90210 Returns – Hello Naomi


This week we highlight last years number 15 on the Tea512 top 51. AnnaLynne McCord is the hottest thing in the new Beverly Hills 90210. This is the time of the year when shows return and 90210 comes back on September 13. AnnaLynne was born July 16, 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia as she was home schooled and graduated from high school at fifteen. Her first work was in the movies The Middle of Nowhere and Transporter 2. She did some television work on the O.C., Cold Case and Ugly Betty. She first got our attention on the role of Eden Lord in Nip/Tuck. Naomi Clark is the character she plays as she exploded on to the scene. Her character is both hot and vindictive as we enjoy watching her. She has also blown up the paparazzi scene in Hollywood as we see her photo snapped plenty as she is out and about. We knew she was a good one and will more than likely be around a lot longer than the show as CW ratings are always hit and miss. We are not sure AnnaLynee did anything to reach higher than 15 this year but see is still beautiful, and a star so she is list worthy.

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President Obama tries to support again

The more the President tried to help candidates the more they lose. This is not a one time thing his record for helping candidates to victory is horrible. You almost think the GOP challenger that should fear presidential support almost welcome the support. Throwing caution to the wind President Barack Obama heads to help Wisconsin Democrats as he celebrates Labor Day with the state’s union workers. State Republicans have two big targets as three-term Senator Russ Feingold, and the governor’s office, which is open for the first time in nearly three decades. Feingold faces a serious re-election challenge from Republican Ron Johnson. Feingold is going to be too busy to stand side by side with President Obama as we wonder if that is by design. Wisconsin has already lost 35,000 manufacturing jobs since President Obama has taken office in 2009. Statewide unemployment is at 7.8 percent but was at a 26-year high of 9.4 percent in March 2009. This is President Obama third visit to the state in a little over two months. Just three weeks ago, the president hosted a $250 per-plate fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett, who has been targeted by deep-pocketed outside groups. Polls show either Republican candidate Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker or former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann is ahead of Barrett. We will see if this is another case of President Obama thinking he has more juice than he does.

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GOP Gamble on raw power

We are watching quite the battle unfold and the repercussions could be worse than the actions. There are many Republicans that are coming out to endorse Mike Castle in Delaware. The latest is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. This primary in Delaware has seen many GOP leaders trying to block a tea party-backed candidate’s Christine O’Donnell bid to remove the nine term poll. This is the GOP still reeling from watching Senator Lisa Murkowski lose her Alaska primary to tea party-backed Joe Miller. The Tea Party Express will be rolling into Delaware to spend an expected six figures in the race for Vice President Joe Biden’s former Senate seat in Delaware. This is a slippery slope for the GOP a Tea Party candidate is better for Washington than a Democrat and the country as a whole needs balance. We are worried that the fight might be enough to weaken both candidates and lose to a democratic challenger. The end result is getting both bodies of congress out of democratic majority and this should be a win at all cost mentality. This opinion does not care GOP or Tea Party but we do endorse change, term limits, and new blood. We of course want all of that to be a conservative and it does not matter what side of the Republican Party they come from. The problem is the Tea Party is being seen as a threat to GOP and there is a good chance they will go to far on this gamble and ruin all the momentum that has been building since the healthcare debate.

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USC Rossier School

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Check in Hysteria

We love the idea of the check-in we use it in WeReward, FourSquare, and now Facebook. There was one thing they might damper the sudden rush to check-in. The idea that letting people know you are not at home. This might the case when local but when you are on vacation this might be another matter. If you are checking in from miles from your home letting hundreds of friends your not at home and will not return could be a problem. There is a certain thought that if you friend someone or take them into your circle they can be trusted with your content and secrets. The problem is most of the time when a bad deed happens it is due to inside information. We have become a nation that loves to follow the trends and you might have to wonder if letting everyone know you are not at home is a good idea. Most of the times you will find 98% of the people you meet are good people. The reason we cannot make that 100% and you must agree is the reason there is a chance this can happen. We know we often get accused of having a cup half empty attitude but when you think of letting 500 FaceBook friends and 350 FourSquare friends know we are on vacation and out of state.


Bullion as an investment

We want to make sure we alert the readers about their options with bullion. The United States Gold Bureau allows you to purchase silver, gold or other precious metals and coins for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. There may never be a better time for buying silver bullion than right now. This is due to the world demand for silver. Gold bullion is a unique investment. There may never be a better time for buying gold and silver bullion than right now. Right now the world demand exceeds annual production; this has been the case every year since 1990. The world above ground stockpiles of silver bullion is now very low, and shrinking rapidly and soon will be at zero. We have seen since the end of WWII, even in the U.S. the government which once had the largest stock pile of silver on the planet. Then they dumped billions and billions of ounces of silver bars onto the world market, effectively depressing silver prices. This has taken us to today, where that government silver has been depleted. That means the U.S. government is now a silver buyer. For many of these reasons, silver represent an outstanding investment opportunity.


Congress Ratings still dropping

A new poll today sizes up the mood of the nation. Term limits for congress is agreed on by eight of ten American voters likely to vote. The idea of imposing fixed time limits in office for all members of Congress including their own senators and representatives. The exact number is a 78 percent of voters favor establishing term limits for Congress. There was only sixteen percent that opposed limiting the number of terms members can serve. The poll shows 70 percent of voters disapprove of the job Congress is currently doing. The poll is not without a bunch of crazy as there are 22 percent that approve of the job congress is doing. How many times did Barney Frank get to vote? There is other good news in the poll The Tea Party Movement has a 39 percent favorable ratings. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was crushed in the poll with a 56 percent unfavorable and only a 24 percent favorable. She polled even worse than the president. President Obama had a 50 percent favorable rating and an unfavorable number of 46 percent. Though his number is not as low as the speaker it is much lower than the 76 percent favorable he had in January 2009. The most popular in the White House is First Lady Michelle Obama with a 60 percent favorable rating. We were hopeful the long summer would not sour the taste of congress and it look like it has not.

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Border crossing pardon services

We wanted to let you know about Border crossing.ca. This is the website for Winnipeg-based Company Pardon Services. They help American citizens or international visitors travel to Canada if they have had some form of criminal charge or conviction against them in Canada that prevents them from traveling to Canada. They also help Canadian citizens receive a pardon for crimes committed and additionally help them get a US waiver so that they can travel to the United States. The company was formed by Lucy Perrillo when a close friend requested assistance, as she seen first hand the difficulties and obstacles encountered in getting a pardon or US waiver. The power of the pardon will seal all manner of criminal convictions in Canada. Once a pardon is granted no police agency, federal authority, or employer can access these records for a pardoned Canadians. This can also be used if you are seeking employment obtaining a bond, security check, volunteer work and travel to foreign countries.


President Obama back on television

It looks like the summer is really over. President Barack Obama will hold a news conference at the White House on September 10. The last time this happened was in May when President Obama was forced to address the Gulf oil spill. The White House said President Obama would use the news conference as an opportunity to discuss his administration’s work on the economy, or lack there of. This is the way the President has acted in the past as after the conference he goes on a road trip to Wisconsin and Ohio for economic events. This of course is chock full campaign money raising event for the Democratic Party. We have seen this President stay away from news conferences, preferring instead to communicate through one-on-one media interviews. It is hard for him to speak without a teleprompter. The white house is more afraid then it has been in the past with the press corp. The love affair with this President is coming to an end and after mid term elections, when he is out of majority nobody will care what he says anymore. Remember in 1994 when Newt Gingrich had a contract with America while President Clinton sat in the White House basically watching politics and nations business happen without him. We a little luck we can relieve that with President Obama in the role of President Clinton.

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North Conway Outlets

We spent some time at the outlets in North Conway and you really do need to make a day of it. Many popular stores you would expect to find at an outlet complex. They all have great prices, as you would expect. The best thing is the Settlers’ Green Outlet Village in Conway all are in one area like an outside strip mall. The shape is more of a large circle and as you leave one store, you have plenty of directions to go which can lead to hours of walking around. There was some over lap in the over 60 stores that you can shop. There is a Russell Athletic, Nike and Reebok stores that all sell pretty much the same things. We purchased new Rebook sneakers for the whole family for $92 total. Everybody is ready for school with a style shoe they wanted. Most of the stores were running huge sales this includes major high-end stores like Coach Harry and David. Brooks Brothers, and Brookstones. The place is just fun and has a few stores for everyone as there is an Old Navy, Gap, Jockey, and Aeropostle just to name a few. We had a good time and needed more than a day if we wanted to hit all the stores next year when we return we are going to stay longer and get there earlier.

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