Charlie it is time to go

Representative Charles Rangel is going to use a three-way defense for his list of 13 alleged ethical issues. I didn’t do it, I did it, but was inattentive. We want a public trial this fall that can be in the middle of the election season. The Democratic candidates can try to back peddle as they defend their party’s ethics. They se it coming as at least six Democrats have asked Representative Charles Rangel the 20-term lawmaker to resign. If we could double dip and get Representative Maxine Waters, to face an ethics trial at the same time it would be a great fall. She was bagged improperly trying to help a bank, where her husband owned stock that was seeking a federal bailout. We hope the writing is on the wall for Rangel, who is 80, the former chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. For good time Charlie to say that his soliciting donations from corporate deep pockets and foundations that went to the Rangel Center at City College of New York are not suspicious as at best. Rangel did not have to grant any political favors, but it is a total misuse of his public office for private gain. Will we ever be able to prove Rangel used the Ways and Means Committee to provide preferential treatment or favors to potential contributors, probably not? We do know hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and income were reported years after they should have been. Rangel’s voluntary revisions on those forms shows guilt alone and he should want to step down. This is not in a Democrats nature as there is no blame big enough and no scandal that cannot be pushed a side. All we can hope is a September trial and November fallout inline with November 2.

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Another reason National Care will fail

We do not want to pile on a bad situation but one has to wonder as the estimates of the number of graves at Arlington National Cemetery that might be affected by mix-ups grew from hundreds to as many as 6,600. Is this not going to be the same problems we fear with national healthcare? The cemetery’s former superintendent blamed his staff and a lack of resources which is exactly the mess we are expecting for national healthcare. John Metzler, seems like a stand up guy as he ran the military burial ground for 19 years, and has accepted full responsibility for the problems. Army investigators have a conclusion and Metzler disagreed saying it was turnover of cemetery employees and the poor technology that they were using for tracking. This is the same fate we expect as when national healthcare is being run by a government agency that has no idea how to administrate these two dynamics will collide. The remains that may have been misidentified or misplaced because the system used to track grave sites was relying on mostly a complicated paper trail which was vulnerable to errors. Let us hope the government can handle healthcare with more technology including checks and balances. How silly does that sentence sound based on the story we reference.

North Conway, New Hampshire

If you have never been to North Conway you might have heard about the outlets, ski town, or attractions. We have been here for a couple of days and have logged many miles up and down White Mountain Highway. The outlets are great there are over 60 stores from designer names and brands. There is fun to be had in both the summer and winter. The summer the resorts turn to mini golf, water slides and arcades. The traffic is a bother as there is only one road and everything is on it. Getting around the center of town can take some time. There are plenty of restaurants both of the local and chain variety. The prices for everything are fair. There are so many places to stay we like to stay at different one every night. The main reason we come north his Storyland and North Conway is about seven miles from Glen where Storyland is located. There is plenty more to do and see within an hour’s drive including Attitash Mountain Summer sledding, Santa Village, wildcat mountain zip racing, and Mount Cranmore. This is a great vacation spot due to the inexpensive nature and volume of different things to do. The hotels range from $99 to $160 not including a 9% tax. It will not be cheap in the end as with all vacations. Mini-golf id $25 a foursome, StoryLand is $27.00 and even Santa’s Village is $25. This is a really nice area where mountain views are to behold at every corner.

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Memphis for the savvy travel

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We love a good travel website and when it is done right the magic jumps off the screen. You have to check out the Memphis-savvy travel guide and the web page, as it is well done. First of all they let you tell them what you are interested in and then they match that for your Itinerary. We put in the family trip and were surprise there is so much to do in Memphis. Most of the things we did not even know existed. You might want to visit the site because you can enter to win a trip package  just for signing up. The packages are all great but we would love to win the Family package which includes a Carriage Ride, the Memphis Zoo, Pink Palace, Madison Hotel, Dinner for 4 at Rendezvous and a Flipside item. There is a package for everyone including Couples, Single traveler, and Single and Friends. The Single and Friends package is outstanding as it includes American Dream Safari Tour, Rock n Soul Museum, Civil Rights Museum, Dinner at BB Kings, Show at Hi-Tone and a Gift Certificate towards Hotel. You cannot lose with anyone of these packages and from all the fun we see here you cannot lose at Memphis.



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Cut the Pork please

The time honored position for a senator is to bring home money. The House can set it up and sign the check but the pull of a senator is how the money funnels down. This was always a campaign highlight but no longer. The voter anger over the $13 trillion national debt has set this notion upside down. Tea partiers and fiscal conservatives have pushed to oust lawmakers using the tax system like a credit card for federal spending that will bankrupt future generations. We saw this over the weekend in Washington State. Democratic Senator Patty Murray, had been called the queen of pork has used that mantle to comfortably win re-election twice, might be out in the cold. Republican Dino Rossi, GOP candidate is running loud and clear on this message as the Aug. 17 top two primary approaches. There is on other GOP hopeful Clint Didier, who has the backing of the tea party activists and Sarah Palin. Murray, 59, who is fourth in the Democratic leadership, moving up due to the deaths of Kennedy and Byrd. She is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and chairwoman of its transportation subcommittee, Murray has steered millions of dollars to Washington State for military projects, roads, veterans facilities and other projects. Republicans need a gain of 10 seats to capture the Senate majority, a possibility if they can win seats in Democratic-leaning states like Washington and California. The money has Murray at around $6.8 million in campaign cash and Rossi with $1.3 million. We are not sure if this can be done in the end, victory will not come easy. The good news is Washington is hearing the message spending for the sake of spending is wrong.

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Amber Heard at Comic-Con


This week the woman of the Week is a lady who has had their own week two years in row was last years number 21. Amber Laura Heard who was born April 22, 1986 in Austin, Texas, we first saw her in Hidden Palms. Amber had a great 2009 which we viewed with mouth open and drool coming out in movies like Informers. Amber has shown us not only her acting chops but so much more and the more we see the more perfect she is. She showed up a Comic-Con this weekend and looking smoking as always. We think this year she is a top 51 knocking on the door of the Top 10. The rest of the year should be busy as we will see her in The River Why, And Soon the Darkness, The Rum Diary, and The Ward. She has also completed work for the 2011 film Drive Angry. The movie Drive Angry with Nicola Cage is the reason she walked the red carpet at Comic-con we are not sure why the movie is even there but as long as Amber Heard was there is was all worth it. It is rare that a woman with a models body and pageant personality can crossover to the motion picture industry but amber is a testimony that it can happen.

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Fight moves to Bush Tax cuts

It is rich for this president to say the things he has been saying. President Obama said the economic plan from House Republican leader is a repeat of the job-killing policies of the past. The last act of dying dog is to lash out, this is what the president has done because he knows he cannot sell his own plan. We cannot stress enough this has been 18 months under his watch and President Obama promised to create millions of jobs with the stimulus package. Now we are days after new regulations on the financial industry. We hear more of the same the new law is a “key pillar” of the overall economic plan to reverse the recession that began on Wall Street and build a stronger economy overall. The Bush derangement syndrome continues as the president said it was nearly a decade of failed economic policies to create this mess, and it will take years to fully repair the damage. He did admit that the economic growth on his watch is not nearly enough to replace the millions of lost jobs. Maybe if he would focus on the real issues of what is drowning the economy, stopping the tax hikes and spending sprees? Anyone who has taken an economics class in high school knows that you can not tax and spend to bail your way back to a growing economy. We have tried their way and it is not working we have the failed stimulus bill, the silly National energy tax, the government takeover of health care and soon they will try to kill the Bush tax cut which is a tax increase, they just do not get it.

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Boston Prudential Building Tour

There are plenty of reasons to go to the Prudential Building when you are in Boston. There might be a good reason to make it your first stop. It is situated in the middle of the city and as you walk around you can see every direction for miles. If you use the headphone walking tour it will point out all the major landmarks for you and help you plan the rest of your visit. The device they give with a walking tour is very informative and they have a kid only version as well that keeps the mood lighter. The 51stg floor of the building is a four star pricey restaurant called The Top of the Hub and the 50thd floor is the lookout observatory. You can walk around a complete circle looking out huge windows to every part of the city. You will see the back bay, financial district, Fenway Park, Theater District, South End and the North End. This is a great take for your first time in the city or even for a local. You will learn something new every time we are sure. The cost is not cheap as it is $18 for an adult 13 and over and $11 for a child. There is a lot of information to take in but it is set up for you to be able to do it all in about an hour. While you are there you will see photographers, tourists, and maybe even a couple getting engaged. It was a lot of fun and worth the money, there was no waiting and no rush, so it was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. &

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Democrats try to cushion the blow

The word out of the Democratic Party is top officials have started to urge uneasy liberal bloggers and activists to not lose faith in the hope and change President Barack Obama. This is a clear indication that as election days becomes closer the party is planning for losses in Congress. Since the cup in never half empty the Democrats think they have a motivation problem. The people with a half empty cup, you the ones upset due to high taxes for hack governments or the unemployed ones now better. They thought hope and change would work and they see there is no hope that things can change. Liberals who helped put Obama in the White House are disillusioned over issues from the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the failure to create a government-run insurance option in the health care overhaul. We have said all along if they cannot get on the same page with a majority do they even know what they want. This all stems from the Democratic National Committee at the annual Netroots Nation convention in Las Vegas. They thought they would have a honeymoon but they came out of the gate passing bills at midnight, spending through the ceiling and forcing healthcare down Americas throat. They could have had a honeymoon if any of it worked. They are zero for 18 months, President Obama took the oath of office 18 months ago and everything is pretty much the same. The President is still trying to blame President Bush at what point during your presidency do you own it, 24 month, 36 months, or when it ends in 48 months. When the democrats lose the house and the senate in November then they can blame President Bush because it is his fault, we were fooled by the inexperienced, undecisive, no imagination puppet for a president.

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