Katherine Heigl Killer Actress and More


This week the woman of the week is Katherine Marie Heigl. She was born on November 24, 1978 in Washington D.C and moved to New Canaan, CT. She was last years number six on the Tea512 smokin sasses of 2009, down one from 2008 where she was five. She has the honor of being one of the first women ever highlighted for women of the week. Katherine was picked this week for her role in Killers that we viewed over the weekend. To say she was awesome is clearly and under statement. One of the best things about her as an actress is she can play slapstick comedy, romantic comedy and drama. This was all wrapped up and on display in Killers and is the reason her movies big box office draw. Katherine is best known for her Emmy Award winning role in Grey’s Anatomy. Our favorite movie role for her was in the movie Knocked Up and Ugly Truth. She was the Most Desirable Woman of 2008, according to AskMen.com. She is still amazingly beautiful and a great actress. Katherine is mesmerizing on the big screen or small and is tough to take your eye off her. The club scene in 27 Dresses where she hops on the bar and sings Bennie and the Jets is a classic and proves she is every guys dream girl as perfection in motion.


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