Turkey problems multi-leveled for President Obama

Funny the thing that can happen on the way to the coliseum, so true as Senator Sam Brownback has placed a hold on President Obama’s nominee to be U.S. ambassador to Turkey. This is due to a century-old dispute that has been in Congress for decades. Francis Riccardione’s nomination is on hold due to Senator Sam Brownback belief that the U.S. Congress where he sponsored the resolution to recognize Armenian Genocide that may have taken places during World War I by Turkey. Congress has never passed a resolution and no president ever said genocide during the annual April proclamation marking Armenian Remembrance Day. If you remember Candidate Barack Obama pledged recognition for the Armenian plight. The bigger problem is Turkey made a side deal with Brazil and Iran over trading nuclear fuel undermining sanctions by the United Nations. There is also the issue of vocal support by Turkey about its relations with neighboring Iran simultaneous with diminishing relations with one-time ally Israel. President Obama is in tough shape over this one as relations with Turkey could go either way and to take on the issue of a genocide resolution in order to get Riccardione confirmed seems unwarranted based on the bigger picture. It is to bad this administration of Ivy League elitist do not have any people in the administration with world standing as the reason there is respect or dialog is the world knows President Obama and his administration as not ready for prime time and this is another example.

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