Democrats are punting on tax cuts

It looks like the democrats who have a majority in both houses still cannot get out of their own way. It is pretty much the conclusion of the Democratic leaders in Congress that they are going to postpone a vote on extending Bush-era tax cuts until after the November 2 elections. Have you ever seen a congress with so much power get so little done? They cannot even decide on what to decide on, this is why Democrats cannot be leaders they never lead, make the hard choice, or look to offend anyone but taxpayers. They have no problem giving hand outs to none taxpayers like the healthcare that tax payers will pick up the bill on. U.S. House Republican leader John Boehner spoke Friday night at a dinner for Pennsylvania Republicans claims the Democrats postponed the vote because the a Republican-led majority would have voted to extend all the tax cuts. Democratic leaders want to allow tax cuts for higher-income Americans to expire on Jan. 1 to help reduce the deficit. We understand it needs to get done by the first of the year, but why do they think they cannot pass what they need. It is just another example of the lack of leadership from the top of the Whitehouse to the top of the House of Representatives.

Construction Roofing and Gutters

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President Obama and more useless help

The report is out and once again it looks bad for the Obama administration. Turns out the flagship mortgage-relief effort is failing, surprise the foreclosure crisis is still in full force. More than half of those who have enrolled have fallen out of the program, around 680,000 homeowners applied to get their mortgage payments lowered, 51 percent, have been disqualified. The hard numbers is 2.5 million homes have been lost to foreclosure since the recession started in December 2007. The number should rise to around 3.3 million over the next four years. Foreclosures and distressed sales are a major reason the economy has struggled. The Obama administration grand plan in February 2009 was to help up to 4 million homeowners lower their mortgage payments to help avoid foreclosure. Like every other inflated number from this administration as of last month, only about 449,000 borrowers have received permanent loan modifications. The best thing for many homeowners was to walk away from their mortgages then waiting for help. The Obama officials in another true sense of not getting say most borrowers who exit the program are not headed for foreclosure because many ultimately get help from their lenders. Still, they say they are not ruling out expanding or reworking the government’s housing efforts.

RIAA Supreme Choice

It looks like the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing the first RIAA file sharing case. We hope that when the docket is set for the next session, the so-called “innocent infringer” case will be heard. The copyright infringement case pending before the justices was over the February decision ordering a university student to pay the RIAA $27,750for sharing 37 tracks at $750 a track when she was a high school cheerleader. There have been an estimated 20,000 individuals the RIAA has sued for file-sharing music. The petition to review the appellate court ruling challenge weighs whether the innocent-infringer defense to the Copyright Act’s minimum charge of $750 per track fine may apply to online file sharing. If you did not know the innocent infringer is someone who does not know she or he is committing copyright infringement. The chances are slim as the high court usually grants less than one percent of petitions sent to it. We think it is pretty hard to think that a person who is stealing music in the first place, does not know they are haring with others. We hate the RIAA for the way they went about crushing the little people to make a statement.

TiVo Fall Season Saver

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Kellie Pickler so close it was an easy choice


This week the woman of the week is last years number 12 up from 16 the year before. Kellie Dawn Pickler was born on June 28, 1986 in Albemarle, North Carolina. The photo above is from the concert we saw her sing at on Sunday night. Since she was in the countdown it was only right we use her. Kellie was the supporting act and was under the weather but this trooper went out there and let the show go on. She may have felt crummy but still looked good. We had seat really close to the stage and she is really hot. When she walked across the stage she had every curve in motion and there was nothing out of place. Kellie has come along way from 2006 as an American Idol contestant on season five. It is amazing she finished in sixth place that season, considering the only other person we can think of from that year is Chris Daughtry. The best thing about Kellie besides her smoking body is she seems like a really nice person. But she is also very funny and one of those girls that just lights up a room. This weeks choice was easy and for the record it is the first time the choice was less than twenty feet away which made the decision pretty easy.

SIMMS Inventory Software the right choice

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GOP still dont get it talking to you Murkowski

We have huge problems with the GOP and the treatment of the Tea Party candidates. We understand no one wants to lose their territory but there is a reason your candidates are losing. The GOP needs to understand they are not exempt from being part of the problem. Now in the ultimate proof you just so not get it Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski announced that she is going to mount a write-in candidacy in a bid to hold onto her job. My favorite part was she said “The campaign for Alaska’s future begins,” Murkowski told an Anchorage rally. The problem is Lisa you need a write in campaign because you are the problem and you are the past. The real Republican nominee is Joe Miller, does this mean the Senator thinks that his extremist views might make Democrats vote for her, excuse me write in her name. The problem is Alaska is former Governor Sarah Palin stomping ground as we believe she controls Alaska. We notices this when she went on Twitter and urged Murkowski to recognize that the state’s primary voters demonstrated their support for Miller, a tea party favorite. We think the news flash is not getting to the insiders in Washington, voters are choosing to support non incumbents because they wanted to move away business as usual. Even more proof is the bringing home the bacon as the rally there was a photo of the late Senator Ted Stevens with his arm around Murkowski. Stevens is beloved in this state for bringing billions of dollars in federal aid and project to Alaska. This is no longer considered a good thing by voters as they have finally woken up to the fact the free money from the government is not free it is called taxes.

Vancouver web design Above and Beyond

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Stimulus more work, than jobs provided

We have been saying that it would have been a better use of $787B and stimulate the economy faster to hand out a credit card to every citizen to buy something. We thought each American citizen could get a prepaid Visa for $4,000 and buy stuff with it excluding turning it to cash or paying bills. Our detractors said that that would not create jobs which were the goal of the Recovery Act, remember keeping unemployment under eight. We find out it is even worse than we had thought. The Los Angeles City Controller said the city’s use of its share of the $787 billion federal stimulus fund has been disappointing. The city received $111 million in stimulus under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act more than year ago. They have only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million. They are way over the target in Los Angeles as local unemployment rate over 12%. The expectation was after receiving $70.65 million; they would create and retain 238 jobs. When they received another $40.8 million they created only nine jobs in place of an expected 26 jobs. We heard the same old excuses just like when we see contracts with no show union jobs. They give us the same old song and dance lines, bureaucratic red tape, absence of competitive bidding for projects in private sectors, inappropriate tracking of stimulus money and a laxity in bringing out timely job reports. You do the math 64 jobs for $111 million in tax money wasted on bad results, from another bad plan from Washington.