President Obama cards on the table

There are times your hand is dealt for you and you have to play the cards. We watched this play out this week and now General David Petraeus is set to take command of the nine-year war in Afghanistan. The problem the King of all left Media is going to have is the July 2011 troop drawdown deadline he created. There can be no way General Petraeus is going to succeed in a fight if the president stands firms as our enemies are already planning on that withdrawal. We understand the politics of the statement, meant to pressure the Afghan government to provide services and reduce corruption at a faster pace. When he was pushed for 40,000 troops and rules of engagement changes President Obama balked, this was like when the first two cards were dealt, he sent half the troops, making the line of battle fuzzy and setting a timeline. Then President Obama bet and raised the hand the first card of the river a General McChrystal firing and the next card a General Petraeus replacement, the last card on the river is a senate confirmation hearing. This is where President Obama may get to bet again or call. We think the hand is a loser as the deadline is unrealistic when considering that the population in Afghanistan is corrupt and training an adequate number of troops and police to take over their own responsibilities in this time table is not realistic.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Debut 7 Days
I Love you Philip Morris Opens in 35 days
Dallas Cowboys First Pre Season Game 44 days
Days Until 2010 Elections 130 days
Days Until Burlesque Opens 151 days
Days until a New President 943 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 521

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