Roger Williams Park Zoo

Roger Williams Park Zoo, is a great family stop in Rhode Island. It is one of the oldest zoos in the country opening in 1872. The buildings on the grounds are amazing as it has a beautiful Victorian architecture. There is an average of 700,000 walking through the turnstiles ever year and a membership is over 16,000 members. The mission statement of the zoo is to provide recreation, education, conservation and research. The cost compared t other attractions is low with a $12 adult cost and $6 for children. There were 37 featured animals and exhibits the day we were there and although it was a hot day we were in the zoo for over four hours. We read somewhere that the Zoo is forty acres and features over 160 different species of animals. You can always tell what a big hit was really when you ask the next day what was the best and it was the Red Panda and the Giant Anteater. If you are there and it is open make sure you check out the Marco Polo Trail a multifaceted exhibit where you follow the path of explorer Marco Polo. It is amazing to see Dromedary camels, moon bears, and the show stopper the snow leopards. You will need to bring plenty of film or extra batteries for the digital as it is a sight to behold. We though it was a really good take and clean, updated fun for the whole family.

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