Hung Season Two returns

Here is a show that we love because talk about a subject never made for television before. The simple way to state, a Schoolteacher has a second job as a gigolo. He services are being sold by two lady pimps that are two polar opposites. The problem with the show is the lack of confrontation. That friction makes characters you cheer for or against. Last season there was a chance for a scene the gigolo was sent to please his ex-wife. He walked away and left the seen cold. The best part of the show is the women who are paying for the gigolo services. This is another area not explored and makes for great television because you think of how many house wives are sitting art home watching the show thinking if they had a chance would they do it. The idea of a man using a prostitute and the women that are prostitutes you have seen a thousand times. What makes Hung stand out is the gigolo is trying to be everything to everyone and for the first time in his life he is starting to understand woman. When he was married or dating he just dropped his pants and the ladies loved him. Each week we are watching as he tries to navigate how to make a women not only orgasm but meet her on the level that she needs for fulfillment and that is not usually about having sex.



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