Rescue Me Finale

The Rescue Me finale for the season was nothing more than an ending of a show. They have filmed all the episodes so cutting it half was going to be without a cliffhanger. The ending was still shocking. When you consider Tommy spent the whole season trying to recover from thinking he was going to hell. He quit drinking and as Janet told him is trying to save the world. He is trying to help everyone and falling short all over. The biggest place is with his kids. The greatest twist in last night finale was the finale scene. Tommy has always been able to hear and talk to dead people most of the time he was inebriated. Last night as he sits thinking, his wife is pregnant after forty and not telling him. He walks over to pull the blanket up that had fallen over his now paraplegic godchild. This is the first time Tommy sees an undead person talk to him and it happens in a sober state. The season had many highlights for the firehouse, a fight between black Sean and Franco, the shutting down of the firehouse, the captain standing taller than the chief, and a rescue without equipment. We watched Franco try to kook up with Janet, Tommy does Hook up with Janet, Shiela hooks up with Tommy’s cousin and Lou seems to be on the verge of death. There are only 13 shows left and finale is on 9/11/11 on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

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Days Until Christmas 2010 117 days
Days until a New President 874 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 584

Personal Injury Lawyer

We have all seen the commercials on television. You start to wonder if this makes them less legitimate because the use television. The bottom line is when you need one it does not matter if you heard about them from Yellow Pages, Google, Word of Mouth or Newspaper, the end result is all that matters. When you need an Austin Personal Injury Lawyer you have to get somebody that is going to be on your side. We have found you do not need someone who will tell you what you want to hear. You need a lawyer that is going to tell you the truth and not have you thinking you have a chance when it is bleak. You need to know when to put your cards on the table, hold them close to the vest, fold the hand and just go home. There are times you can be consumed by the desire of the money, the retaliation of even just the vindication but in the end the most important choice you will make is choosing a lawyer as that is the person that can make or break your position. When you think about it you do get what you pay for as well. The simple proof in the final thought a court appointed attorney is not going to fight for you or be as good as an $1000 attorney an hour representation.

President Obama hits N. Korea in the pockets

The Obama administration widened the scope of U.S. financial penalties against North Korea, escalating pressure on the Pyongyang regime to give up its nuclear weapons. The Treasury Department is freezing the assets of several individuals, companies and organizations allegedly linked to Pyongyang’s nuclear program. The Treasury Department also said that additional U.S. sanctions would be announced in the weeks ahead. President Barack Obama issued an executive order that penalizes certain North Korean activities said to violate U.N. Security Council resolutions. These activities include arms sales, money laundering, the counterfeiting of goods and currency, bulk cash smuggling and drug trafficking. The administration also froze the assets of three other individuals and five other North Korean organizations. This is not new as Secretary of State Clinton had announced this intention to expand sanctions against North Korea when she was in Seoul in July. Clinton said at the time that new U.S. sanctions were meant to warn Pyongyang to resist further military provocations. It was good they waited for former President Jimmy Carter to return from his trip to North Korea last week. There is a world agreement that North Korea is believed to have enough weapons-grade plutonium for at least half a dozen atomic bombs. The threats of five nations China, Russia, South Korea, the U.S. and Japan have not convinced North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program in exchange for aid and other concessions.

Vancouver cafe Take 5

We want you to check out the Vancouver cafe because if you are looking for 100% Arabica coffees there is no better place. The coffees are sourced from some of the finest micro growing climates across the globe. They make sure each bean is carefully examined for its overall quality and consistency. This is going to be noticed by you when you have your first cup. They have a team of coffee experts that perform critical quality control measures to ensure the coffee conforms to their rigorous standards. It is part of the flavor that not every bean is used. They also are green as the roasting plant is a sustainable facility; they have been certified by international accredited watchdog agencies. They have also started taking major steps towards becoming completely Carbon Neutral at the facility. Take 5 Cafe is proud to provide European coffee, healthy breakfast, gourmet panini and wraps, salads, pasta and dessert for all your catering needs.

West Virginia sides are set

The race in West Virginia to fill the Senate seat vacated by the late Robert C. Byrd is taking shape. Governor Joe Manchin won the Democratic nomination and will face GOP primary winner John Raese. Byrd was elected to a record ninth term in 2006 the state Legislature decided on a primary date about two weeks later and gave candidates just four days to register and about a month to campaign. We can expect that Manchin’s support will be from coal and utility industries as they provided more than a quarter of the $1.2 million he has raised. We think this is a election that can be taken as if you remember President Obama lost West Virginia in 2008. Republican nominee John McCain won handily with 56 percent of the vote. John Raese, was the last person to lose to Byrd in 2006. Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson is also vying for the seat in November. This is a classic case of hard working union members supporting the party line. The battle they will raise is the rich Republican business man so we will hear the same old arguments from both sides. This is not going to be easy to beat a popular governor with union support so just because he has the money it is an up hill climb for Raese.

Thinking about funeral planning

We were wondering how many people are funeral planning? We have heard it is a smart investment to prepay for your funeral. The advantage is you can have payment options and the price guarantee options. When you are prepaying it allows you to take advantage of many payment plans which range from just one year to fifteen year plans. You can pay monthly, semi-annually or annually and payments can be made by check, credit card or direct debit from your bank account. We find the biggest advantage in prepaying is your funeral costs are guaranteed. If there are not enough funds in your prepaid funeral plan to cover the costs at the time of death, they will provide the same funeral for the funds available, helping preserve your estate dollars. There is also another advantage, all prepaid funeral funds grow tax free making this an effective way to put money aside without paying tax on the interest income.

Check out the “Pearls” of Switzerland

There are activities that are unique to Switzerland. They have a name for them as well as they are called Discover Swiss “Pearls”. When you go abroad for a vacation, you need to do something that has some kind of a wow factor involved; this makes the trip not just memorable as saying we went to Switzerland, a trip can reach that higher level when you have an activity to talk about before you say where you went. We were looking for our own pearl and we came across that visitors to the bell foundry in Berger in Bärau can now cast their own bells. That is perfect as you have something take home, then you can say we cast that bell when we were in Switzerland. Truly, this activity encompassed the Swiss experience with a lifetime memory. If you are thinking about going to Switzerland then you can find your own Pearl, many things are unique to the region. Some of our other favorites are Slaving over a hot stove with World Champion Chef, Ivo Adam, Medieval papermaking, Tales of the River Inn, and you can even explore Geneva by boat but check it out for yourself as you will see all the unique gems of visiting Switzerland.

AirTran Less Cost Less Problems

We flew our first flight on Air Tran and was pleasantly surprised. The rate was cheap so we decided to give them a chance. It was a straight one way down to Orlando and a one stop on the return. The seats come with XM Satellite radio and there was wifi on the plane. We did not take advantage of the wifi but the XM was pretty cool as they passed out headphones to each passenger. Everyone was courteous there was a $15 per bag fee but the carry on rules were not very strict. We were provided a snack and a drink on all three flights and the planes were clean and new. The biggest problem we had seen is due to the fact they are a new carrier, they do not have choice spots in the hub. The Logan terminal is placed in one of the oldest building at the airport and is maze shaped with left and rights to get to the gate. In Orlando they are on the very end of the building so it is a long walk/tram ride to get to the front of the airport to ground transportation. We had three great flights as far as flights go and we would fly AirTran again, we paid $650 for our four round trip tickets to Orlando.

HCG Drops Direct Weight Loss Wishes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TonyT. All opinions are 100% mine.We wanted to let you know about the HCG Diet and if you have not we are sure that you soon will. One of the leading suppliers of HCG in North America can actually send HCG Drops Direct to your home. If you have not heard of the HCG Diet there are thousands upon thousands of people have lost the weight. These are stories of people who have been trying for years to lose weight with no luck. Now they have and all they had to do was simply follow the HCG weight loss protocol. Just check out these HCG Testimonials for more proof that it works. We usually lose weight over the summer but this has not been the case this year. We have a weight loss wish that we could lose those extra 15 pounds that are impossible to shred. We feel that once they were gone we would be able to keep them off we just need a little help getting there as the treadmill just is not doing it. The problem with weight loss is we need to lose 25 pounds and we are charged up to lose it we start a routine stick with for a month or so, then we drop around ten pounds and the last 15 just stick. It is frustration and time to try something new sells HCG Drops and provides the complete protocol, a recipe book written by an award winning culinary expert and a weight loss tracking chart.



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Jessica Alba California Gurl


This week we highlight 2009 number 17 and 2008 14 on the Tea512 smokin sasses. Jessica Marie Alba is film and television actress who was born April 28, 1981. She grew up in Pomona, California. She has had a busy 2010 as she has made appearances in The Killer Inside Me and Valentine’s Day. She will soon be seen in Machete, An Invisible Sign and Little Fockers . There is no noubt she belongs on any list of pretty woman but she is so much more. When you think she can play in horror movies, action movies, thrillers, comedies and romantic comedies you can see why she will be working for many years to come. It has been a long time since she blew up the little screen on Dark Angel or served notice in Sin City. We have enjoyed everything she has done even the role in Good Luck Chuck. That being said we will never forget watching her golden body glisten in the surfing movie Into the Blue. That role alone was enough to get her in the countdown every year for along time to come. Jessica has it all beauty, talent, good looks, sense of humor, fashion style, and has the rare quality of looking good in sweats and t-shirt while paparazzi chase her around Hollywood.

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