff, close more offices and realize it is a dinosaur industry.

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